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The key to any successful business is cashflow. Money has to come in before it trickles down and can go out. If nothing comes in, nobody gets paid. And if you don’t do your job, YOU don’t get paid. A partner (and you know who you are if you’re reading this) asked what his portion would be from a deal that is finally landing would be. I said, “nothing”. We are not communists. We don’t work for free and we don’t pay you for work that you did not do.

Jerk Boss

I’ve modified what I’m writing here so as not to bore you, dear readers. I run a very lean and mean consulting business. I no longer work for the government. At best, it’s a conglomerate of independent contractors under a masthead who work collaboratively for the collective good. My company rarely does work inside of the US. Our efforts are focused elsewhere.

If I need a subcontractor for a task (say, an accountant to deal with a specific project) they are hired, they provide that service, are paid, etc. But it’s not a forever thing, unless the task is forever. It’s quite simply how a lot of small businesses are run these days if they are to be successful. I don’t offer a 401K, or dental insurance. If I was manufacturing something or if I was retailing something form a fixed location, or serving food, it would be different. If I need to have somebody poisoned, for example, I go to Fredd’s Aunt Sally (an expert with a long track record) to do what few others can do as well.

The government, any government, is in the business of providing “public good”, however you define it. They diversity hire (welfare by another name) to please grievance groups and offer things like expensive gender reassignment surgery, where the employee rarely shows up for work because they’re always getting ready for the next procedure – and when they do show up they’re essentially worthless other than acting as a poster child for whatever. Private businesses can’t do that and survive. Somebody has to work, somebody has to deliver (widgets, or whatever) and if you don’t work and provide value added, you are not paid.

Some businesses (rock stars and political figures) have entourages, where people act as parasites in their role as members of a support staff. They’re paid, in essence, to show up. You see the people who ‘sign’ behind every politician who speaks, for example. They’re wingmen (wing-persons) who have a minor function, but make the politician or rock star look more important by hanging out.  Rock stars get money for nothing and chicks for free as do politicians. (Epstein flew them to the Island for free to do what they did.) A private business can’t do that and survive.

  1. Any politician should first have demonstrated that they can run a successful business. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders (for example) have shown a capacity to be successful parasites. That’s all that they’ve done, and it may be all that they are capable of doing. They should NEVER be employed to conduct the people’s business.
  2. Military experience is good but that ALONE doesn’t prepare you to be a public servant.
  3. The government earns nothing. It only TAKES. If you get something from the government, it was TAKEN from somebody else. They serve up purloined goods and exchange them (all too often) for votes to keep themselves in power.  A genuine public servant works to break that cycle and there are VERY few of them.

end of rant


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  1. If you work for a company or corporation, you only get a ‘piece of the action’ if it’s in your contract or the masters are pleased and want to reward the clever monkey. So for someone to expect ‘a piece of the action’ without pre-conditions stating the same, well, there goes a socialist in the making.

    I’ve known a few actual real socialists in my time. They work, make money, and pretty much any money over meeting the bills and basic living expenses went to supporting their fellow man and making life better. Sure, they were real monks, but…

    Now, those that call themselves ‘socialist’ like Bernie and Kamala and AOC? Okay, sure, call yourself a socialist, but unless you walk the walk and talk the talk and put your money (not my money, your money) where your mouth is, all you are is an oppressor. Keep it up and the more the rest of the world wants to make you a good communist.

    And, seriously, Harris? The Cameltoe herself? Is she black, is she white, is she dot-Indian, is she red on the inside? What a mistake the Donks just did. Slow-Joe and the Ho. Way to go. Gonna be quite a show.

    • The Beltway Socialists (like Bernie and the Indians [Harris and Warren]) will never redistribute THEIR money or the money of their masters. They will only loot others in the name of social justice.

  2. YOU are the one responsible for your success or failure. You don’t need an entourage, nor do any of us that work for ourselves. Somebody that thinks they deserve money for work not done, well… NO!

    • Politicians and rock stars think and receive, money for nothing (and chicks, or little boys) for free. And, let’s face it, they get away with it. Just look at who was on Epstein’s jet.

      People who work with me….hahaha….yeah.

  3. “end of rant”
    Sorry, can’t agree.
    A well-reasoned discussion of topics that most prefer to avoid discussing is not a “rant.”
    This is not a rant: there is no vulgarity, no raving, no swearing.
    Socialist-Progressives rant. Karens rant. This is not a rant.
    This is, perhaps: analysis, consideration, deliberation, discourse, scrutiny.
    This is not a rant.

    • It may be a pathetic rant, but it’s a rant in writing. If you were to be here, with me, you would hear a rant that a Karen/cat would be proud of. I try and sugar coat things on the blog.

  4. I saw Johnny Cash and his entourage once in the Dorchester having lunch. They all wore black and it was pretty cool.

    Point being, you clearly need an entourage but they’ll have to produce.


    • An Iranian, named Hassan, a professional informer, who fed me information from time to time, yearned to be my wingman. No.

    • It’s like one of your salesmen who didn’t sell a single car, expecting to be paid for hanging out. The very same thing.

      • My late father often spoke of “Track Stew”. “Where you successful in your hunt?” “No, but we saw a lot of tracks”. Makes for a mighty thin stew. I used that often trying to motivate salespeople.

  5. I appreciate the shout out to my Aunt Sally’s prowess in ‘getting the job done right. If you want someone to fall face down in their ham and eggs, Aunt Sally is the go-to gal. She gets the job done. Of course, I would like to dip my beak into that cash flow, since I am her wing man.

  6. Good “rant”…those who have run their own shop know what you speak of to be absolute. Seems to me the Apostle Paul said something along the lines: “You don’t work, you don’t [nor should not expect to] eat.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10)

    He was a sail-maker in between maintaining the Christian gospel on track in fledgling churches while ticking off the betters who liked their influential positions. (They would be the parasites you speak of…some things never change.)

  7. So you’re saying Hunter Biden and Chelsea Clinton went into the family businesses?

    Nice work if you can get it.

    • Exactly. They’re poster children for “nice work if you can get it.” The Cuomo brothers, neither of which is all that bright, attended and graduated from Yale based on the old man’s political position (and money). Liberal privilege is confused with some sort of racial benefit – and it’s not just liberals. They seem to take special advantage, but it’s elites. If you’re elite enough, you get to job the system.

  8. “He said everyone at [headquarters] knew [the boss] thought you shit gold bars.”

    “After the Dagoola IV operation, he damn well should have thought so.” But the Dagoola rescue had been almost four years ago. So what have you shit for me lately?
    [From: Memory, Lois McMaster Bujold]

    A good track record gets you some temporary slack. But only for a short while.
    I’ve mostly been salaried, but acutely aware that one needs to bring in an average of X times what you’re paid. X being a multiplier without ceiling, but definitely a floor in excess of 3.0. This used to be understood by most people, but some of the new (younger) folks seem to have trouble understanding this, at least in my little patch. (“No, it is NOT enough if you process two cases per day.”)

    “An Iranian, named Hassan”
    Sounds like the beginning of a limerick. I had my own Hassan, albeit a junior physician from Pakistan. We were talking one day (rather he was talking at me after inviting himself into my tiny office) and he was getting on my last nerve. Through weird twists and turns in the conversation you (LL, though not by name) were invoked shortly after I had emptied the contents of my top desk drawer (which was three flashlights, a green laser pointer, some reproduction Confederate dollars (long story) and about a dozen various knives), after which “my” Hassan blanched as much as he was physiologically capable of, then abruptly got up and left my office. Only later did I learn that his family money was apparently drug money, and that he was under the impression that I had threatened his life. (Which in retrospect was only fair as he had essentially threatened another junior physician, a Pakistani girl, with rape by African drug dealer.) It’s poor form (and gross incompetence) to inadvertently threaten a person, but on the other hand, it did keep him out of my face/space until he moved on, so I’m putting down on the list as net neutral.

    • Back when I was a joint task force commander and had a “Hassan” type in my office, who worked for another agency. They guy spread false rumors and had become a pain in the ass.

      +Is there ink next to my mouth? (I rub the area)

      – No

      + Are you sure that somebody didn’t write ‘blow me’ there. (I rub the area next to my mouth more vigorously.)

      – (growing concerned) No

      +Then why do you behave as though there is?

      +Is there a post-it on my back?

      – (growing more concerned) No

      +Does it say, ‘kick me?’


      +Then why do you behave as though there is?

      He was gone the next day and I never saw him again.

      I rarely had to threaten anyone, and I didn’t threaten this moron, but he got the point.

  9. This post should be framed to hang on every wall of every business. In homes too.

    After a number of years in business I finally got smart and fired all employees. Contractors only. Thereafter I slept soundly on piles of money. Well, the sleeping soundly is true.

    In every picture why is Willie’s whore wearing a pearl necklace? Probably her holding out to bidders.

    • All of the problems with employees can be handled when they’re at-will contractors. It’s better in right-to-work states, but the point is still made.

  10. Correct on all points, LL.

    You get what it says in the contract. If you’re looking for a bonus, you’d damn well better prove you deserve it.


    • Ed, I wasn’t referring to the movie, “The Accountant”. Sometimes, particularly if you’re dealing with governments (ours, or somebody else’s) you literally MUST have the appropriate accountant…but you know that.

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