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Fictional Shorts – 2014 through 2016
This is a partial list of fictional shorts – shorter than short stories or essays, designed for bloggers who only want a sniglet of writing as they scan the Internet. If you have a favorite, comment below. I always appreciate comments since I write these stories for your amusement. 
From this point on, all fictional (and maybe non-fictional) shorts will be referenced to this index page, which may grow as I add stories.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. – Hemingway

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Vigilante Moon


Dinner at the Brass Monkey
It was only supper

Vigilante Moon (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)
The Future may be more interesting if it’s “progressive”

Hard Road (part 1) (part 2)
Sometimes it’s easier to get into trouble than it is to get out.

The Ice Man Cometh  and its conclusion
The life and times of an aging brigand.

Thirteenth Colony (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)
Two Roman trading ships hit a reef

A House 
It takes living and loving to make a house a home.

Are You Human? 
A very short story of the enduring battle between Mars and Venus.

30AD: The Temple of Solomon, the Feast of the Passover. A fictional take on events of the day.

Evil Woman
A girl steps off a bus from Nebraska in Los Angeles (The City of Angeles) in hopes of landing a career in the movies. 

The Mistress
Which is better, a scruffy house cat or a Siberian Tiger? Think long and hard before you answer that one.

The Rocking Chair 
A candid look at modern Detroit.

Every prisoner dreams of the day that he’s released.

Willis (Part One)  (Part Two)  (Part Three)
Law enforcement looks for a witness in the American South.

Finding Miss Right
Some women just have your name on them, like a bullet or a nail in the road.

Passing Fling Series:
*A Passing Fling
**A New Occupation
***Cold Weather Regimen
Not everyone is suited to every job.

“I want a new drug”

September 1914  (Part One)  (Part Two)
A historical interlude

Solstice in Austin
Story Challenge –  for LSP

A Purloined Kiss
A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh, the fundamental rules apply.

Flowers for Hugo
Sending the old bastard to his great reward.

An Army doctor during the Indian Wars – following the conclusion of the War of Northern Aggression.

A Sound of Silence
Passing to the great beyond.

How best do we define passion?

The End of Cynicism
“The Opportunist” – sometimes opportunity knocks.

Science Fiction
Castor’s Garden
Life during the Roman occupation of Britain.

Red Mist (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
Something happened to (Special Forces) ODA5116

A legacy teacher outlives her students.

The Thin Blue Line
Fewer police officers are needed.

The Storm-Bringer
How will humans deal with the gods on other worlds?

The People on the Shore (series)
      4500 B. C.  (PART ONE)
      Life is hard.

     The Shimmering God  (PART TWO)
     Sometimes you can get a little help from your friends.

     A Hammer  (PART THREE)
     The Hammer is mightier than the pen.

An Angry Virgin 
Can a synthetic person find carnal love in high school?

Aboud”s Treasure
Don’t give an idiot any responsibility.

Planned parenthood – far in the future.

Crash Investigation (Part One)  (Part Two)

An aircraft is discovered underwater in the Pacific Ocean. 

Can aliens successfully navigate the exploration of Earth?

Apocalypse Then
You can prep for “the end” or face the consequences

A tale of gold and the little people.

Mad Love
Not all mad people are angry.

Traveling Salesman
You can’t always get what you want.

A fear of open spaces has its genesis.

The Crooked Man
Beware the large sized candy bars at Halloween

Please Don’t Tell People that I Drink
There are some secrets that you need to keep.

Wishing Well
Do you dare to read the story?

Vampire Zombies from Venus

You take one down and pass it around.

A Latrine in Indochina
Another day at the office.

Conduct Unbecoming (Part One)  (Part Two)  (Part Three)
Sometimes it’s not as easy as you think to keep your act together



“The Monkeys have no tails in Zamboanga” – Navy sea shanty

A tribute

Some people were left behind

About the author: He clearly has too much time on his hands.

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  1. Which one do I like best? That is like saying which M&M in the bowl do I like best. They are all good, just "different colors" so to speak… though I do prefer a tidy ending. Not left hanging like some of my former love interest. "THAT'S IT? THAT'S ALL THERE IS? YOU ARE LEAVING ME WITHOUT A FINISH? Damn you, you must know LL."

  2. Jenny, the first few that have not yet been published on the blog don't have links. They will be added as they go live.

  3. I just reorganized them based on genre. Most are mainstream but I like to experiment with other types of writing. Sometimes I'm on a non-fiction kick but those usually don't make it to the blog. At the moment, I'm playing with sci-fi, and An Angry Virgin.

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