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We need an official declaration of war against Jihadi Islam. People above my pay grade need to define what that is, but it’s time to deal with this. Europeans who might not have agreed in 2014 might join in the effort now, following the Paris attacks and the thwarted Belgian attack. It’s not Islamophobic to want to defend yourself from radical Islam irrespective of what the current US President says.

It will take another President, possibly one who is not Islamic, like Barack Hussein Obama, to take this step and get serious about dealing with Islamic elements who wish us all harm. Literally dozens of these semi-state actors and non-state actors have declared war against “The West”. What will it take for us to listen to them? Yeah, another president. We have two more years of living in denial ahead of us.
(Fox News) Belgian news site L’Avenir, as well as Le Soir and France24, reported that the government prosecutor’s office said a dozen operations have been launched against suspects across Belgium, in Verviers, Brussels and Hal-Vilvoorde. Some of those targeted in the raids are known to have returned recently from Syria. 
The Belgian news site reported that, based on phone intercepts in the homes and cars of the three individuals involved in a shootout in Verviers, authorities believed the three were in the process of carrying out imminent attacks inside Belgium. A shootout between the three and police has left two of the suspected terrorists dead and another wounded.
How should the nation deal with cyber attacks? I realize that all cyber attacks are not equal, but the nation needs a doctrine that meets out reciprocity and sets forth a clear cost to terrorist states and groups for their actions.  
Our weakness and indecisiveness only emboldens those who would do us harm. 
When the US won’t even send a senior official to attend a European/Middle Eastern demonstration against terrorism, it may be said that our actions speak so loudly that nobody can hear what we’re saying.

6 thoughts on “Indecisivness

  1. An attack is an attack and it needs to be met proportionately and with immediate severity. That's impossibly politically incorrect.

  2. I totally agree. Head in the sand appeasement will only result in more people getting hurt.

    But I'm afraid that that's exactly what's going to have to happen before we wake up.

  3. If the Sand-People start killing "important" Americans, the government will wake up much more quickly.

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