Many of you who follow this blog and those who comment on it know, or read comments from Linda G, a US Air Force Veteran, retired, who lives in Louisiana.

Her comments on her own blog and on this one reflect her inner strength, her faith in God and her towering grace of spirit and love toward all.

Last night she lost her house when a tornado struck it. She and her family escaped injury but her house is gone.

Please remember her and her family in your prayers.


  1. Heartbreaking amidst everything else going on. Glad they are safe. Prayers of comfort and fortitude sent.

  2. Ah crap, that sucks.
    Glad they’re safe.

    Wish there was something more I could do, but I’ll pitch in if there’s a fund.

  3. Tornadoes can be incredibly destructive. I recall as a teenager going with my grandfather to a relative’s farm after a tornado hit it. Nothing was left intact but the storm cellar. I’m just glad Linda G’s okay and, like the others, I’ll cheerfully donate if a fund is set up.

    • Jim and everyone. I reached out to LindaG this afternoon to see whether she’d approve a go-fund-me page. It may take time for her to get back to me, and we all understand that. Her life and that of her husband, who has been very ill, has been upended. I will advise. Thank you all on LindaG’s behalf for responding and caring.

      • From Linda 4/24 on Facebook when I mentioned some possible help: Linda G Wow. That would be welcome. The house is a total loss. 130-150 years old. No one would insure it so no insurance. I just keep reminding myself that we are blessed and God will show us the way. Try to post some pictures but fb is a brat.

        How big a bite does GoFundMe take? We could set up a PayPal account or use an existing one of a trust worthy person.

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