6 thoughts on “The Christmas Package was Late

  1. ERJ had an interesting post today which is straight out of their beliefs… The Quaran teaches that nothing happens outside of Allah's will. Soleimani's demise was Allah's will and no other outcome was possible.

    Fundamentalist Muslims believe "…that Allah has willed everything that takes place in the heavens and on Earth. Whatever He wills to happen must come to pass. Whatever He does not will to happen will never take place." -Sheikh Abdullah Bin MuhammadAl-Tayyar

  2. I wonder if Allah wills the Iranian navy to be sunk, the Iranian air force to be obliterated and all of the mullah's administrative buildings to be destroyed.

    Allah is not very kind to all things Iranian lately.

  3. Saw a picture of his funeral and coffin being carried by the crowd. Wonder how many pieces were in that coffin?

  4. A few sand bags for weight. All that remained was vapor. But there may be sightings like Elvis or bigfoot of the late general. His face may appear on pita bread, or a tortilla in Mexico. Who knows?

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