Texas Flavor?

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Is this what Texas tastes like?
Don’t be a hater. I’m only posing the question.
The last time that I drove through Amarillo, it didn’t look anything like the Carl’s Jr. commercial or the song that Ed Bruce made famous…
Though I’m hopelessly out of date, this is more of the taste of Texas that I recall:
As Willie Nelson put it — “old worn out memories”.

11 thoughts on “Texas Flavor?

  1. Never been there, but want to go one day. Ed Bruce has always been one of my favorites. Remember when he was the Sheriff on the second Maverick?

  2. Ahhh, Texas. She's all three. That's the beauty (and torment) of it. There's always that sense of being one step in back of the dream that you already embody, if only we weren't all so tortured by the vast open skies that both beckon and intimidate… Shall I write a sonnet? Perhaps.

    More critically, PH is totally fired. What kind of yuck cast her in that role? Texan girls are WAY hotter than that trash.

    But what a mighty fine post. I shall wear my boots all day. I feel inspired. And a hamburger for lunch sounds quite fine.

  3. It's Texas, steak or chili…or a steak smothered in chili, or chili with steak in it. And a beer.

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