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Bullet Points:

** Happy Earth Day – Fifty Years of complete bullshit…

Winter 2022-2023 – Arizona received more snow than in any previous year on record.

** Nebraska passed Constitutional Carry! State #27

** Wokeness, or Cultural Marxism, springs from Marxism, and shares its essential properties hence identity, is clear enough, but other social movements, such as Climate Ideology, Gender Ideology, or Critical Race Theory, not only share the tactic of anti-dialogue, and the approach of unreason, but this tactic, and the other essential elements of these movements, form a coherent worldview: that of an esoteric heresy, or virus, which spreads by mimicking an infected host. The heresy has modern incarnations, but springs from ancient roots indeed.

** Of course…

** The Mayan Calendar (h/t Claudio) “While ancient Mayan culture offered various calendar types, the one that baffled scholars the most was this 819-day calendar discovered in glyphic texts. Researchers have long believed this calendar was associated with planetary movements, especially the synodic periods—when a planet appears visually to return to the same location in the sky, as seen from Earth—of key planets. However, each planet moves quite differently, and matching up multiple planets into an 819-day span didn’t seem to make sense.

“But it does when you look at it over 16,380 days (roughly 45 years), not just 819 days. That’s a total of 20 819-day timelines.”

We can get in the weeds when discussing Preclassic Mayan culture, Mayan culture,  Aztec culture, etc. Suffice it to say that the culture of Messo-America was both complex and enduring with people who had a different worldview than we do today, but that’s true cross-culturally among the Europeans and Asians of 400 AD as well.  The worlds that they occupied may have been different, but they were still people not very different from North Americans in 2023. They had a significant understanding of celestial mechanics and mathematics.

** Cleopatra was Greek, not a negro. The controversy over a film where a black actress was cast in the role continues.  I don’t plan to view it, but when portraying historical events, efforts should be taken to portray them as accurately as possible. Alexander Hamilton was not a negro. Martin Luther King was. Julius Caesar was not. Barack Hussein Obama is. President Donald J. Trump is not.

** Big Nose Kate – In the wild and often-lawless Fort Griffin, the famed gunslinger Doc Holliday sits under armed guard, awaiting a grisly fate. But outside, his lover is executing a fiendish escape plan. Bursting in brandishing a pair of pistols, Mary Katherine Horony secures his release — as well as her place in the legends of the Old West.

** More Trekking – Section 31? I’d have to be convinced to watch. it. Right now, likely not.

** Retro VM PostMark 9 SDV – A suicide mission with torpedoes. SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams will recall this instrument of war, that is no longer in the inventory.


Identify the SPG


Identify the Aircraft

45 thoughts on “Summarizing Saturday

    1. Nailed it again. But can you do the same tomorrow? One of them might challenge even the AI.

  1. Watched a little of the previews for Blackopatra. One of the people involved stated that she knew Blackopatra was black because her grandma told her so. Yeah.

    In other works, Netflix. Which is the main one I won’t watch anything associated with Netflix. Secondary reason is they financially support the Half-Blood Prince and the shaved wookie.

    Screw them

    Real Cleopatra was a zaftig big-hooter olive-skinned big-nosed Greek. Because that’s what turned people’s cranks on back then. Some extra meat on the bones, serious boobies, and that husky Mediterrainian look. Yowsers. I’d have done her, as one of my friends would say.

    Subtle hint for all y’all sub-Saharan Africans not of European origin. Real Egyptians are very very very peeved off about the appropriation of their cultures and have been known to get into multi-generational wars over goats, so you might not want to push them any further than you already have.

      1. And Blecks slaves of the Med and ultra-white persuasion. But we’re not allowed by our elite ‘betters’ to say that.

        It’s like those anal muscles that say Islam is a peaceful religion and then deny that islamists had anything to do with the Reconquista. So who did the Iberians reconquista against? Rome? Space Aliens? Bigfoot? Bigfoot Roman Space Aliens?

        I hate people…

          1. Oh Hell No! I’ll advise, but never serve. I ain’t the physically and emotionally commanding person in real life that real leaders are.

            I’ve tried.

            I’m more Male-Cassandra than Alexander. I see things, can see patterns from wildly seemingly unassociated points, and am good at making predictions. Just nobody wants to listen to said predictions.

          2. You can call it “male Cassandra” but sounds to me like suitable for Großer Generalstab, while eschewing line assignments.

    1. Less subtle hint. In Egypt “abd” is used colloquially to refer to sub-Saharan Blacks. Obviously a term of profound respect. But what do it mean, Mr Natural? Waaal, the name Abdullah is abd-Allah, literally “slave of God”. The logical extrapolation from this would be the correct one.

      Husky, busty and dark is not my cuppa. Then again, considering the disaster with 175/54 (cm/kg that is) Swedish Girl (not to mention the hilarious 36h business – entirely non physical- with 173/55 Danish Girl) maybe I ought to reconsider. Hahaha.

        1. Maybe, but I wouldn’t know. Alls I know is that they’re getting shorter. Which I guess is fortunate as I shrink with age*. PKG is 168/54. Which is actually above average for the average woman in the US, IIRC. She was certainly always the tallest girl in her class growing up in the ROK.

          *Gordon Liddy said something about his wife being reluctant to wear heels at their wedding, on account of his being 5’9” and her not wanting to overtower him. Liddy didn’t care: “Why wouldn’t I want a beautiful, intelligent, 6-foot tall woman on my arm?”

          1. They’re mostly the same height horizontally.

            And tall women, they’re the only mountain climbing I’ve ever wanted to do.

            Knew a lady who was 6’2 and loved 6″ heels (and looked damned good in them, built like a brick you-know-what, could use her decolletage as a sunshade…) but wouldn’t wear them often. Wowzers. Unfortunately I was just in the ‘friend zone.’ And I got to listen to her tales of failed intimate relationships. That was the Summer of Blue You-Know-Whats.

            Ah, the true tales I could tell…

      1. Dusky as in not fish-belly white. ‘Olive’ complexion. You know, like Nia Varados (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” star) or Anthony Quinn ‘dusky.’ Not mulatto. Big difference. Big. Huge. Enough difference that a Greek would consider knifing you more than a Turk difference.

        1. I’ve spent time in Greece. They knife Turks and Albanians recreationally. I’ve seen it. Then they go to the bar, drink ouzo and do the handkerchief dance thing. Sometimes they wash the blood off first, sometimes not.

          1. Sounds like fun. My kind of people (except for drinking ouzo, blech.)

            Most people have forgotten that the Turks blew up the Parthenon. The Greeks will never forget.

    2. Enough extra flesh to serve as a reserve in case of a difficult pregnancy or a life-threatening health crisis. Evolution is being practical here prior to the discoveries about bread mold (penicillin). Sugar (originally honey) is a food preservative which is good to pack open wounds to prevent bacteria from growing.

      1. Where we store our reserve energy (fat) is a genetic tell. Fat ancestors traditionally survived long enough to reproduce. I realize that there is a price to be paid for the storage. There are fat gods like Buddha and thin ones like Jesus on the cross, each suggesting certain benefits. Indian male gods are all obviously well-endowed. Make of all that what you will.

        1. The thin body of Jesus was due to him being physically and psychologically tortured. That whole ‘desert prophet’ thing. You don’t and didn’t see fat desert prophets. Being out in the desert tends to be lacking in food sources, or at least kosher food sources, dontcha know.

          And remember, he fasted and prayed for a long time.

          Then again, I’m fat. Just like my mother and her mother and her (mother’s mother’s) father, all who lived to their 90’s and died fat. Well, except for my mother who is still alive… and fat.

          With me, my allergies got better as my weight increased. To an extent. Was happiest at around 250. Need to work on that.

  2. I was in high school in Torrance Calif for the first earth day. The air was crap, it was always crap and I could SEE IT getting worse (I could not see as far out the living room window.. the Union bank building was not there now most days.)
    We moved the summer of 1970 & it was years before I got back to SoCal but when I came back there mountains! The air was clear!

    The problem was solved even with people doing back yard bbqs and using gas powered lawn mowers…
    But “they” had the power and what good is having power if you can’t make others live the way you think they should?
    So today we have insanity…

    1. I lived in Torrance and attended 223rd St. Elementary School for a time and I recall the same atmospheric phenomenon.

      1. When California goes metric then that school and street will be called the 556th. Heh.

    2. When the folks moved here in the early ’50s there was vacant land, and dairy farms, horse stables, a junkyard, even a turkey ranch nearby.
      Not any more.
      I attended Jefferson Elementary and West High. On occasion you could see Palos Verdes from the playground. I remember days of the dreaded “temperature inversion” when it hurt to breathe. Smog was a fact of life in Torrance.
      Population has maybe tripled since then, and auto traffic as well.
      But the air IS much cleaner here now.

      1. When I lived in Torrence, there was a goat farm across the street from 223rd St. Elementary owned by Marshall South and his family. His wife was a nurse and he had two daughters, Marna and Vivian. There was enough vacant land for a young boy (& friends) to get into mischief circa 1963/4. I moved there with my grandparents from Mesa, AZ. We played until the street lights came on and rode our bikes home. There wasn’t a concern for children being attacked or molested.

        During the Watts Riots of 1965 when the negros were burning their neighborhood down, there was some concern about a spillover. My grandfather handed me a scoped bolt action Czech Bruno chambered in .17 and he instructed me in the finer points of eliminating threats. I had killed a deer when we lived in Mesa at age 7.5 so he didn’t have any concern that I’d lay out a threat. It’s how I was raised.

        1. If my family had been Korean, we’d have been on the high ground removing threats from the gene pool. It’s not my fault that I wasn’t born Korean. But at age 10, I could have shot with the best of the Koreans if I’d been given a chance. As it was, I had to wait for a few more years before I could do that for a living.

    3. Helluva coincidence. Lived on the hill in PV looking down at Torrance. Surfed Redondo and Hermosa beaches when Dennis Wilson was known but not huge and often in the water.
      The smog was a large brown smudge on the horizon. Got a good dose of the stuff when my father drove us out of LA. Eyes stung until we were way out in the desert. The hill and sea breezes had protected me for the most part.
      Twenty-odd years later, the USMC sent me kicking and squirming to Pendleton. Noted the brown signature was much reduced.

  3. Earth Day…heard that earlier while streaming Boulder’s KGNU’s bluegrass program – which is great. Was cleaning the pen and turning the post-Winter manure pile. Just doing my part to save the planet…all organic and like the effusive BS leaching from Washington DC, it’s the same odiferous fragrance and loads of it.

    Only certain Hollywood Exec. Producers and Directors work hard for cinematic accuracy while trying to do a proper historical reference or period film…the rest only care about the figure then bastardize everything surrounding them and the era (eg. the newest “Noah”). Funny thing is people buy into their delusion.

          1. “Wag the Dog” was intended as a documentary but without actually causing the Arkanciding of the writers and directors.

            It should have woken up a bunch of people, considering how popular it was at one time.

  4. The left has ‘decided’ what is ‘correct’ history, us proles are supposed to keep our mouths shut and listen to our ‘betters’ don’t ya know… sigh

    1. You need to know who your betters are and you need to resolve to expend yourself in their service…if you know what’s good for you.

  5. Any post with a neat Grief banner image is great and I enjoyed the quick cultural Marxist point. But are you sure Cleopatra wasn’t a negro? Julius Caesar was notoriously black, and they were friends.

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