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Captioned Photo: Elizabeth Griscom Ross (née Griscom; January 1, 1752 – January 30, 1836), also known by her second and third married names, Ashburn and Claypoole, was an American upholsterer who was credited by her relatives in 1870 with making the second official U.S. flag. (more at Wikipedia)


Mollie Pitcher


I chose to portray women of the revolution who made it into song and story. Still, the truth is that there would have been no revolution without the women and no army without the women who were behind the scenes doing much of the camp work, tending to the sick, and improving morale. On the home front, they raised crops and tended to the animals while their men were campaigning. On the frontier, they did this armed with muskets to defend themselves from Indians and marauding British guerillas.

During that period, women often served on warships in “Nelson’s Navy,” though we don’t acknowledge that contribution in our modern period. Sailors’ wives looked after young midshipmen and powder monkeys who filled their roles on the larger combatants.


The Declaration

The first vote occurred on July 2, not July 4.

“That these United Colonies are,” congressional delegates resolved, “and, of right, ought to be, Free and Independent States; that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British crown . . . .”

John Adams was pleased and thought July 2 would be celebrated as a memorable day in American history. He wrote Abigail: “The Second Day of July 1776 will be the most memorable Epocha in the History of America.”

On July 4, Congress finally approved a formal, written Declaration of Independence.

A committee of five men wrote that Declaration: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert R. Livingston, and Roger Sherman. The five-man committee, in turn, had appointed a subcommittee—Jefferson and Adams—to develop the initial draft.

In 1822, Adams wrote a letter explaining how Jefferson became the primary author of such an important document. His letter contains a blow-by-blow of a conversation that he remembered between the two men:

“Jefferson proposed to me to make the draught. I said, ‘l will not.’ ‘You should do it.’ ‘Oh! no.’ ‘Why will you not? You ought to do it.’ ‘I will not.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Reasons enough.’ ‘What can be your reasons?’ ‘Reason first—You are a Virginian and a Virginian ought to appear at the head of this business. Reason second—I am obnoxious, suspected, and unpopular. You are very much otherwise. Reason third—You can write ten times better than I can.’ ‘Well,’ said Jefferson, ‘if you are decided, I will do as well as I can.’”


The Traditional Independence Day Breakfast


Quote of the Day

“All conservatism is based upon the idea that if you leave things alone, you leave them as they are. But you do not. If you leave a thing alone, you leave it to a torrent of change. If you leave a white post alone, it will soon be black. If you particularly want it to be white, you must always paint it again; that is, you must always have a revolution. If you want the old white post, you must have a new one.” – Chesterton.


Independence, not In-Dependence


Bullet Points:

** American Business relocates manufacturing to Mexico: John Deere is sparking outrage by laying off American workers and moving more agricultural equipment manufacturing to Mexico. Since October 2023, more than 1,000 John Deere workers have been laid off or pushed into early retirement across several plants in Iowa and Illinois. It’s important to note this on Independence Day. John Deere wraps itself in the American flag and proclaims its virtue while eliminating American jobs.

** Are Canadian people depressed?

** Great Jumping Jehosephat!

** This is very much the way it happened to me. Some of you have asked me why I went into the law enforcement field, even though I’ve done a few other things. It started with a guy asking me if I wanted to go on a ride-along. I’d never considered pinning on a badge before that. It turned into a remarkably interesting career, and I did well.

** Looking for love in all the wrong places.

** “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, honorable, compassionate, and have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Emerson

** Treachery! And here again!

** This made me think of WSF spoiling Banner – because you know he does. And speaking of WSF, I think this is him selling a car. And then back to Banner…forty-six cents a day is all he asks.

** The farcical movie Burn After Reading had many small gems that reveal life within the Washington DC Beltway. Things end up like this more often than not. Your tax dollars are at work.

** A new study showed that people who made good decisions consistently enjoyed an unfair advantage in life over those who did not. It underscored the need for “equity” to beat them down.

** From CDRSALs mouth to God’s ear: “The national security arena is thick with overly credentialed, arrogant, cocksure people who have little life experience outside academia and think tanks who want to be something they’re not. What drives them? The same thing has driven similar people since the dawn of time: proximity to power, status, money, and comfort by offering comfortable theories to solve hard problems.

If the demand for brilliant ideas exceeds the supply, they are happy to tut-tut lesser beings and create Tomorrowland out of whole cloth. They are clever imps, and hungry people can be gullible.

Sometimes, these people are at the front, but usually, they are more comfortable whispering in the ears of others with their hands on the levers of power.”

** Happy belated Birthday to LSP (July 3). A message for July 3


Exit Wound


Identify the Armor



We’ve had this one before…but I think that it’s cool, so back by popular acclaim.




The British army was adamant that a tank needed three crewmen in the turret, but tank designer Leslie Little disagreed. His tank had just two crewmen to keep the size of the turret ring and, therefore, the tank’s weight to a minimum. This led to his rejection of his design, but soon after, the army needed a light and cheap infantry tank and didn’t have much choice.


Parting Shots



What I Imagine Pedo’s Therapy to be like:



56 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. Identify the Armor:
    1. LVT(A)-4 or perhaps with the additional armor a -5.
    2. 15 cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf Selbstfahrlafette Sd.Kfz.4/1
    3. SU-122
    4. Mk VII Tetrarch light tank
    5. Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine

      1. The 30s development of the Tetrarch would seem to be a compromise between an open country tank and a valuable tool in putting down civil insurrections in the Empire. A two-pounder could be viewed as overkill against civilians armed with rocks (and Molotov Cocktails). In that era, the British and everyone else searched for a cost-effective solution to the need for armor. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much use in combat.

          1. Considering that everyone else was able to make a nice exploding round at 20mm (everyone), 25mm (French), 37mm (again, everyone else except the English, and 40mm (Bofors AA gun) (again, everyone else including the English, the failure to make a 2pdr HE shell for an INFANTRY SUPPORT TANK that’s designed to be with the infantry and, you know, support them with a 40mm AP only gun, well, England, nuff said.

            Seriously, England made 40mm explosive shells for the Bofors AA gun. How hard would it have been to make one for the 2pdr?

            Stupid Brits.

    1. #1 is an LVT(A)-4, uparmored with both actual armor and sandbags, mounting the turret from an M8HMC, carrying a 75mm howitzer. Worked rather well, both in ocean assaults and in riverine warfare.

      1. Wasn’t the 2-pounder anti-tank gun a squeeze-bore? That might have been exciting with an HE shell.

        The Brits made exploding shell for their 2-pounder pom-poms, after all.

        I’m also not really certain how important having HE for the 2-pounder actually was, anyway.
        How much greater range against infantry would it have given over the MGs, and how often
        did Brit tanks have the opportunity to engage infantry in that bracket?

        I mean, the terrible nature of most early British tanks didn’t keep them from winning with them,
        often against enemies equipped with better tanks at least as often as they lost. I mean, most of
        these things only ever really fought in North Africa anyway. Even if the Brits had never received
        the Grants and Shermans, they were still gonna win there.

        – Kle.

        1. Low caliber HE is a good thing against infantry in the open and hidden in buildings. HE can also thrash light-armored and unarmored vehicles. Everyone else, I mean EVERYONE ELSE, used HE in the 20mm-40mm range of weapons, to great effect. But not the Brit 2pdr (nominally a 40mm gun).

          There’s a point where rifle-caliber machine guns stop being effective. That’s when HE comes in. But the Brits decided they wanted to snipe individuals with their 2pdr. Sigh.
          The regular 2pdr was a standard rifled gun. It’s the LittleJohn adaptor that did the squeezing, in order to try to make the 2pdr punch up above it’s normal weight.

          The Krauts would and did find a way to put a larger caliber gun in their tiny tanks. The Brits could have fit a 6pdr into their tanks, but, no, Brits…

  2. “ Reason second—I am obnoxious, suspected, and unpopular. You are very much otherwise.”
    Brilliant! I’m going to try this next week and see if I can schluff some work off on someone else using this tactic.

    Cartoonist is kind to Paul Pelosi to depict him as a drunk driver — instead of the rough trade business.

          1. Kinda why I gave up management.
            Actually, it was the other way around.
            For the same reason :)

            Turns out though, they actually need someone to do the work :)

    1. British soldier sitting in the shell-hole in a gasometer (gas storage tank) at Nieuport, 30th July 1917.

  3. Independence Day Breakfast…add blueberries and raspberries with some “healthy whipped dairy topping” to give the plate some appropriate color for a more “balanced” meal.
    I read Silicone Graybeard’s post before hitting the hay last night…THAT, coupled to your Adam’s/Jefferson interchange gives a richness and clarity to the moment…real men doing a very real thing with confidence, yet still human beings interacting as anyone would in the moment. Re-reading the Declaration in full made me ask if kids these days have even been exposed to it by teachers?

    …and of course that powerful line of laying down the gauntlet: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”
    – We’re there…actually WERE there around March of 2020…yet despite that sentiment I plan to think on the good things today, not the goofballs wrecking the place. Cheers to all, and a salute to those men who knew what they were doing wayback when. SISU MAGA ™

    For breakfast I think cream chipped beef on wheat toast with two poached eggs on top a side of shredded cheese and a mixed fruit bowl will do nicely.

  5. That salesman could be me. Great opportunity to up the gross profit by selling him a Ranch-hand grill guard for only $2,200, installed. Takes a hit for hitting a cow, mess easily pressure washed off, and our shop can have it installed while we do some paperwork.
    Banner gets fed first. Always tend to the livestock before yourself (except for coffee).

        1. Not to mention. What about window tinting and upgrading the wheels and tires. Can you handle that for me, WSF?

          1. I SELL carbon credits to the woke. I have no use for them personally.

          1. To further enhance your purchase experience here at Downtheroad Motors, we offer several ways for your to personalize your new vehicle, add to your pleasure in the years ahead plus protect the value of your investment!

          2. We The People already have “dual dipsticks” setting in the White House, no need for add-ons, they permeate everything, and not in a good way.

        1. I propose a re-purposed LCAC.
          Some gatlings; as large caliber as available, an APKWS rig, maybe an auto-mortar.
          Plenty of room for ammo on an LCAC.
          – Kle.

          1. I accept the command so long as I also have a US District Court Judge give me transactional immunity in advance (I had it once years ago) and can set my own rules of engagement.

          2. i’m in, though i suppose LL has all the firepower needed to engage the cartels. not much of a swabbie but i think i can make a right decent gunner’s mate.

  6. The horrors/results of a traditional, classical education:
    “** Looking for love in all the wrong places.”
    is that Pasiphaë or Europa?

    First dumb question of the day:
    just why is John Deere fleeing to Mexico; is there more to this than I’m seeing at first (regulation, taxation, and export probs)?

    back to a classical education is the Declaration still taught in grade school, high school, college?
    ” …That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,”
    “…Right ” Uh – how about “…Duty of the People…” or has the meaning of “right” changed over the centuries?
    Right (entitlement of authority) but not duty (obligation)?

    1. If President Trump is elected, he’ll slap tariffs on Dear Deere and they’ll howl as if snakebit. They were counting on four more years of Jo/Ho.

        1. John Deere was once the gold standard for reliability and durability. No longer. Hence, all the “Right to Repair” laws being passed in agricultural states.
          Nebraska mixed marriage. Her family runs Case, his family runs Deere.

          1. MrsPaulM worked as a Kelly Girl at John Deere, in the early 80’s, said it was amazing. Not so much anymore as the Havaaad business dopes and lawyers got involved.
            Just finished watching United States of Secrets, Part 1 (saving P2 for tomorrow). By Frontline…free on YouTube. NSA surveillance state developed under the Bush era post 9/11 where these bums (Hayden, Gonzalas, etc) gave themselves self-congratultory/self-exonerated unchecked power to run over the Constitutional rights of American citizens under the guise of “safety”…because they let 9/11 happen under their “asleep at the switch” bloated bureaucracy mode. Criminal acts, from Cheney on down…should all be in prison. Extrapolated, they tried to take out dissenters (ala Flynn), then used the same tactics to raid Mar-a-Lago, doctoring captured documents during raids of innocent folks who said what they were doing was unconstitutional and a felony. This “The Program” was couched as for “national terrorist security”, yet now…20 years later it’s law and we have The Husk actually letting in unvetted illegals, many are actual terrorists. Unreal.
            – Someone said today we don’t celebrate our Independence, we celebrate THAT Independence…as The Fourth of July. We can’t celebrate our current Independence …not from England…but until we wrest it from the Deep State Criminals. When that occurs we can then say we’re celebrating our Independence…from the enemy within.

  7. “As of March 2024, people in Canada with only a mental illness, such as depression, are not eligible for medical assistance in dying (MAiD) until March 17, 2027. This includes other mental illnesses and conditions that are primarily treated by psychiatrists, like personality disorders. However, people with mental illnesses may be eligible if they also have a physical condition that is “grievous and irremediable”. Eligibility is always assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account all relevant circumstances.”

    But before March they were encouraged.

  8. I’m looking at that B&T SBR (I’m not jealous, no, not me…..) and I’m thinking of my AR-15 pistol (with a brace) and thinking “Should I get a buffer tube folder?” and if so, which one?

  9. Traditional Independence Day breakfast? Where’s the hash browns? Where I come from, pancakes are for Winter.
    No ides what the two firearms are, but they look quite effective.
    Deere can’t make enough profit building things here, so they went elsewhere. It’s going to backfire on them, though. It usually does.

        1. If you bought them for what they were worth and sold them for what they thought they were worth, you’d make a lot of money.

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