Santa Claus did not abide false doctrine…if history is any judge.

Legend has it Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra (who is said to be the inspiration for Santa Claus), struck Arius the heretic for denying Christ’s eternality and God’s true nature during his speech at the Council of Nicea in AD 325.


Scythed chariot attack at the Battle of Gaugamela (331 BC)

Darius III even flattened the battlefield so that his scythed chariots could race across them and cut the Macedonian army to shreds. What must he have thought when he saw the phalangites avoid the chariots by simply moving to one side?


Get your Blood Moving!

I know, Mike_C, the German tankers all seem to be from the patriarchy – toxically male. Not my fault.


Bullet Points:

** Just because I’m old doesn’t mean that you’re out of range.

** In the USA – over eleven years, 115 people died in weightlifting mishaps. During the same time, one person died while eating doughnuts. Make good choices. Avoid the Darwin Award.

** Where is it? (h/t Claudio) If Claudio knows, he isn’t telling.

** Mishaps – November 28, 2023: Russia is suffering a growing number of attacks, accidents or whatever incidents involving defense activities inside Russia. The government says recent railroad accidents include derailments and damage to signaling and communications equipment. The Russian railroads are state-owned and operated and move over 40 percent of Russia’s freight, often through areas where there is no other form of freight transportation. Ukrainian sabotage teams have also caused fires or explosions in factories producing munitions or components for complex weapons like guided missiles. The Russian government prefers to avoid discussion of Ukrainian special operations forces being responsible for sabotage inside Russia.

** The Gaza Laundry is Closing – Israel is currently seeking out and destroying any Hamas presence in Gaza. The 2.3 million Arabs living there now will be left in peace as long as they are peaceful. Israel will control security, education, government, and the administration of the economy, plus foreign aid. The latter will produce much outrage from non-governmental organizations, the United Nations, and officials of foreign governments who have been taking rake-offs from the aid they had nominally provided to Hamas and its Al Fatah predecessor in Gaza.

Israel has long allowed Palestinians to enter Israel to work in Israel. Palestinian leaders opposed this, but Palestinians pointed out that Israel offered paying jobs, something Palestinian leaders were unable to do. Palestinian leaders administered millions of dollars sent each year to Palestinian governments in the West Bank (Al Fatah) and Gaza and stole much of most of it. Arabs who were Israeli citizens noted that Israeli government officials were more honest, and the Israeli economy provided good jobs for its Arab citizens as well as some Palestinians. About a quarter of the Israeli population is Arab, and the Arab citizens do not have to serve in the military, although some volunteer.

** Surely not everybody was kung fu fighting.

** The Lab at the White Wolf Mine? No, LSP, that’s the Village on the Island where I’m only known as #6…

The team at dinner…


Identify the Aircraft







Old NFO just had a birthday. He’s the only person I know who is old enough to remember this event firsthand.


  1. In 1993, on Mother’s Day, the Cartoon Network held a Best Cartoon Mom contest. Race Bannon was the winner. But obviously from those two pictures, he didn’t cook or housekeep.

    • Jezebel Jade, is a mercenary for hire, entrepreneur, ally of the Quest team, and a love interest/old flame of Race Bannon. At times in the series, she’s mothering the boys.

  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Gotha Ursinus-Wasser-Doppeldecker
    2. Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet
    3. BAC Strikemaster Mk. 88
    4. Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar

  3. “Israel will control security, education, government, and the administration of the economy, plus foreign aid.”
    Finally our unceasing attempts to make over other nations into copies of the US will have one success. Huzzah!

    • See. Nation-building can work. You simply tear down the old, salt the ground, cull the troublemakers, and install something new.

      • The only other alternative is to nuke ’em from orbit, the only other way to be sure. Not tactically sound in this instance due to collateral damage, of course.

        • The Russians did the same thing in Chechnya. They deported the bulk of the Chechens and replaced the Muslims with ethnic Great Russians. And the problems in that troubled area went away for the most part. No more strife. When there is a small area geographically and an identifiable population, you can pull it off. During the time of the Khans, there was peace along the Silk Road because they did the same thing. If a town defied the Khan’s representative or bothered a dispatch rider carrying the Khan’s seal, they’d send a Tumen of 10,000 cavalry there and they’d kill all of the inhabitants and dismantle the city so that it no longer existed with one stone resting on another. The word got out. Israel is simply pursuing a time-tested problem for dealing with terrorists.

  4. Saw elsewhere that Israeli forces are now planning on using seawater for some of the tunnels. It seems there needed to be some prep work done ahead of time which is now being completed.

    • You need the right pumps and enough high-volume lines. It’s how you deal with a gopher. Whack-a-Mole, the game, is instructive. Anyone who emerges is interrogated and dispatched to his 72 virgins, the river of milk and honey, etc.

  5. “In the USA – over eleven years, 115 people died in weightlifting mishaps. During the same time, one person died while eating doughnuts.”

    I had the same thought when I heard about that guy who was solo hiking got pinned down by boulder and had to cut off his own arm, then do an endurance trial that would have been tough with two arms instead of one and a bloody stump, just to survive.

    I have never, ever heard of someone getting their hand stuck in a bag of Doritos and having to cut their hand off to survive. I have heard of someone kinda melding into their sofa and having to be rescued by an ambulance crew, and I take that to mean just don’t have a sofa that’s too soft.

    Aron Ralston – is the guy. Another engineer, mechanical not electrical (not that there’s anything wrong with that) “After five days, he had to break his forearm, amputate it with a dull pocket knife to break free, make his way through the rest of the canyon, rappel down a 65-foot (20 m) drop, and hike 7 miles (11 km) to safety.”

    • X2…Ralston was the epitome of never give up and do what it takes to survive. His book is an excellent read, and somewhere in there his friend says to him, “Don’t tell me who you are, what you do tells me who toy are.” (or words to that affect) It has become a life axiom for me.

      • Or you could just stay home with your hand in that bag of Doritos…

        There are also documented accounts of guys who were mauled by grizzlies and fought them off with a pocket knife.

        I recall an account of a young American military officer who was working with the British in a recon activity (circa late 70s) up on the roof of the world in the Vakhan Pass that separates Afghanistan from China. Unknown forces attacked them, killed and stripped them, left him for dead and when he woke up, he walked out.

        • Amazing, but we do have it in us.

          Another good book, The Third Man Factor, speaks of survival and benevolent “forces”, Shackleton wrote about it, so did high mountain climbers.

          You know, Costco has a huge bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos, altho i prefer the Taco original flavor…but still tempting.

          • I normally go with the unflavored but salted original corn chips, but I recognize the right to disagree. I normally cover them with cheese, melt them, and add green onions, tomatoes, etc, to make actual nachos out of them.

          • Options are important, and a proper chip foundation is critical for good nachos, otherwise the whole mess breaches Slumgullion territory.

        • Or you could quit doing solo bullshit and rely on the old school buddy method.

          Seriously, it’s like ODing on drugs. Solo ‘adventuring’ is just a nice way of saying “I am actively seeking to passively commit suicide.

          And if you are so loathsome as to not have anyone you can buddy with, geez, maybe nature is telling you to slab yourself.

          I know, we all like wandering alone. Big difference from going to the beach alone and solo wreck diving or solo cave diving. Big difference from wandering around in a safe natural area and solo spelunking or solo going to places that are dangerous as a group.

          As my sainted father would say to us getting hurt, “What did you do that for?”

          • My criticisms with a young (experienced yet “invincible”) Ralston when reading his account was he didn’t tell anyone where he was going and went alone off trail, two major errors in backcountry travel basics. And he was lucky to only lose a forearm.

  6. Header picture and title…I’m sensing a seasonal theme. Then there’s this nugget of wisdom:

    “Just because I’m old doesn’t mean that you’re out of range.

    That needs to be on VM merch; coffee mugs, t-shirts (whear that walking around in southern Cali), rear window sticker, etc.

    Lots of great fodder today (as always). But it’s nice out and the horses need tending to, maybe even get a ride in later.

    • I’d be up for a horse ride today. It’s warm(er) at the White Wolf Mine. I’m headed out now to work on my Toyota FJ. Much better riding a horse, but it’s the last few days of elk season here and the hunters eager for a kill would likely shoot me and the horse. The elk congregate on my property during such times. Hunters aren’t aware or they’d no doubt invade and harvest.

      • MrsPaulM has a 1/4 sheet in blaze orange.

        Maybe time to install perimeter defenses that announce to trespassers, hunters wither are ignorant of where they are or they know and don’t care…the latter group bugs me.

          • Could it be the signage?:

            Perimeter Protected by Remote Hydra-6 MiniGun System, Trespassers Will Become Swiss…Cheese


            If You Can Read This You Are In Range

      • Grew up on a farm, and rounds buzzing past while doing chores was not unheard of. One farmer used white paint to write “COW” on the side of all his Angus cattle. Later on found a bullet hole in his John Deere tractor.

  7. Know as #6. And here I thought Race Bannon was loosely based on your experiences, hmmm.

    ME 163. Well ahead of its time. The man fueling the aircraft in the picture is a sign of the times as he pours distilled hydrogen peroxide into the plane. Today he would have to wear gloves, mask, protective clothing etc and the fitting would not be a funnel but a liquid tight connection. Also he wouldn’t be anywhere near the fueling point. I wonder how many of these planes were lost due to fueling incidents.

    Filling the tunnels underneath Gaza with sea water once they are cleared sounds like a great idea. Didn’t the Egyptians do that on their side of Gaza back in the 90s?

    Just because I am old doesn’t mean you are out of range. How true, but it requires constant practice and that is not a bad thing.

    • Me-163 When I was reading about the fueling problems they had (that led to the posting), the author mentioned that there were many mishaps. They made many 163s that never fired a shot in anger for several reasons. Some exploded mid-air. Some couldn’t find a place to land since they glided back to base. Some blew up while refueling. Some were shot down before they could take out an Allied bomber. They were wicked fast but at a cost.

    • With the proper equipment, modern electronic gun-sights and ballistic computers can extend the range of assured hits quite a bit.

      Of course, that costs a bit of money, doesn’t it?

      Though there are some really nice and relatively low budget telescopic sights out there. Not as assured hit as with electronic sights combined with ballistic computers, but…

      Or you can use a decent hobby drone to target opponents up to a mile away with explosives, chemicals, or one shot guns.

      Hypothetically, of course, as I would never advocate using a toy as a weapon. (for those Fibbies reading this…)

    • I’m simply reciting history or something like it.

      Napoleon said that history was nothing but a set of lies that we all agreed on.

  8. When I talked to some German tankers in Kassel at a military show in the early 80s their hairnets were a bit distracting . The paratroops dropping into the narrow streets in the fog were very impressive though.


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