The Case for Illegal Firearms Ownership

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Whether to obey the law of the State of Illinois, (which contravenes the US Bill of Rights), or not? I’m not from Illinois, but if I was, this article carried by the Chicago Sun Times and (link) Fox News would give me pause.

Headline: Sheriff’s team working to seize guns from thousands in Illinois (Published July 28, 2013

An Illinois sheriff’s team is crisscrossing the Chicago suburbs in an effort to seize guns from thousands of people whose right to own a firearm has been revoked, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. 
According to the paper, more than 3,000 people in Cook County have failed to surrender their revoked Firearm Owners Identification Card, or FOID, which is required to legally buy guns or ammunition. 

Sheriff Tom Dart said he thinks many of the 3,000 continue to possess firearms. 
The Chicago Police Department regularly conducts missions to recover revoked FOID cards and take guns from the owners, but there wasn’t a big push to do the same thing in the suburbs until now, Dart reportedly told the paper. 
“The system is broken,” the sheriff said. “The system revokes cards, but the guns are of no consequence. . . . Our strong hope is that we will eliminate tragedies.” 
FOID cards are meant to protect the public from gun owners who suffer from mental illness; felonies and protection orders also are grounds for the state to revoke the holders’ FOID cards. It’s illegal to buy guns or ammunition without one, the Sun-Times reports. 
In one case, the team recovered more than 35 firearms, including four AR-15 assault rifles, from a suicidal man whose card was revoked. Many times, the team gets the FOID card, but not the gun. 
The State Police alert the sheriff’s gun team every week to about 10 to 20 new FOID revocations in Cook County. The investigators then conduct a basic probe into the gun purchasing histories of the people they intend to contact. Then they knock on their doors.
The article does not explain under what specific circumstances the FOID cards were issued in the first place and the reason for their revocation. If people are convicted felons, then it’s one thing. It it’s a “ministerial thing” then it’s another. This is the first that I’ve heard of a FOID card, but if I lived in Illinois, the very last thing that I’d do would be to apply for a FOID card. It targets you for weapons confiscation. Think about it. Chicago is the murder capital of the United States and all of those gang bangers running around the mean streets don’t carry a FOID card.

It might be better to hunt gang members than to hunt people with a revoked FOID card. It might be better to target blighted neighborhoods where hundreds of people were killed over the Fourth of July Weekend — or would that be ‘racist’?

A way for me to make money:

Is anyone willing to bet me (and put significant money on it) that as a complete stranger to the area that I couldn’t go to Chicago and within 24 hours buy at least one firearm without possessing a FOID card? 

If that is the case, what good is a FOID card?

This is an interesting LINK.

5 thoughts on “The Case for Illegal Firearms Ownership

  1. Bad Guys will ALWAYS have guns. Liberals place – insist! – their side-ways thinking above reality.

  2. Chicago (poster child for liberal cities) feels that forcing FOID cards on the honest and upright will solve their crime problems… hahahahahahaha

  3. Heh, no bet! And you'd probably pay LESS than retail too… Those street corners don't have any overhead!

  4. Once again, today's "reporters" leave out small facts. I read this article several times, and, not being a resident of Illinois (I actually broke down with a flat tire in Chicago while passing through, luckily, I ignore local laws on firearms…) I had no idea what a FOID was. (I am familiar with New Jersey laws, but I ignore those too.) A FOID is required to POSSESS a firearm, which is different than purchasing, and this fact is not mentioned in the article. Big difference – even NJ allows you to possess without a card (though, not outside your house, not loaded, not touching your hands, not upstairs, not downstairs, not in cars, not on weekends…).

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