The Big Shake

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There has been a lot of talk in SoCal of an impending earthquake — a big one. The Salton Sea earthquake swarm – that the mainstream media didn’t mention because it’s been busy attacking Trump and glorifying Clinton – NON-FRIGGING-STOP,  came and went without much discussion.
A friend came up to me today and asked, “can I come to your house with my family if there’s a big earthquake because I know you can protect us?” I said, “bring food and water or you’re on your own.” Frankly, I don’t know long I would have to hold out against the inner city people (often referred to as ‘zombies’ as a matter of convenience), but I’d much rather be in AZ when the big one hits SoCal. And it will eventually.

13 thoughts on “The Big Shake

  1. I'm sure that I'll be surrounded by huddling sheep if the big one hits. The Dallas Light Cavalry (Irregular) (Dismounted) will provide top cover against rampaging inner city zombies.

  2. I hope you're safe, but I'm not too worried. We were in the SFBA for the Loma Prieta quake, and that wasn't too bad. The zombies will be more of a threat, of course. Your biggest threat will be Emilie when she experiences her first earthquake.

  3. Emilie is a California girl, and has been through several. I remember when they were little and there was a tumbler and they girls said, "what's going on?" I replied "earthquake". They said, "cool!"

  4. If the Big One hits LA, you are a goner, LL. That is, if you attempt to fortify your property. Nothing alerts rampaging mobs to the potential of goodies within like a fortified position.

    Sure, you might take out twenty or thirty with small arms, and maybe a few hundred with well timed Claymores, but rampaging mobs have more 'inner city zombies' they can throw at you than you have ordinance to take them out.

  5. I realize that it will be sort of a reenactment of the Battle of Islandwana, but what else can you do?

    The answer is not to be there when the Big One hits. —working on that.

  6. Actually, the Big One is not the only cataclysmic event that will mobilize the urban zombies into rampaging mobs. Several terms of Hillary Clinton policies will create the same melt down. Once the zombies go out to their mailboxes and don't see their government check, it's over. Then it's mob time. Or, more likely, their government check arrives, but nobody will cash it.

  7. I'm not sure that Trump or Hillary can do much to stop the eventual crash. Too much debt, too much free cheese and people who won't give up on it, and a government that is unsustainably large.

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