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Submitted for your Sunday edification.

When WikiLeaks first went on-line and published information that damaged the Bush Administration,  liberals cheered loudly. Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, was a hero. They’re not cheering now that the craven Hillary Clinton and her flying monkeys, such as the slimy John Podesta, have been targeted. Assange is holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he was granted asylum and faces arrest if he leaves.

Podesta taunts him.

Take a walk back in time to 2006. Government employees were prohibited from looking at the WikiLeaks website or the “leaked information” back when they were first published because they would see classified information that they were not necessarily cleared to see. If that makes any sense to you, there may be a job for you overseeing other government drones. Never the less, it’s true.
Now we know that classified information isn’t really classified if you ‘don’t recall anything.’ Or if you’re “too important to prosecute”. Or if you’ve bought the Director of the FBI or the Attorney General of the United States.  (more here on quid pro quo with the FBI)
There is a lesson in this. If you are involved with the USGOV, nobody will be able to keep a secret. So beware. 

WikiLeaks is an international non-profit journalistic organisation that publishes secret information, news leaksand classified media from anonymous sources. Its website, initiated in 2006 in Iceland by the Sunshine Press, claimed a database of more than 1.2 million documents within a year of its launch.

I don’t know whether the Russians are behind the DNC hack, and the hacking of all of the Clinton staff’s (scandalous) e-mails, or not. Part of me believes that they may not be because Barack and poor old senile Slow Joe Biden have been signaling that we will soon engage in cyber attacks on Russia. The Russians are always a convenient flogging puppy because they are the descendent of the Soviet Union. The fact that they are no longer communist, are a Christian nation, and so forth doesn’t resonate with Americans, who equate them with their previous empire. The leaks of impending US clandestine action spread strong doubt to me that we will do anything to the Russians beyond just talking about doing something. It is meant to convey the sense that we are doing something without actually doing it.
I think that WikiLeaks is healthy for the world and ultimately for the USA. Say what you will about Snowden (traitor to some, hero to others), he blew a loud whistle about the Obama Administration gathering metadata on ALL Americans without their knowledge or consent. Possibly a violation of the Fourth Amendment, but it never got to the Supreme Court. 

The Fourth Amendment is designed to reign in government intrusions, not to limit the ability of businesses to gather metadata. It’s apples and oranges.

If people want to make their information secure (Mrs. Clinton), keeping the server in the basement of your home with the back up in a restaurant washroom in Colorado may not be the best move. In fact, doing so is a felony if you have classified information on it and if you’re anyone other than Hillary.
Wikileaks pulls back the curtain and lets you see how the sausage is being made at a time when there is a lot of toxic waste being stuffed in with the meat and gristle. Love it or hate it, they are effective.

23 thoughts on “A WikiLeaks Sermonette

  1. Hillary is sounding more like Marie Antoinette every day. That 'let them eat cake' comment was meant for royal ears only, and we all know what happened when it became public.

  2. I saw a poster on Facebook that asked, "Isn't it strange that so many media outlets are now condemning Wikileaks for doing what journalist used to do?" This is the reason the printed MSM is loosing so many subscribers. They are on a mission and not concerned with facts or truth.

  3. But no on around me here now cares. It's all "we've got to stop Trump!" If you point out any of this factual stuff about Hillary to them, they'll scream "But TRUMP is a racist rapist!! How can you support him?!" And they've been taught through their facebook posts that they forward to each other over and over that if anyone brings up anything about Hillary, to change the subject to Trump and if you try to change it back, they yell "We're talking about Trump now!" I've seen it several times just the last couple of days. They are deluded but it's real to them and common sense no longer works. Ask one how they know the claims against Trump are true and they go off on tirades about all the claims and the question of veracity–or anything to do with Clinton–goes right out the window.

  4. There is very little lucidity in America. The progs are really f-ed up, and believe what they are told on MSNBC. The GOP is — so weird these days, so disjunct and so fragmented and Hillary should be in prison. Trump isn't perfect but he's all we have.

  5. Oh, that we would storm the bastille here and lop her head off. If it were a pay-per-view, it would make a lot of money. She'd end up like Muammar Gaddafi, a rich twist of fate.

    But the progs love her slurred, egotistical rants, because she sounds a lot like a Kardashian, rolling in wealth and whining about how tough it is.

  6. Agree with CP and Murph- One other note, in 2006, if you looked at wikileaks on a .gov computer, they considered it 'spillage' and you had your computer taken away to be 'reviewed' and 'cleaned', and you got hauled in front of the bosses about WHY you disregarded a directive… Happened to one of the guys in our office. 🙁

  7. That's right. Simply looking at the open source WikiLeaks was grounds for disciplinary action – and if you had a polygraph with your SBI update, they'd ask about it. I found it odd at the time and I'm happy that I'm no longer in that game. It's now in the theater of the absurd – and makes Kabuki look somehow genuine by comparison.

  8. As you would expect, I will pay her as much mind as I do Barack and the priests of Baal – my current ruler(s).

  9. I have been out of the loop quite a bit the past several weeks.

    Maybe I missed the coverage, but I have seen/heard very little about WikiLeaks in the news media — print or broadcast. Possible exception = Fox News.

  10. Actually, I feel pretty damned good about the election. Personally, I like Trump and won't mind having him as president.
    If Hillary manages to steal the election, we're liable to have a nice little civil war: and I'll get to die on my feet rather than be eaten in pieces by my pet crab.
    Or…Hillary will start a shooting war with Russia…with the same end. And I don't have to look out for anyone except for myself.
    There's a lot to said for the weirdness of this election.

  11. The mainstream media is ignoring Hillary's criminal misconduct, even when she confesses to it on e-mail. Since they are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation, what else could we expect?

  12. LL,
    So, the mainstream media are boycotting the information? I'm not surprised, I guess.

    I will be linking to the video in this blog post and to the blog post itself in my post on Wednesday. Preaching to the choir, I'm sure, but I will not shut up until my recent health issues or a governmental regime force me to do so.

  13. Based on my historical reading, the Democrats haven'the been this unhinged from reality since the late 1850's. I think 2020 is when the rocket will go up, but who knows?

  14. Everyone has an agenda and an axe to grind. The Dems made their first big push during the Wilson Administration and their second during FDR's 16 year run as president. Clinton benefited from Reagan's policies and when you listen to his speeches today, he sounds like a hard-core conservative when compared to the GOP in Congress today. Barack made very little progress. His policies imploded and ObamaCare has been the disaster we thought that it would be. Hillary, who everyone hates, and many consider to be a criminal, would have a difficult 4 years, but she can change the Supreme Court – more or less forever, and they can interpret laws in direct conflict with the Constitution.

    It might lead to civil war or extreme civil disobedience. And would bring the Dems to an end.

  15. Stay healthy so you can fight the good fight. Every voice counts, and yours is one with a huge amount of credibility and acumen.

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