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Is She too White?


Is She too Viking?


So tell me, what’s wrong with living at a Mine?


Jumping a Battery in the Middle East


Get to da Choppa

T-629 prototype- – unmanned drone with an electric engine.

So you got to da choppa, and there’s no way to get inside – frustrating, right?


Greater Idaho?

(link) There is huge frustration in much of America.  Free Oregon has a plan.

Five Oregon counties will ask voters in the next election whether they want to detach from the deep-blue state and join neighboring red-state Idaho.

Move Oregon’s Border, also known as Greater Idaho, confirmed Tuesday that the initiative to move swaths of largely rural eastern and southern Oregon into Idaho qualified for the May 18 special election ballot in five counties: Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman.


There is nothing so progressive as killing your baby

Join them on their zoom call to help more women kill their unborn, next week. (h/t Panzer44)

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  1. No such thing as too Viking. Here’s a gal you can ask (rhetorically) about the too white/too Viking stuff.

    Too many links will hang this up, so I’ll just note that Saga’s “Valkyrian” is literally about “I am the Valkyrie”. By the same singer, “Patriots” was at the top of my YouTube feed for the longest time. (The irony of me listening to an Ian Stuart song is not lost on me. And I’m sure Alphabet already has me listed as a Hate Thinker.)

  2. I don’t think that you can avoid the gulag…you can run, but you’ll only die tired.

    Lyrics, in English

    Had to walk in tormenting headwind
    Sentenced to live in the shadow of society
    Constantly lied to by the mouthpiece of power
    And despised by the common man

    Would it not be simple to close one’s eyes, to deviate from the path of our dreams?
    Would it not be a relief to forget to renounce the duty of the people’s soul?
    When people you trust turn their backs on you
    And joins the slumber of the masses

    When men from the beginning bound by loyalty
    Shattered and blinded by the power of gold
    Would it not be simple to close one’s eyes, to deviate from the path of our dreams?
    Would it not be a relief to forget to renounce the duty of the people’s soul?

    This should be seen as a phase of trials
    The tool of fate to sift away curves
    The strength of the fight comes from the willingness to sacrifice
    Our background is in conviction

    Would it not be simple to close one’s eyes, to deviate from the path of our dreams?
    Would it not be a relief to forget to renounce the duty of the people’s soul?
    Had to walk in tormenting headwind
    Sentenced to live in the shadow of society

    Constantly lied to by the mouthpiece of power
    And despised by the common man
    Would it not be simple to close one’s eyes, to deviate from the path of our dreams?
    Would it not be a relief to forget to renounce the duty of the people’s soul?

    Do you feel called to battle?
    Never let yourself doubt victory
    Never let the national flame fall
    May it set Svea Rike’s souls on fire

  3. Never ceases…those calling out Caucasians for being too white (as if any of us had a choice and/or cares a wit) are constantly bringing up race then placing blame on their targeted group. God says “Don’t”…but they aren’t listening.

    Mine living- pre dug, constant temp – which is good for the wine, quiet in the wind, expansion is easy, and if the nimrods blow up the surface you’re safe.

    Curious what happened to The State of Jefferson (Northern Cali – Southern Oregon), they too wanted to remove themselves from Portland’s overreach.

    “We’re for killing your baby!”…same demented types who demanded Planned Parenthood be taxpayer funded because “back alley butchers” would do it instead. Only differences between the two is the pamphlets, nice waiting room, and surgery suite lighting. Special place in Hell.

    I’ve used a piece of 12/2 Romex to jump star a vehicle before…worked great. A rifle? Props for creativity.

    1. We attended a couple of State of Jefferson meetings in 2016 (17?) in Curry county Or and left pretty unimpressed. I interacted with coordinators from 3 counties and they all pretty much reminded me of Alex Jones of Infowars fame. There were some serious people involved, but not a significant number. Looking at the website, doesn’t look like much has changed. No real financial grassroots support and minimal involvement by the locals. I see one guy is the county coordinator for most of northern California, e.g.. Nice idea, but…

      1. Initiatives such as this one (Greater Idaho, Jefferson, etc.) requires some serious time commitments by serious people – with the Alex Jones crowd on the sidelines. Getting it through DC is difficult but not impossible. But it’s not easy, and bomb throwers will derail it.

        1. Yes, it can work, but it’s not ideal. One hopes that the Middle Easterners did not have rounds chambered before they started using them as alligator clips for the jump start.

  4. move the line a bit westward to include Clackamas and I’ll be happy to go knocking door-to-door

    1. If I lived in the area, I’d try to gerrymander myself into the new state. And to the extent possible, I’d set up a free trade zone on the Pacific Coast to draw in business. The Federal Government would likely torpedo that because they’re Democratic Communists, but the state can still offer incentives for port expansion, etc. And nobody wants any part of Portland these days.

      1. Democratic Communists? I would not wish to incur your wrath by wasting space (and time), but I would argue (strongly) the word “Democratic”! I think this was a dissimulation that Stalinists used to sell their (world-wide) administrations to the fawning (and total lack of) intelligentsia.

    2. Ahh, a fellow Crackofmyass County! I was raised in Canby. I worked as a nurse in Portland until I got smart and moved far away.

      1. My sister is the hospital administrator of a big facility in Portland. I thought that she and her husband (retired police officer) might have retired by now, but she loves her job. Her politics are to the right of mine, same with brother-in-law so it mystifies me why she remains.

  5. #1. No, she’s not too white. Nothing is more beautiful as milky white skin where you can see the veins underneath. Though, eh, she needs a few more sandwiches. Nice shoes, very nice shoes.

    #2 Eh, she needs a few more sandwiches. Now that Gina chick that Disney got rid of? That’s more my cuppa tea, mate!

    #3 As long as you have a secure escape way, a gas-lock setup so you can’t be gassed or burnt out, and a decent air monitoring system along with radon detectors, then caves and bunkers have it all out over regular construction for energy efficiency. Thermal mass is a thing. Just be way above the water table…

    #4 Non-advanced civ Middle East. Sigh. Way to go, Slo Jo, for getting us into a war within the first 6 months of your faux-election selection.

    #5 Nope. Electric sucks. Internal Combustion or turbine is the way to go. Better power to lift, quicker turn around time, the aircraft gets lighter and more agile as the fuel goes away, unlike battery systems that show a distinct die-off of available output as the ‘fuel’ gets used. Small drones are okay, because you can carry a few or easily swap out battery packs, but a full-sized bird? Turnaround time measured in hours, not minutes.

    #6 I wish. Same with Califrutopiastan. Break off the conservatives without adding any big dem population centers and let the people be free again. But the original state won’t, because those areas are tax farms for the cities. All the monies collected that never get spent in the home counties.

    #7 The murdering bints? Yeah, too bad they don’t retractively abort themselves. I’d help as long as I don’t cop a charge.

      1. Yes, yes I am. And my mouth gets me in too much trouble in the outside world. Glad I can make people (Campfixer) look calm and glad I can construct witty word constructions (Cederq.)

    1. Re #1 – milky white skin. Stumbling around the internet sometimes leads to unexpected things. Ran into a site once that had a pic of a topless Lucille Ball, and you could definitely see the blue veins showing.
      No, I don’t remember the site name, where it was at, or anything about it.
      I figured a married guy needs to keep his eyes under control, so it was a one time visit.

        1. It appeared to be an impromptu indoor photo, not a PR shot.
          Don’t know who took it, or how it escaped into the wild.

        2. Lucy was a babe before she aged out and had to find another line of work. Fine set of gazongas.

          Though, yeah, there’s a certain thing about real ladies where seeing all of them not in the privacy of one’s bedroom (with the lady actually there, consentually) is wrong.

          Plus, well, for a guy who identifies his underwear fetish starting during watching of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” thanks to seeing Anna Quayle looking very scrumptious (vs Truly Scrumptious,) there is a beauty to good fitting undergarments.

    1. Electric motors don’t float my boat. Not enough power to the rotors. It’s like an Electric P-3C…no bueno.

  6. Here in CO we have the Weld County, WY group (which gets a few shekels from yours truly). They are now finding that path isn’t promising (legal issues) and are looking at other ways. Of interest, people from all over rural CO are interested in joining.

    Emperor Polis has finally taken notice and the ratfuck Denver-Boulder crowd are now busy gaslighting the idea while paying lip service to rural CO residents.

    1. Yeah, Complete Colorado and Peak Politics are ripping him new ones every day. People are getting mighty pissed at all the stuff going on.

  7. I am waiting for the arc, the shot, and the battery acid bath. But I have this habit of wondering what could possibly go wrong.

  8. abortion? why would you want them to procreate? yeah, i get it, murder. but 63million more losers in the world plus their kids? we’d already be over run with useless eaters. cold, yes i know, but reality is cold much like revenge.

  9. There is nothing so progressive as killing your baby

    Abortion is natural selection in action. Abortion and drugs bans, paying welfare, and feeding the homeless all work against your Darwinian interests. Why do that? I wish you conservatives were more conservative. Many commercial chicken breeds have the broody instinct bred out, this makes them lay eggs continually. Who benefits from breeding the broody instinct out of liberal feminists?

  10. Most of us in Idaho really don’t want to expand into present day Oregon or Northern Califruitiane. We have enough problems with Boise now with all the washertonian and californican moving here in droves and jacking up the home prices and getting involved in politics and want the same level of culture and BS they left back at home. NO to bigger Idaho, we don’t want them. As for the first young lady, I would need a more thorough unwrapped examination to determine her actual whiteness, proper nursing assessment…

    1. Was wondering how the fine folks of Idaho felt about merging with some of Oregon. I live in Southern Oregon having moved here 7 years ago from the Mid Willamette valley area where I grew up. The state of Jefferson is not happening anymore than greater Idaho is IMHO. Love to break from the commies that run the state and think that would only happen if southern and eastern Oregon tried without involving Northern Cal or Idaho. Even then it would be a long shot effort and would have to include Coos and Curry counties. Coos bay isn’t a huge port but its serviceable. Hate to see what a once great state has turned into. I guess its part and partial to the nation as a whole.

      1. I think that Oregon is emblematic of the nation. There is a deep sickness, and I’m no talking about COVID

  11. It’s a good thing the AK already has undetectable accuracy; that stunt is a great way to ruin the barrel crown with an arc.

    I don’t think there’s such a thing as “too ethnic”. Some philosophies can rule people out for me, though.

    I doubt any of the State border changing ideas will transpire.


    1. The Democrats wouldn’t allow it. East Oregon wouldn’t join the progressive caucus. And I agree with you and the sentiments above. Idaho has enough trouble with Boise and with the California suburbs that are springing up.

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