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The Chinese Plagues

It makes you think twice. What is going on in China? Is it that the place has filthy practices and a LOT of people? However you choose to view the situation, please think long and hard about buying food that originated from or was processed on the Chinese mainland. Tilapia that are grown in ‘sewer ponds’ and catfish that are grown in toxic lakes are more than just a meme.


A Liberal Friend

…Reached out to me and asked me if I could suggest the firearms that he should buy and a location that he and his family could go to receive competent training.

In his e-mail, he said that he was all but certain that President Trump would be president four more years. (he’s not a Trump fan) And that the democrats would continue to whip up racial minorities and at the same time de-fund all or part of the police.

He says that the democrat party has become unhinged. And if he is to protect his life and that of his family, he must look to his own defense. I shared my thoughts in reply.



  1. Since you’ve got a picture of the Three Gorges dam…

    I hear a rumor that there’s trouble with the dam. Something about cracks. (Shoddy workmanship? In China??) I’ve heard they’re talking about evacuating some areas. Have you heard anything from over there?

    • I’ve heard the same thing, from a friend in Shanghai. The Communist government is blaming the United States. Why not? They’re letting water out to try and keep it from breaching. If it fails, a big piece of China goes with it.

  2. Most of my IRL friends are liberals. (So are all my detractors; it’s a function of where I live and work.) Anyway, you can see the stress and psychological strain in their eyes these days. I’m not even bothering to say, “See, I was an optimist and I was under-stating the malice and insanity of what you thought was your side.” Because that would be cruel. But I’ve also been getting questions about self defense, and emergency preparedness. (Not that I am anything resembling an expert. I’m the one-eyed guy with an ill-fitting prosthetic foot in the land of the blind, spastic quad-amputees.)

    As to your pie chart. In the early days of WuFlu madness someone in the office put up a posterboard and a supply of PostIts, asking passers-by to write about what worried them about “the pandemic”. (This was homework for some soft-science class she was taking toward an MA or MPH degree.) There was a lot of stuff about “I’ll be lonely at home,” “What if I get sick” and “I’ll miss going out with friends”. My contribution was “I fear that ‘temporary’ government powers, seized and not legislated, will become permanent”. But of the 50 or so respondents, NOT ONE other person had anything to say other than about themselves (~80%) or their immediate families (~20%). (To be fair, it was a youngish crowd which explains some of the self-centeredness. But still.)

    • The young and coddled (most of whom have no idea where the food comes from) don’t think that the government is a two-edged sword. The Founders grasped the nature of government gave us a Constitution and Bill of Rights, wondering how long it would take us to Fk it up. Maybe our generation will answer their question but I hope not.

      The present generation may want to defund the police, but they still want to call 911 and have somebody save them…again, they don’t know where the food comes from.

      • RE: this present generation. I’d like to see a well vetted comparison of this generation with that of the mid- to late 1960s.

        In 1965 my family flew into California from Hawaii to take a car trip around the country visiting various kin. While in CA, our car was attacked by hippies. This happened in various locales while in CA. One memorable event was we were followed to a filling station. The car surrounded, rocks and open cans of paint thrown, dad got out and several young men followed as he wandered to the back of the station. A few minutes later only he came out.

        Recently I asked my mother about that time. She said it was a dangerous time, even to the point of saying what is going on now is in some ways less violent of back then. The ‘peace and love’ didn’t come along until later (accompanied with heavier drug use?) Mom is lucid and up to date on current events.

        Part of her previous experience had been as a Vista volunteer going into poverty stricken black communities surrounding New Bern, North Carolina. It became so dangerous that her boss said for now on an FBI agent will accompany her. It was more than because she was a young attractive white woman but that there were certain elements (both black and white) who did not want change. At least twice she escaped from ‘fire fights’ between locals and the feds. Here, ‘escaped’ means stolen purses, clothes torn, bullet holes and car windows smashed out but without serious injury.

  3. Your pie chart reflects my own. The Chinese Plague is mainly a source of irritation to me due to overreaction to it.

      • When this whole “pandemic” thing started I was cautious at first, as I thought it prudent considering the source of the virus. As the hoax progressed, I began to see it quite differently.

        Now I see it as the (almost) ultimate example of “Can’t Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”, and a blatant power grab.

        I’m stunned that at least a portion of the sheeple haven’t caught on.

  4. There are current satellite photos that show a very curvy dam where a straight one used to be. Another example of the land of the not quite right.
    Also there is a new and virulent swine flu brewing there as well.

    • The Chinese are planning a ’round up’ of foreigners living in China. Many of these people are businessmen and women who have lived in China for many years. They’ll be put in concentration camps, and I expect that they’ll be deported. Their families, who have dual citizenship won’t be able to leave.

      • I had a great uncle who went to China in the early 1900’s as a Presbyterian missionary.
        Several missionaries of various denominations arrived around the same time, and were shocked at all the abandoned baby girls in the fields. They sent letters home describing the situation, asking for more funding to set up orphanages. The then Chinese government told them they were embarrassing the Chinese people with these letters. My great uncle sent a couple more, then totally disappeared and was never heard from again.

        • I think that there are some more modern versions of your great uncle who are concerned about meeting his fate.

        • I had a great-grandfather who spent time in China in the late 1899s to 1901s. He spent a lot of time shooting Chinese, oh, sorry, I mean ‘Boxers.’

          He’s one of my hero.

          Also spent some time in Cuba around 1898.

          Did I mention he’s one of my heroes?

          Marine, of course.

  5. I keep saying/writing that we need to fight the PRC and we should do it while we still have the advantage ( which is becoming less each day ). It will be very messy, but hoping that the PRC falls apart on its own is a very risky proposition.

    Paul L. Quandt

    • I don’t think that the PRC will fall apart, but it is clearly unmasking. Sort of like the progressives. We see them for who they are now, enemies of the American people.

      • We’re already in a cold war with the People’s Republic of China. I don’t think that ANYONE with the possible exception of that goofball, John Bolton, thinks that a land war anywhere in Asia is in our interests. However, the US needs to defend its Pacific Islands from the Chinese and that’s something else all together.

        • Someone must think that a land war in Asia has something for us, we’ve been doing that for a generation now.

          • No outsiders have ever profited from getting involved in Afghanistan. Just leave and let them resume killing each other.

            Paul L. Quandt

        • If John Bolton thinks, a questionable proposition in my uneducated opinion, that a land war in Asia is a good idea, he should go invade China by himself right away. Lead by example as an army of one. I don’t think he actually knows anything about leadership, but I’m willing to let him prove me wrong on this one.

          • John Bolton is a legend in his own mind. I expressed grave doubts in his competence when he joined the Trump administration and those doubts were founded. I had similar doubts about LTGEN Flynn, now a martyr to the cause, but not the best selection for the job, at the time. Finding the right person for that job is not an easy one, but Bolton was a horrible pick. I’m pleased with the way Robert O’Brien is working out. Hopefully he stays with the team through the next four years.

  6. China is also its OWN enemy… They know their brand of ‘marxism’ cannot continue much longer, but the elites want everything they can get for as long as they can get it. And it’s about to bite them in the butt internationally… One more ‘random’ disease, and I can see their travel to any countries being cancelled.

    • As they deport all foreigners and build the bamboo curtain, the standard of living will drop and the people may become discontent. As with Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela, they’ll rely on the People’s Liberation Army to keep a lid on things.

  7. Plagues and pandemics have been coming out of China since the West first started contacting them, or them contacting the West. Back to the early days of the Egyptians, maybe even earlier.

    There’s something about central and western China that makes it, much like deepest, darkest Africa, prime breeding zones for superbugs.

    And the Swine Flu that was blamed on Mexico a while ago? I still say it first started in China, since at the time of the Mexican Swine Flu, ChiCom was buying up Mexican pig farms wholesale. Hmmm… Chicoms buy up pig farms in Mexico, Mexican pigs get sick with swine flu, nah, no connections there.

    • The new swine flu sounds serious. China can’t seem to raise a pig without having it contract a newer and more lethal plague.

      • It’s been that way for over 3 years. Every year the population gets slaughtered. But, funny, all those ‘disposed of’ pigs? Yet pork prices are still reasonably low.

        Makes me wonder if the ‘disposed of’ pigs are going from ‘Bio Slaughter House’ to ‘Local Market.’

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