They are worth believing in because they make the world a better place!

Robert Duvall in “Second Hand Lions” –

“Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things that a man needs to believe in the most. That people are basically good. That honor, courage, and virtues mean everything. That power and money, money and power mean nothing; that Good always triumphs over evil; and I want you to remember this: That Love, true Love never dies. Doesn’t matter if any of this is true or not. You see a man should believe in these things because these are the things worth believing in.”


Porn maker exposed as an organizer of Portland Antifa children’s photoshoot…

It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. (post millennial)

On May 30, a flyer posted on an anonymous account on Twitter for an event at Colonel Summers Park in southeast Portland advertised a “photoshoot day in the park for trans youth.” The flyer reads, “kids will be partnered with a trans or queer photographer for a 30 to a 45-minute photo shoot in the park” and that hair, makeup, nails, and clothing changes will be available. The flyer did not name the people who would be interacting with the children or state where children will change their clothes. The flyer requests parents state whether or not they plan to accompany their child. The post was widely shared among Antifa accounts in the Portland area.

The flyer was posted by the event organizer’s anonymous Twitter account, “@screamingtater.” The account’s bio states their pronouns as “they/them” and that they’re an “antifascist anarchist sex worker.” Along with the flyer for the children’s photoshoot, the account’s Twitter wall is filled with sexually explicit content and posts expressing far-left violent extremist views. By June 26, the account stated that “seven kids signed up,” with the youngest being eight years old.

You can read the whole article. In a civilized society, the tranny pornographer should be stood up against a wall and shot. But we are a long way from being civilized.


A Vaccine-derived Polio Virus?

Robert Kennedy reported this. There is a vaccine-derived polio virus and the Gates Foundation created a vaccine antidote for it. Is something rotten in the Gates Foundation?


Brandon’s Dementia

Another embarrassment. Yesterday Joe and Jill Brandon attended a dinner for Heads of State invited to the official NATO summit program at the Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain. It looks like Joe Brandon was missing his notecards because he looked totally lost at dinner. (Gateway Pundit)

Then a handler gave him one. (above) Brandon clutches his notecard.

Then Brandon asks, “Who am I talking to again?”


School Choice in Arizona

The Arizona Legislature passed a new law expanding the Empowerment Scholarship Account program, giving every family in the state the freedom to choose their child’s school. State Rep. Ben Toma introduced this bill, which will provide eligibility for an Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account to every student in the state, no matter which school they attend.…


Ok, this photo is here because I like it.


Can you Identify the Tank?

The only prototype was built in the mid-60s and successfully passed testing, but was never put into service, due to the high cost and difficulty of production.



Nato member Turkey has agreed to support Sweden and Finland’s membership in the alliance.

It had initially opposed the Nordic countries’ bids to join but Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s office said it “got what it wanted” from Sweden and Finland.


This Blog’s New Slogan: Make 1984 Fiction again.


  1. The Arizona schools experiment should be very interesting. Imagine giving parents options like that, instead of bowing to the bureaucrats.

    As for antifa, pedo or not I suspect the world would be a better place without them. There’s a branch here that’s very active in sticking posters on anything and everything. The specimens that showed up for an anti racism rally six months or so were about what you’d expect. Florescent hair and doughy bodies. Abused and racially vilified the Sri lankin reporter who tried to ask them hard questions.

    Useful idiots indeed.

    • A lot of the rally people (amateur and semi-pro) suffer from low self-esteem that manifests itself in wearing bizarre costumes, self-mutilation, and so forth. There are professionals behind the scene who are paid, competent, and are not deluded by the slogans and crap.

  2. From someone else:
    Joe Bidens bathroom break instructions.
    Note For YOUR bathroom break.
    YOU walk through the door (open the door first) that says MEN (the door won’t actually speak to YOU).
    YOU walk to the funny round seat with a big hole in the middle.
    YOU pull YOUR pants down BEFORE YOU sit down this time.
    YOU make a BOOM BOOM through the big hole in the middle of the funny round seat.
    YOU put some toilet paper in YOUR hand BEFORE YOU wipe YOUR backside this time.
    YOU push the whoosh whoosh handle down.
    YOU pull YOUR pants back up this time BEFORE YOU walk out the door (open the door first) that says MEN (the door won’t actually speak to YOU)

  3. Gates: what was so exciting about his visits to Epstein that he went back again and again? Gates being the richest man alive at the time it couldn’t be about getting Epstein’s money.

    • Perhaps like former-HRH Andrew, Gates had a “tendency to be TOO honourable” [1] and kept trying to help Epstein see the error of his ways. Repeatedly.

      I like the Gates/Epstein story, because unlike the proverbial “frog and scorpion” tale, here it is one scorpion transporting another scorpion over a body of water. Repeatedly.

      [1] q.v. Emily Maitlis interview
      Also, note my use of weird, redundant, poncey, British spelling. Cultural sensitivity is important, folks. Tug your forelock at your local toff, eh?

  4. Yes, just shoot the evil creeps pushing the child porn garbage. For that matter, do the same to the [so called] mothers bringing their kids to these “events”…doing both will have the added benefit of reducing the carbon footprint on Gaia. Win, win.

    “The Hologram Running On Chinesium Special Sauce” hasn’t been “removed” because of his ability to be a monumental distraction for those behind the curtain; keeping him running on fumes way past his warranty is the strategy, regardless the farce level. Jill should be horsewhipped, but they made her a deal and she’s “biden” time.

    Great picture…a good “textured” look for righteous folks to intimidate the screaming meemies.

      • Big crowd. The marionettes that keep the Big Guy running are technically both over and behind the curtain.

        • Today from Madrid, through his earpiece, The Brain Fart on Steroids dissed the Supreme Court’s RvW ruling, and by association, The United States and The Constitution…completely lying through his fogged brain which is unfortunately still connected to his mouth. Keep people scrambling to find essentials and fuel to prop up their [now sorry] lives and the puppeteer’s can have him say anything egregious without even a hint of repercussion.

          The bum should be hung from a tall tree….next to the rest of the cockroaches. I have the rope.

  5. Sidebar: Off topic but fits with the picture, a massive sign of the [Medieval] times:

    The Lyndhurst, NJ, Medieval Times workers are trying to unionize with the help of, yup, the AFL-CIO:

    “We are the actors, stunt performers, and stable hands of Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, New Jersey joining together in union to create a fairer, safer, and more enjoyable workplace. With a supermajority of support, we are excited to be forming our union with the AGVA.”

    “…safer, fairer, and more enjoyable workplace”.

    An apt description of our current state of affairs. They’ll make demands, drive the prices up, then find themselves out of a job.

    NOTE: MrsPaulM worked at the Illinois M.T. many moons ago, was the ONLY gal Knight (full face mask to hide that fact), and was the assistant trainer of the stallions (Andalusian & Lusitano). Her response was “something” along the lines of: “Really?! Get another job you babies”.

    • Everyone, be it an actor at a restaurant, a waiter, or whatever has value as an employee. Some have leverage because they have skills that can’t be found elsewhere. When those people are treated unfairly or even illegally, they tend to form a labor union. In the case of MT, I can see them making big demands and shutting the place down.

      • Albeit in the early 90’s, MrsPaulM had zero problems with the MT workplace, she got to ride and work elite horses everyday. Possible injury is inherent to the sport (so is being a large animal Vet). Some time ago she did a stint as a fill in rider for the White Stallion Productions (Lipizzaner), every show was a ‘bit exciting” with 20 stallions out there in close quarters doing all manner of athletics, let alone in a new venue every few days. Part of the deal. Either step up or quit. Next thing rodeo (not the Drive) will want deeper softer footing and bubble wrap to minimize hard landings.

        • “bubble wrap to minimize hard landings”
          Saw a bull fight in Madrid many moons ago. My wife (horse lover) was shocked when on of the picador’s mounts was knocked over. There was so much padding on the horse that it took half a dozen men to get it back on its feet.

  6. Portland “photo shoot”. Go for the maximum shock value to bring attention to yourself, especially if you are a marginalized piece of shit.

  7. I’d like to see the Arizona education experiment succeed and expand to other states. First step in winning back the country from the left is to stop their indoctrination of the kids. Maybe in ten years we can do away with the Department of Education.

    Odd coincidence about the polio outbreak in the UK. Sure is convenient that Gates Foundation had a vaccine ready to go.

    Kid’s photo shoot. No problem with putting them up against the wall and shooting the child abusers other than it is too quick an end to the pedophiles.

    NATO expansion. Didn’t the US promise the Soviet Union prior to the breakup that NATO would not expand in their direction ?

        • Don’t think I’ve ever heard of that one, before. Modified Leopard 1 chassis, oscillating and non-oscillating combined turret. Not surprised it was too expensive.


  8. Not sure if I asked this the other day or not

    Does anyone remember the Star Trek Nazi episode Pattern Of Force? One of Kirk’s old professors, a guy named John Gil I believe was sent to observe a culture and in turn injected Nazi philosophy into it, trying to keep out the evil part so as to bring peace to the planet. Of course, some evil guy named Melikon took over behind the scenes bring war and destruction and so forth.
    The thing is, they used Professor gil as their front man for appearances, If memory serves he was drugged and propped up, just mouthing what was written for him. In the end, they get him out of his drug addled state long enough for him to inform the people what was really going on.
    Isn’t that what we’re seeing right this moment with these people in charge. A completey lost moron controlled by his minions?

    • That’s a really good analogy. I recall the episode. Prof. Gill was good. Biden never was worth half a pound of manure.

  9. It’s pedos all the way down.
    This has been the ultimate goal of the Progressive/ Liberal/ Leftist/ Commies all along.
    Just remember…”It’s for the children.”
    And the really mean exactly that.

  10. What a great new slogan!

    Viz. Pedos. Let’s not forget that it’s exactly this kind of thing that caused the defeat of the Hungarian Bolshevik revolution. Lucaks went too far with sex Ed and the people said no. Then his crew fled to New York from Frankfort and the rest is history.

    Seems that it rhymes, eh?

  11. Your opening quote has strength and vigor. It’s basically Pascal’s Wager. Your faith in the precept makes the world a better place, be it true or not.. Thanks for reminding me.

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