The End of an Institution

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The White House Press Briefing Room as we know it, will soon be no more. Its replacement will be four times as large and it will located at the White House Conference Center, across the street from the White House. Plans are being drawn up as I type.
Currently, the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room is a small theater in the West Wing of the White House. It is located between the workspace assigned to the White House press corps and the office of the Press Secretary.
The White House press corps will no longer have offices in the White House. They can make do as best they can at a small dedicated area in the Conference center. CNN is furious. MSNBC is having grand mall seizures, and the small boys think that it’s an improvement.

In the past, the Briefing Room was an exclusive club for the corrupt, progressive, smug, elite mainstream media types who were “Chief White House Correspondents” for their respective publications and media outlets. Seats were assigned by the White House Correspondents’ Association. The more elite members got the first questions every day and sat in the first two rows. 
Soon there will be Skype (virtual) opportunities to ask questions. Bloggers can participate. Members of the public (up to 50) will be invited to the daily press briefing and the public can ask questions. They may even get the first few questions of the day depending on the whim of the White House Press Secretary. Without assigned seating it could be members of the public who are sitting up front. The monopoly is gone. Did I mention that the corrupt, elite, smug, progressive mainstream media isn’t happy?
The White House Press Corps used to travel on Air Force One. The number of newsies that will be invited in the future will be much smaller than it once was… The pool can charter an airplane if they want to trail along. Or they can charter a number of airplanes — up to them.
The press declared war on President Trump – then the empire strikes back… “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

18 thoughts on “The End of an Institution

  1. The usual Washington excuse of "This is how we DO IT HERE," has been working for far too long. F*#k their corruption.

  2. I think that the newsies are coming to understand that there's only one alpha male in the White House.

  3. America felt that the nation had lost focus. We had the Clintons poised to be dynastic, the prolongation of the Bush dynasty and the disastrous ObamaNation. In each case, the drift from a center based on Americans was more profound. Globalism became the word of the day and Donald Trump was elected to put things right. He's doing that and the elites are most unhappy.

  4. I'm glad the MSM will be left behind. They should be made to sit in back. The public should be in front. It is America's White House, after all, in spite of what someone else thought at one time.

  5. Perhaps the MSM will need a quiet room to color and/or pop the plastic sheets used for packing.

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