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Basic Economics – New Edition from Thomas Sowell

THOMAS SOWELL Interview – worth watching HERE.

IBD: You write in your book, “Cultures that promote the rule of law, rather than arbitrary powers exercised by leaders, have increasingly been recognized as major factors promoting economic development.” You mentioned already that a culture that prizes honesty and embraces material progress gets ahead. Are these the keys really to building wealth in a nation? 
Sowell: They’re prerequisites, but they’re not the only prerequisites. If you’re going to have a dishonest government that is thoroughly corrupt, where you can’t rely on the law, where the ruler can just do what he darn well pleases, you’re not going to have a prosperous country. I don’t care if you’re loaded down with gold and oil and everything else.

The US Postal Service lost $754 million last quarter. What is the REAL price of a stamp?

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  1. Privatize all mail delivery, since it pretty much is already with email. Sell off the post office's assets now, while they still have a value, and apply anything you make to meet pension requirements. Then use that model for disposing of the rest of government.

  2. Your Senator (Feinstein) has a husband and that husband has an exclusive contract with the US Postal Service wherein he manages their real estate. I see nothing but expansion in the future…at taxpayer expense.

  3. I really like the quote on compassion. Especially in tax season, when I'm staring at the paperwork and wondering where the money is going…

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