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Conniving or just plain stupid?

I’m not sure which is worse. This is what Fox News has to say.

In the case of Operation Fast and Furious, there is no doubt that the effort had been orchestrated from the White House with the intent that “US made firearms” would be discovered in the hands of cartel members and it would lead to a new initiative aimed at curtailing citizen’s Second Amendment rights. 
The Obama Administration was quite upset to find that the bulk of firearms used by Mexican drug cartels did not originate from US gun dealers. Some weapons and hand grenades of American origin were traced back to military stores belonging to nations who bought them from the US.
From that, Fast and Furious was born. Attorney General Eric Holder still stands accused by the Congress in this matter.

Fox failed to mention the EPA scandal where the US Environmental Protection Agency attacked companies that donated to President Obama’s enemies and gave the Democratic Party faithful a pass. It was an ‘echo’ of the IRS Scandal, which is just as scandalous now as it was when it broke in 2011.

Neither did Fox mention the Taliban Swap Scandal:

There are a lot of scandals. Conniving or just plain stupid?

8 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. Of course there's so many scandals that it's hard to keep track of them all. Maybe a multitasking issue?

  2. You almost need a staff just to put one on each scandal and keep the updates flowing and accurate. I wonder if that's why the staff in the West Wing is ballooning in size?

  3. The voters put bad people in office who have only their own interests to further. While focused on "Partying with JC and Beyonce" for example, the Benghazi scandal unfolded. You can't be on the ball if you're puffing the magic dragon with rappers.

  4. I'm still in shock – the emails are gone because of a hard drive crash? The IRS also said it only maintained them for 6 months? What Federal Government do these people work for? No wonder the Chinese are hacking everything we do – we don't even know where emails are stored? They are conniving, but they are too stupid to make it look good. Its embarrassing…

  5. Some agencies are like the IRS. Others are obsessive about storing things forever (NSA for example). I could tell stories about the intelligence community at this juncture, but won't because I value my freedom.

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