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Save the Mosques!

The US Government spends money on a lot of things. I was surprised to hear that we’re spending $770 million to renovate mosques. Just when I thought that I’d heard every possible outrage – Barack digs another one up. Maybe they think of $770 million as Monopoly money since it’s borrowed from China?
The United States government – U.S. taxpayers – have $770 million to spend on mosque renovation but the United States Marine Corps has about two-thirds of their fighter jets grounded because the Marine Corps doesn’t have money for parts. 
The program that funds rebuilding mosques funnels money through the U.S. State Department’s USAID program. You’ve probably never heard about it because if flies under the radar. After all, it’s only $1 billion. It’s $1 billion in play money for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry to practice their “Smart Diplomacy.”

Reenlistment Bonuses for VetsNot so fast!

Frankly, this one makes me more angry than the $770 million to rebuild mosques in the Middle East. There is one word for all of this and it’s “Obamanation”.  We’ve wasted a lot of good men and women in worthless wars, fought for ego and hubris or whatever on the part of leadership. 

Now the Army wants to take back reenlistment and retention bonuses from a decade ago, paid to keep people in uniform when they needed them. The money is long spent, but the government doesn’t care — it needs money for mosques.
(Fox News) The Pentagon is seeking to recover decade-old reenlistment bonuses paid to thousands of California Army National Guard soldiers to go fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday. 
The paper reported that nearly 10,000 soldiers, many of whom risked their lives during multiple combat tours, have been ordered to repay the cash bonuses after audits revealed widespread overpayments by California Guard officials under pressure to meet enlistment targets at the height of the wars 10 years ago. 
But soldiers say the military is reneging on old agreements and imposing severe financial hardship on those whose only mistake was to accept the bonuses, which amounted to $15,000 or more. 
The Army asked wounded Iraq veteran and former Army captain Christopher Van Meter, 42, to repay a $25,000 reenlistment bonus it said he was ineligible to receive.

20 thoughts on “The Daily Outrage

  1. You like Kipling.
    I've always known the only ones who care about veterans are other veterans and their immediate families.
    I'm not a joiner but write checks to the D.A.V. and American Legion. Two checks are in my outgoing mail in as this is typed.

  2. Don't hold your breath waiting for any consequences for the people who issued the money and approved the expenditures.

  3. Unbelievably ignorant. Some people would say muslims pay taxes, too. But since when does the government refurbish ANY church anywhere?


    Be safe and God bless.

  4. I'd heard about the mosques. The other atrocity is new.

    These goons get worse and worse. I'm being polite…

  5. Well it's Tommy this and Tommy that and, 'chuck him out, the brute,'
    But it's, 'thank you Mr. Atkins,' when the guns begin to shoot.

    I know it all from memory. Tommy is one of my favorite. That and the Grave of the Hundred Head – and The Post that Fitted.

  6. Don't worry. There will be another outrage tomorrow. It's just Barack being Barack. The Wookie will want to fly to Paris with her entourage of 200 paid staff on three airplanes or something.

  7. $770 million for fixing mosques in Egypt and elsewhere. Clearly, that wouldn't happen in the US – and heaven forbid that they use the money to fix decaying bridges.

  8. To hell with those soldiers who accepted those bonuses, we have mosques that need upgraded munitions closets. Currently, most mosques simply place their suicide vests in soft storage closets, enclosed with only drywall and 2×4's and when some of them accidentally go off, they are maiming, injuring and killing IMAMS. IMAMS! Everybody knows that only the faithful are supposed to die at the hands of suicide vests, not the pure and holy Imams.

    We need this money clawed back from soldiers who accepted those bonuses, so that the munitions closets in mosques can be lined with armor to protect the sacred lives of our respected imams.

    Where the hell are your priorities, for Allah's sake?

  9. I'm too outraged to even say anything. How the hell can you go back 10-15 years and demand repayment from these vets?

  10. Maybe if we took the children of veterans instead of demanding repayment for a 10 year old overpayment. Deliver them to the local mosques where they can work off their parent's debts through servitude. Islam still accepts the notion of slavery as appropriate so I don't see any sort of doctrinal disconnect.

  11. Ok, now I am really gonna need BP meds!! If I was that veteran's wife, I'd tell the government to go pee up a rope!! And, I bet that he can't an appointment at the VA to treat his service acquired illnesses…


  12. About ten years ago the Navy contacted my brother and told him that he may be eligible for a disability pension due to his being shot in Vietnam. He applied and was successful, receiving about $900 a month. Then three years later the gubmint told him he was not eligible for a pension and wanted three years of his pension benefits back. He appealed and they let him keep the money as he did not try to deceive the government. The feds screwed up, I guess, not him. Of course he's still physically messed up but much of that is due to his life style and work.

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