Are you Ready for the DNC?

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h/t Grunt
Other than James Comey giving the keynote address, the convention will feature something by Michelle Obama the discontented shrew. I made a comment that I’d rather have a horse’s head in my bed than Michelle Obama, which prompted the cartoon (above).
There is a rumor that Michelle Obama is horrified by the possibility that Melania Trump will replace her as First Lady. I think that she’d be far more comfortable with Bill Clinton as First Husband, possibly because they share the same base gender? (clearly Michelle made the Jenner-style transformation successfully – if you can call that successful)
The comparisons between the stylish, beautiful and sexy Melania Trump and the oafish, angry, plump, masculine Michelle are too stark not to be commented on.

9 thoughts on “Are you Ready for the DNC?

  1. "Same base gender." I love it! And probably true. Thanks for putting the Godfather pic up! I like that side-by-side pic you have of Melania and Mooch, but I like the one better that has subtitles: [ Speaks 5 languages -+- Is a dude].

  2. And it will be nice for a change to see the First Lady in stylish dresses rather than the gunny sacks that Mooch seems to like.

  3. Barack prefers Michelle to somebody like Melania, which speaks to his absolute incompetence and lack of judgment…or he's queer, which has been floated more than once.

  4. Indeed it will.

    The First Lady will be a lady once again…or it will be Bill Clinton, which is more than a bit ironic.

  5. OK, Reverend, have it your way: you're a hater…a hater with good taste, though.

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