Thanksgiving – Aftermath

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The food-baby is too large for comfort. Way too much food.
And mid-way through the after-meal discussion while we were watching Carolina beat Texas, my brother-in-law said that President Obama said that we should talk about gun control on Thanksgiving. So we started talking about it. Keep in mind that there is a certain class of people who are allowed to be in my home and all of them are armed.
That being said, we talked politics, guns and football, which are part of a common theme, when you think about it. And from there it spiraled down to ObamaCare.
But it never reached the bottom – Bruce Jenner, woman of the year.
I have four daughters, all of whom are members of the NRA, and who are stewards of the Second Amendment. They may be mothers (all but the youngest), but they shoot, and have attitude.
My parting thought was that I’m glad we can talk about gun control at Thanksgiving and what load of crap that it is. Thanks for the suggestion, Barack.

18 thoughts on “Thanksgiving – Aftermath

  1. Cowboys no mas.

    But hey, at least our Commander-in-Chief got to watch The Danish Girl in a special trans White House screening.

    The women here were shocked by that.

  2. Tried to skip the turkey coma, by having half turkey/half spiral ham, it didn't work. Some gun talk here as well. I learned that the grands can't even have shells in their possession at school, or ibuprofen… how times have changed.

  3. We were supposed to talk about gun control? Guess I missed the memo. Obama needs to be sure his memos get through all the proper channels.

  4. I am the only one in my family that likes or carries a weapon. My Judy hates guns but she said I can carry in the house only if I don't shoot her. That seemed like a pretty good deal, but I compromised. I don't carry on my person when in the house. It is next to my chair.

  5. A couple of years ago it was pajama boy in a onesie and we were advised to talk about ObamaCare. This year, apparently, it was "talk about gun control". I didn't get the memo either but I don't listen to anything on MSNBC so naturally, I wouldn't. My brother-in-law brought up the president's missive, so we all discussed our next gun purchases and what a total scatball the president is.

  6. Eyeballing a Kimber 1911 Gold Match. I shot one on the range awhile back and it was a real pleasure.

  7. At the moment, I'm here in the bunker, getting ready to warm up left-overs. It's overcast here and you know how depressing it gets when it's not beach weather.

  8. Well I'd be worse than useless at a conversation round your dinner table. Guns? The only weapon I have is my sharp tongue. I'd have to sit there, twiddling my thumbs, probably drinking too much and asking "Have you got any trifle?"

  9. We'd naturally pass the pumpkin pie and snickerdoodle cookies. More turkey and stuffing for the British lady!

  10. All I want for Christmas (four weeks away) is a Notre Dame loss to Stanford today. is that too much to ask?

    Not that I am any huge fan of Stanford (I'm a Duck, and we happily and merrily wrecked their national championship aspirations a few weeks ago). I just can't stand Notre Dame.

  11. Yes, but if you get that, you'll want other results before Christmas, and that's precisely why Santa only delivers the goods once a year.

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