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COVID-19 – The Chinese Plague

There is a lot of information circulating out there now. Bayou Renaissance Man has a good blog post on the threat based on age and pre-existing conditions. 
Don’t forget who engineered this
plague that will cause you either
inconvenience, illness or death.
Remember, the virus is persistent. It can remain airborne and infectious for up to three hours, and it can remain active and infectious on glass, plastic or other dry surfaces for a week. The incubation period is usually under two weeks before symptoms present, but it could be as long as a month based on sources in China.
Most people will experience a flu from mild to wild, but if you infect somebody who is in a high risk category, they will likely get very ill and may die. (See the chart at BR Man, referenced above)
Unpublished data show Chinese authorities have identified at least 266 people who were infected before December 31 – a time when Wuhan authorities were busy punishing a group of doctors for sounding the alarm of a ‘SARS-like’ disease. 
The classified document, obtained by South China Morning Post, comes as coronavirus fears spread across Europe after cases in Italy, Spain and France spiked.

There is really nothing to worry about unless you have lung issues, coronary artery disease, diabetes or a compromised immune system, or are over about 70. If you’re in the risk zone your chance of dying if you contract COVID-19 is elevated.

13 thoughts on “Of Plagues and Such

  1. Long discussion with the Coven on this subject this morning. Everyone in this building (90 apartments) is over 65. Many residents have major health problems.

    Per our maintenance man (who has an apartment here) the only management plan is to impose a lock down if someone here comes down with it.

    We have one resident with some other kind of contagious disease. Her doctor told her to stay isolated. Last night (game night) she was walking around the commons room telling others about her condition!

    (I don't do game night)

    Other than Banner, the dog, I have little contact with the other residents. Banner, on the other hand, is a great favorite with many residents who give him treats and pets. Can the virus live on a dog's coat?

  2. MSM is pushing the OMG PANIC… REEEEEEE button to try to get 'something' to stick to Trump… Common sense dictates the type of behavior one should expect. Sadly, I'm not seeing a lot of that lately!

  3. I read his blog and what I saw concerns me. While due to age, and a couple of other markers, I'm at an elevated risk, but it's my wife whom I'm most concerned about. She recently had a pacemaker implanted and is scheduled for further testing. This has me worried.

  4. Dogs can get coronavirus. Google it. There have been a number of articles about pets in Hong Kong that were tested positive.

  5. Up high on Arizona's remote Mogollon rim, there's enough food, well water and ammo to see me through. I don't want to go down to the valley with the hoards of people and "interact". I did see two relatively large herds of elk yesterday…and if I get hungry, there's supper on the hoof…. but I might have to dive down to the bottom of a local lake and look for a firearm…

  6. You're right, it's not just about ourselves but friends and family and loved ones around us who might be at risk. So self-quarantine to the extent possible makes sense. I don't need to go to the store for a month or so – and don't need to then but I like fresh vegetables.

  7. My veterinarian bride said the canine flu/corona virus is NOT the same at all (I'll leave out the doctor science talk). This canine influenza came from China in rescue animals by Hollywood do-gooders without (!) quarantine, creating a couple of years of outbreaks. However, it is not zoonotic.

  8. State of Emergency in Dallas county as of today — Ma LSP's been stockpiling, sensibly. She's in the at risk category but fit. So.

    If things get weird I'll evac the crew to Hill County. Where there's plenty of protective power at the bottom of Lake Whitney.

  9. I suggested to Bitty Woo that this might NOT be the time to board an airplane to Los Angeles to run a race and promote her book. You have plenty of room at the compound. Better there than galavanting around Los Angeles, being fabulous.

  10. I'm not going to do much this weekend, LindaG. Take care of MRLINDAG and think of me when you take a bite of that delicious boil that y'all eat.

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