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One of the high trending Twitter sites is (hashtag) thanks Michelle Obama. It’s a place where students post photos of their disgusting school lunches.

This is where the Michelle Obama sponsored school
lunches go. These are paid for with your tax dollars.
The schools are your paid and it’s “free” to the kids
so who cares if the politically correct meal is dumped?
Some of the photos trending on twitter:
First Lady (heavily girdled) with some of her favorite inner city students.
When I was a kid, government sponsored free lunches were available. I was a poor kid and qualified, but I would rather have starved (and often did) than take the free hand-out. It speaks to how I was raised and you can judge that for yourself.
Today almost all children qualify for free lunch and under the First Lady’s program, they are frequently rendered inedible. At least that’s the way it is if tens of thousands of tweets count for a plebiscite. 


  1. I took my lunch 90% of the time. The cafeteria food was a treat when I was going to school.

  2. Ditto to both Odie and WoFat. I bagged it, rarely ate the 25 cent school lunches and envied the kids who did. Milk was 2 cents for a half pint.

  3. When I was a kid in a rural school, the moms were the cooks in the school and the food was first rate. In the ObamaNation, they wouldn't think of asking mothers to volunteer to cook food for their children's lunch…I don't think that mothers are part of the right labor union.

  4. By crackee….in my day, we brown bagged it, every one of us. Paid 2 cents for the milk, ate at our desks. There was no school cafeteria. The teacher handled the milk.

    Nowadays, each elementary school has a cafeteria the size of Golden Corral, is staffed by 10 or 12 lunch ladies and managed by a management staff of two or three. 14-15 cafeteria folks on the monthly payroll just to dole out the crap you see above. And to add a punch to the taxpayer kidney, each elementary school has another 10-12 retired lunch personnel receiving checks each month out of that school's retirement budget, but living in Boca Raton, sipping Mai Tai's and playing Bingo, all at that local elementary school's resident property tax payer expense.

    And we wonder why our schools suck. Duh.

  5. The labor unions have poisoned the well. I brown bagged it most of my life or simply passed on lunch. Today I can't imagine that I'd eat any of that. I'm not a picky eater but a hot dog counts for a meat portion and catsup for a vegetable… You can't make this stuff up.

  6. Yeah, I recall paying a quarter. Then, we would give whatever part of our lunch we didn't like to Thad Selman, who combined everything into a plastic bag, mashed it all together until is was paste, clipped off a corner, and then squeeze it out like toothpaste. The girls in our lunchroom would always react well to the oozy goodness of what we called "Thad's Miracle Mixture," especially when we goaded Thad to ooze it out right in front of their faces. Good times.

  7. For the years when I qualified for free lunch, I ate it because I was taught to eat what was on my plate without whining. When we stopped qualifying, I packed my lunch and then I ate that. I'm not any more amused by bratty kids throwing away their lunches and tweeting about it than I am by Mobama getting overly meddlesome.

  8. If the food is good, kids will be inclined to eat it. If it isn't, they won't. Based on what my children were eating for school lunch (they brown bagged mostly), the food was not what I would have expected that it would be. How is that for diplomatic? — and that's before Michelle O came on the scene.

  9. Went to a one room school in the back of beyond til seventh grade. Packed my own lunch in my trusty Roy Rogers lunch pail, and was still packing my own lunch in college. I couldn't afford to eat in the cafeteria. Parents should raise their children… not the government, nor the school…

  10. I had one of those Roy Rogers lunch boxes. It was brown plastic (simulated leather). Kids don't have lunch boxes anymore. They came with a thermos and a retaining clip that kept it in place.

  11. Roy Rogers lunch boxes with thermos and clips to keep it in place were for the well to do kids. I wanted one of those so bad, but we couldn't afford it. (Roy was a little before my time, I actually coveted Billy's 'Munsters' lunch box, a real sweet unit).

  12. No rich kid here by any means… might have gotten that lunch box cause my dad would take RR duck hunting…

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