Gifts for Friends

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Are you on a budget and looking for the perfect gift?

HAPPY MAN bottle stopper and corkscrew set. It’s great for bridal showers…

WINE GLASS for people who just want one glass of wine after dinner.

BOGEYMAN EGG SEPARATOR for the chef in your life.

ROMANCE can bloom when you buy the man in your life the perfect underwear. Maybe you can pick up one second hand from Bruce Jenner who won’t be needing his anymore?

MOTIVATE YOUR BOY TO SAVE MONEY with this ultimate banking solution. Yes, of course it gives off a “farting” noise when you make a deposit.
These are to provide first aid to kids who skateboard down fall street fall, and skin their knees. Who doesn’t think that BACON SHAPED BANDAGES will speed the healing process? And it comes with a FREE prize.

6 thoughts on “Gifts for Friends

  1. I just might pick up a couple of those things for gag gifts… not for me… honest… gag gifts.

  2. Sure…it's like telling your neighbors that the Jack Daniels in the brown paper bag is for medicinal purposes. They all believe you.

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