“Every man, wherever he goes, is encompassed by a cloud of comforting convictions, which move with him like a cloud of flies on a summer’s day.” — Bertrand Russell


Bullet Points:

** Strategypage h/t Claudio – Unless there’s a war going on, developing new or improved military equipment or weapons is delayed by bureaucrats more concerned about avoiding mistakes than getting the job done. This leads to lots of delays. The Ukraine War has changed that for NATO nations and Russia.

** Voting Politics 101 – American Thinker – You must have a ground game.

There is nothing more fundamental to electioneering than taking a list of registered voters, knocking on their doors, pitching your candidate, handing each a flyer, and getting them all out to vote. This is the building block of election management.  It is stunning how absolutely incompetent the Republican Party is performing this fundamental task.

Last week, NBC News did a story about how the canvassing for Republican candidates was so bad that it likely lost the Senate elections in Nevada and Georgia, and probably others as well. Our Republican Party pals could not deliver a list of voters that was close to accurate! The next time you sit back bemoaning the country going to the devil, remember that fundamentals win elections, and your team cannot deliver the most fundamental task: an accurate list of registered voters.

** Gray Pride – We’re old, we’re tired, get off our lawn.

** Do you like to drink cream soda?

** I am not one to ascribe supernatural causes to evil, I believe it is a fault of our evolution trying to integrate with a non-animal world (sharks aren’t evil, they just follow their nature) when we remain complicated animals pretending otherwise, but the racist projection of the modern American Left is truly Satannic. And millions fall for it.

** @TuckerCarlson 

 Cling to your taboos!  Obama’s Highly Creepy Personal Life

** Michael Yon is a former Special Forces operator – Green Beret – and one of the world’s most accomplished war correspondents. Right now, he is at the Darien Gap in Panama – a hub for human trafficking and illegal immigration. This is where migrants are put on buses to take them further on the journey where the destination is the U.S. southern border.

The Darien Gap camp is a transit point for migrants coming from all corners of the world. It is largely managed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) – a United Nations agency that promotes and facilitates migration from developing countries and China to the West.


The Simpsons

Homer’s hanging with the Homies now.


Identify the Aircraft


Meme-of-the-Day – Captioned Photo


  1. Viking cruises. I knew a grandmother, actually great grandmother, who would have fit right in. Got to respect a lady who chased a bear off her porch with a broom. Great person but not to be trifled with.

    Tucker Carlson may actually get me interested in Twitter.

    Bureaucratic delays. BRM has a good article on that subject today https://bayourenaissanceman.blogspot.com/2023/06/what-happens-when-competent-opt-out.html. Also I am reminded of articles by C. Northcote Parkinson that described English, and now American, bureaucracy to a T. American

    • It’s worth visiting Twitter to hear from Tucker.

      Elon’s stock is up. He’s back to being THE richest.

    • I’ve been on twitter for about 2 months now….haven’t been suspended yet. It could be the next big thing in media, especially now that Tucker has proven that legacy media is all but irrelevant. He got 100 million views for a 10 minute monologue.

  2. Do I like cream soda? Depends. I know a guy who makes and sells it, as well as root beer, at festivals and fairs. Both are delicious.

  3. Pennsylvania Dutch Orange Cream, or Virgil’s or A&W Cream Soda are a few of my lifelong favorites. Got a few other good ones when Rocket Fizz was in Laramie. (Illegal Lockdown’s wrecked that business)

    Every 6 months or so I get the Viking Cruise catalogue. Never went on a cruise ship, or wanted to (yeah, stuck on a massive bobber with 3000 strangers…no thanks)…but…would consider a VC River cruise through Reinland/Salzberg or “Scandinavia”. Unfortunately that requires flying, and that’s not happening anytime soon, maybe once the pajama-wearing disrespectful, who looked like they just rolled out of bed, quit flying.

    • I did the Caribbean Cruise once on a smaller vessel that was decommissioned right after our cruise. Non smoking ship, so nobody drank or gambled either.
      The line was taking a loss on it.
      But I’ll never do it again.
      Viking has always held an appeal to me.
      But I won’t be flying to Europe anymore.

  4. Election politics – in fairness, what positive thing is the Republican Party actually really good at?

    Cream Soda – when I was a kid I loved the stuff. Nowadays, it occasionally really hits the spot, but I don’t want it regularly.


    • Republicans are a placeholder to prevent creation of a more effective replacement, just like widespread ownership of guns is good at preventing anyone from thinking they should defend themselves with them. Republicans and guns are not functional tools, they are magic talismans.

  5. The only soda (pop) I drink now is cream soda.
    Stewart’s or IBC typically, but their are other brands I’ve tried.
    Sprecher, Virgil’s. but I prefer IBC.
    Cane sugar only, no HFCS.
    Thanks for asking.

  6. Re the F3D-2T2, it was a forerunner of the A3D, which used the same escape system (much hated by anyone that flew it). Friend of mine is one of three survivors of a crash off the America back in the day. They all went out the overhead hatch in the cockpit after it hit the water.

  7. Good to see Tucker back and thanks for highlighting Darien. Never been a huge fan of Keats.

    As for the revolting and Satanic gay pride, well, let’s see how far they overplay their hand.

  8. If Republican ground game doesn’t include millions of manufactured votes from and counted in the big cities in swing states, then it will never be enough.

    Do you remember the movie ‘American Gangster?’

    It’s far easier and far more profitable to traffick votes instead of heroin, and it’s no surprise whose side too many of the Feds are on.


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