IARPA is Looking for Better Mousetraps

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IARPA was created by the US Government in 2006 to conduct cross-community research, target new opportunities and innovations, and generate revolutionary capabilities, while drawing upon the technical and operational expertise that resides within the intelligence agencies. IARPA’s structure was modeled on that of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. IARPA’s programs are uniquely designed to anticipate the long-term needs of, and provide research and technical capabilities for, the Intelligence Community. Agility is key in the IC and IARPA’s approach is to always look for, and seek out, new innovative ideas and perspectives.
What the Advanced Research Projects Agency (formerly DARPA) was to the Department of Defense, IARPA is to the US Intelligence Community. Intelligence collection is a tough business and for everyone whose mail you would wish to read – there is somebody who would rather not have you read it. And that is why I suspect IARPA exists (after a fashion).
I simply mention this in the event that you never heard of IARPA.

5 thoughts on “IARPA is Looking for Better Mousetraps

  1. Electronic communications cannot be considered private in this day and age. And neither can phone calls, I suspect. Big Brother has insatiable curiosity.

  2. How can somebody have an expectation of privacy…when everybody suspects the government is listening anyway?

  3. Your point is well taken. I have no expectation of privacy, therefore at least part of the Fourth Amendment is moot (in my mind anyway).

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