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Everyone has their own Thanksgiving tradition. Often it’s linked to family traditions and to me, it is linked to food in quantities that makes an army commissary pale in comparison. 

To all of you who drift by this blog, I wish you a very 
Happy Thanksgiving!

P. S.

32 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. The fawns look awfully cute and warm and snug there in your car. The little beggars will do anything to mooch a couple of cans of creamed corn off yah, right?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all at Casa de Lambertino this year and to all your regulars!

  2. Have a safe and happy time LL. What I really want to know, though, is did the Indians bring the marshmallow salad, or the pilgrims?

  3. The best to you and your clan, Larry. I hear a Ducati at full roar is a sure cure for turkey coma.

  4. I may climb on the bike — but will likely be too lazy to do that and will succumb to the traditional afternoon nap.

  5. Your dirty talking is scandalous, Parson. And they say we Catholics don't know the good parts of Holy Scripture… "Nice fawns," indeed. 😉

  6. My favorite custom is watching the Detroit Lions lose to (fill in the blank) each Thanksgiving. It brings continuity to my otherwise chaotic life.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, LL.

  7. That is planning ahead. Bringing next year's Thanksgiving dinner home now. You and your clan have a great Thanksgiving this year, too.

  8. Both the Lions and Vikings are 6-4, but I give the edge to the Vikings. It has less to do with odds (which do favor the Vikings) and more to do with not disappointing you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. If it is the stuff with shredded carrots, then it was my mom. I think she was there at the first Thanksgiving.

  10. Happy Birthday, my friend. It's indeed a year for thanks. And the very best of luck to your daughter in Ft. Bragg, with her new career. She is in my prayers.

  11. Thank you, Odie. I hope that you are feeling better…at least well enough to stuff yourself with turkey before the Minnesota/Detroit game.

  12. Larry,
    wishing you & the Lambert Clan a Happy Thanksgiving. May you be continue to be blessed with love & laughter.

  13. Way before Lincoln, Washington declared it a national day of prayer and thanks after a recommendation by congress – and most importantly the Cowboys beat the Redskins…as per tradition.

    *It should be noted that Squanto is one of my favorite, most inspirational historical figures, because I just feel like I would have given up – probably after the first voyage across the ocean.

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