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The Old Anglican Church of Tulit’a, Canadian Northwest Territories. This church is an official historic site because it was built in 1880 and is one of the oldest standing buildings in the Northwest Territories. Apparently there is a prophecy that when the bell falls the end of time is near.


Saints in a Cave

The cave of Agia Sofia, Mylopotamos (c. 13th c.). There have been a lot of prophecies laid down over the centuries. A lot were written on the walls of caves. The more general the prophecy, the more likely it can be judged to have come to pass. The bell falling (above) prophecy may have more to do with the weathering of the rope… but I’ll leave that to you to decide.

Church of the Good Shepherd, Tekapo,
New Zealand

Do I believe in prophecies? Yes. Nostradamus, No. However the ratio of actual prophecies to genuine is disparate.

There is also a legend and it’s an old one. High up in the North in the land called Svithjod, there stands a rock. It is a hundred miles high and a hundred miles wide. Once every thousand years a little bird comes to this rock to sharpen its beak. When the rock has thus been worn away, then a single day of eternity will have gone by.


Cause and Effect

Sometimes I feel that Democrats have reached the floor in stupidity, that they can’t get any dumber – it’s just not possible. Then I read something like this on ZeroHedge …more here

“Owning a car in Chicago has become increasingly difficult. I have one close relative in Chicago who sold his car because it became simply too expensive to continually replace tires and other items regularly stolen in broad daylight.

“Cars are stripped on city streets by gangs that drive around harvesting sellable items or just stealing entire cars. The solution for many is to simply not have a car.”

In my neighborhood, if you can call it that, in the Arizona wilderness, if you are caught stripping a car, you’re most likely to be shot. The tractor is started, a trench is dug with the backhoe, the carcass is dropped into the hole, earth used to dig the hole fills the void and a few rocks are dragged over it. It has the virtue of reducing recidivism. And there is also deterrence. Strip a car, go to hell.  The reference to hell is only because this is a Sunday Sermonette. I’m not the judge of the inner city person who is dumb enough to travel to rural Arizona and mess with the locals.


The Mars 2020 Rover 

This was the first photo that it took, and that was wiped from the screen and the image, classified. The rover has a camera and the subject was heard to say, “Take me to your leader.”  Yeah, like anyone would take an alien to see Jo/Ho. What an embarrassment that would be.

The United States is now the only nation to field a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier on Mars.



This is about as close to current as I can come to a Syrian Civil War Map, for February 2021. So, where do you think that Joe Biden should land American troops and how long should they remain?


Women’s deaths caused by complications related to pregnancy or childbirth, 2017.



Official languages in India


UAE’s counter enclave of Nahwa in Oman’s Madha, which is itself an exclave of Oman and an enclave within the UAE.


American Territorial Acquisitions Sorted by President.


Global Tidal Range

This map shows the patterns of tidal energy played out across the surface of the Earth as lines of force. The colors indicate where tides are strongest, with blues being weaker areas and reds being stronger. In almost a dozen places on this map the lines appear to converge, as if pulled together like a purse. Notice how at each of these places the surrounding color–the tidal force for that region–is blue. These convergent areas are called amphidromes, places where there is little or no apparent tide. This is not to say that the surface of the ocean in these places doesn’t move, doesn’t rise and fall with wind, momentum, inertia, and other forces acting on it. But for the purposes of studying the tides from space in an effort to understand how energy is conserved and distributed, these areas a mathematically still.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

    1. “a feeble man” that “shall rule the Western World with jezebel” amid a “plague.” The fact checkers are busy debunking it. The problem is that CNN, Facebook, Twitter and media “fact checkers” have NO CREDIBILITY. They’re all leftists/communists with an agenda.

      Good obs. I hadn’t seen that prophecy before.

  1. The tide map was fascinating. It would be interesting to see the tidal map superimposed on a map showing ocean depth.

  2. Re Dems… Sigh… The tide map with an overlay of major currents would show, I believe, some interesting correlations. Kurashio, Oyashio, Alaskan current all play in the Pacific and the Gulf Stream has a major impact in the Atlantic.

  3. UAE, I can’t go there anymore. I had a military escort in the airport for the first flight to Europe or the US that had an empty seat. I ended up in Paris. My crime: two bags of pork rinds in my luggage when I arrived. Deported as an undesirable. I also have been deported from Qatar 4 times but if I have a multi-entry visa they will let me in. They wont with a one time use visa.

    Oman is probably the best muslim country to visit. The locals are very laid back. I have stopped going the the middle east or out of the US. I do miss southern Spain and Bavaria.

    1. The UAE was a bunch of medieval goatherds and fishermen 150 years ago, so at least their primitive screwhead-ness comes naturally. OTOH, you can get arrested in the UK for carrying a jacknife…


      1. Sikh’s can’t.

        Carrying a knife is part of their religion and the UK, turns a jaundiced eye away from them.

        If I can demonstrate that carrying a knife and a firearm is part of MY religion, they would lock me up. Riddle me that one.

  4. Speaking of Oman- Ever read “The Feathermen”? It was intriguing, and read like fiction, then I found Ranulph Fiennes account of his SAS service in Oman. Lots of odd stuff goes on behind the scenes.

  5. That presidents map shows a failing of modern presidents. Biden needs to annex Antarctica and call it Liberalland and he an all the liberals can call it home.

    1. Nah, he should do Mercury. They they could all have “their place in the Sun”.


        1. I vote Venus
          Conditions will prepare (1K descriptive words deleted)them for their ultimate destination
          Or Charon for those who believe hell is cold and devoid of light (they don’t deserve Pluto)

  6. Thanks for the sermon. I like the church in NZ, it’d fit in well here in the countryside. Roving bands of POC car thieves? Not so much.

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