Battleground Arizona

In Arizona, Kari Lake let loose on the media after reports of voting machines in Arizona going down and causing a “25% misread.”  Her democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs, responsible for the vote count dismissed her complaint. 25% may not be enough to get me across the finish line – let’s go for 50%… satire, yes, sorta.

Based on exit polls only 14% of voters in Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix) are democrats. 58% Republican, 14% Dem, 28% Independent. The bulk of independent voters are much like I am – conservative, and dissatisfied with the Republican Party – but likely to vote Republican.

Exit polls also show that 70% of voters are unhappy with Pedo Joe. It would have been interesting if the demented, old, child molester had campaigned in Arizona. I suspect that the US Secret Service suggested that it might be better if he didn’t stump in Arizona.

There are a lot of dissatisfied people in Arizona. You don’t see much in the way of pro-democrat support in signs or in conversations. There is also a lot of skepticism about voting integrity when the SecState in Arizona, responsible for counting votes is also a candidate for governor.

The vote tallies (before I close this out) in Arizona don’t reflect exit polling. We’ll see how it ends. Remember, I post this the day before you see it in the case of my first post of the day.

It looks more like a red splash than a wave. Who knows how many last-minute votes democrats will find? The upshot is that there will be things to blog about moving forward.


It sounds like a fair request…


Bullet Points

* Coming or going –  BRM (Peter Grant) will be in the area next week and by hook or crook, we’ll meet up and within the hour, we will have solved ALL of the world’s problems in this epic summit. I’ll either see him coming west on I-40 or headed back east a week later, but it will happen. The fate of Western Civilization hangs in the balance.

* War with China? There is a lot of clickbait like this. After watching Russia’s problems following an invasion of Ukraine, will Red China roll the dice and invade Taiwan? They are different and not so different. I think that China will wait and see. The economic impact on their fragile economy would be devastating and it there wouldn’t be compensation from gains with controlling a devastated Taiwan.

* One man’s utopia is everybody else’s dystopia.

* In a Republican run-off between DeSantis and Trump, who would win TODAY?


What if Hillary had won? Imagine the pandemic panic and lockdowns if Hillary had been in charge, not President Trump.

The fact that President Trump never used the excuse handed to him with both hands to expand the reach of federal power beyond its constitutional limits during this alleged emergency is as unusual and astonishing as George Washington refusing to be crowned, or Cincinnatus the Dictator of Rome returning quietly to work his farm.

Hillary would not have refused power. No state nor local administration would have been permitted autonomy.

She would have completed the work of the great reset. We would now, not later, be living in green-new deal pods, under continuous brownouts, eating bug burgers, owning nothing, and being happy, as genderless units of the total surveillance state, money replaced by electronic social credit scores.

It would have been finished and completed by now.

Imagine stagflation following immediately upon Obama’s recession, without three years of the greatest economic growth in world history.

Imagine the state of the Middle East if, instead of the Abraham Accords, we had the Iran Nuclear Deal and the Muslim bomb.

Imagine Ukraine taken four years ago, and Russian troops in Eastern Europe, the Chinese in Taiwan. That event would be in our regrets of the near past by now, had Hillary won.  Trump voters saved the world.


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  1. Looks like the dems will keep the house and senate. No red wave where it counted. Fetterman? Hobbs? Good grief. Dominion vote counting machines win the day for the dems.

  2. Thanks for elaborating on the ” build back better” that the current regime has been assigned to. The Dominion system has been fine tuned since the over confident Hilarious lost. Yes, the silent majority ” saved the world” and we enjoyed nearly half of the Egyptian 7 years of plenty. Then the rollout of the greatest clinical trial of the ages occurred. The Anthony / Gates playbook had been in design for a decade and the Zuckerberg bucks were icing on the cake. Trump held his fingers in the dike for liberty, but all the while the Fed’s we’re printing greenbacks faster than Crown Zellerbach can make paper. Who studied Constitutional Law at Harvard? His Marxist training and his train are still steaming along the decolonization tracks to snowplow off and change the definitions of the Constitution. To where will this train take the Demolition party and all who want aboard the “free ride”? To the newly branded, “Liberal World Order”? May the hand of Providence hear the cries of the brick makers.

  3. i don’t think there would have been a plandemic if hillary won. it was set up to get trumpy out of office. of course everything else would be shite…..riddle me this- how do so many republican govs win by a landslide, yet their voters swing heavily for the dem senate candidate? and uncle festerman? in va, spanberger re-elected? nofrackingway. three strikes you’re out, nothing left but the cartridge box.

  4. Ahhhhhhhh. Friggin’ losers voting in losers. It’s a club.

    Just remember, these are the same people – and their mindless moronic supporters – who believe they are “saving daylight” by moving the clock hands forward or backward and hour twice a year.

    That’s a clue.

    I have a rant written, but that’ll do for now.

    • Time in Arizona remains constant. The clocks don’t change here, but they change all around us. That said, your point is well taken.

      • I’m with you, got up at 4:30…my body clock doesn’t give a rip what the idiots in charge do. I trust it more than them, by miles.

        It’s Galt time — America is lost to the reprobates and mindless who have no qualms with furthering depravity. I am not proud to be an American today, it is being turned into a Banana Republic in front of our eyes with zero recourse.

        Our Founders were correct: An immoral dishonest citizenry can’t hold onto the greatest country ever. By all accounts this is what the voting public and corrupt elites want. It’s their sandbox, they can pee in it all they want. Go for it.

        I’m done with being disappointed with elections, having hopes dashed by the stupid and foolish who by all accounts enjoy their captivity and oppression and misery. “Sheep” is too lightweight a term. Anyone who voted Democrat is dumber than a box of rocks, and a special place in Hell for those who proffered the cheatery machine to negate the honest voter.

        Sure, Democrat’s ran a bunch of morons and scumbags. But worse is the Republican’s have again shown they are part of the problem, feckless and completely vapid (a polite word for “having no balls”).

        Today the spin will be grasping at the tiniest of “good news”. “Here’s your crumb.”

        Gee, thanks a lot.

        Who needs the brain damage and false hope? Not me.

        Time to live life to the full. Adapt to maintain and keep the confiscatory criminals at bay. Avoid those who think what is happening is good and righteous. Don’t listen to anyone who professes to be important. Starve the beast. Look to God.

        As for the rest of my “fellow Americans”, “GO POUND SAND!”

        Off to the personal salt mine…it’s currently a nice day out, defying the soothsayer weatherman (who could have swapped places with every election pollster and had the same result.)

        • I agree, Paul. Pretty disappointing, but about what I expected. Cheat “just enough”, and give the proles a few seats here and there.

          Much cooler today than yesterday. Makes me glad I got to take my old car out for a canyon run yesterday.

  5. Too many people wanting a free lunch and voting for their lunch ticket instead of what is best for the country. I can’t really blame them though. The Republicans did not put up strong candidates and that certainly hurt their cause. Dr. Oz, “c’mon man”.

    There will be all sorts of articles in the coming months about voting machine irregularities and such but nothing will be done about them and no one will be held accountable. We conservatives are just fighting a delaying action as the republic dies to be turned into bread and circuses. Just depressing.

    Paul M’s point about setting the clocks back is well taken; or maybe the powers that be are just getting the plebes ready for when we won’t have electricity any more and DST will actually help productivity.

    • Nothing will change because local elections beget state elections beget national elections, and the Zombies voting in the reprobates and do-nothings continue to vote for these cretins who [most] couldn’t learn how to flip burgers but demand we follow their useless feckless lead. (partial rant)

      This is what I heard last night:

      “Give us Barabbas!”

      Then was reminded of this:

      “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” (KJV)

      Lincoln invoked Jesus’ teaching in 1858. History repeats…and far too many CALL IT GOOD”.

      There is no way to fix this disaster short of civil war when THAT SIDE causes THIS SIDE to finally say, “ENOUGH!”

      Even that may not change a damn thing…Jan 6th folks are still languishing in prison.

      • 十分です
        genug ist genug
        لقد طفح الكيل
        trop c’est trop
        Đủ là đủ
        хватит значит хватит
        adesso basta
        гарненького потроху
        you can say it any way you like, but enough is enough already

    • Not me, I’m out as much as possible, I won’t allow them to make me a fool thinking things are going to get better. Anything happens hereafter is the fault of that half of America I told to go pound sand in my above screed.

      Can’t be distracted anymore thinking something will change, then those we assume can effect that change chicken out every single time. Cowards. As LL and others have said, Trump was merely a speedbump, only slowed them for a little while. Now they are gonna go flat out. I want no part of what they are planning. Too bad I was joking about the Hydra-6…could use it now.

      God first, family second, close in circle of friends third.

        • Exactly. Always felt I was doing my patriotic duty by “keeping tabs” on “things”, and clearly was serious about it, as are most who visit here. But I am now resigned to the fact that effort is a waste of time…no matter the level of outrage by many parties in various media outlets, exposing the liars and treasonous cheats, almost daily, that the fix is in and the heeled-over ship taking water over the rail cannot be righted as we had expected.

          Defeatist? Maybe. But I prefer realistic. So, time to focus on what’s really important.

      • I meant that our Father may be letting the nation see the stupidity of their activity ore fully.
        This is not a get out the vote problem.
        This is a Come to Jesus moment.
        Our electorate is no longer godly.

  6. I think Zman summed it up pretty well in his post today.

    There are not enough true patriots willing to risk everything nor powerful enough to thwart the deep state/MIC/ big tech cabal that is bent on globalist dominion.
    These foreign wars and financial misadventures are not some wag-the-dog meant to distract American voters from domestic issues. It is clear now that The Cabal has no fear or regard for the citizens of America upsetting their globalist plans now or in the future. So, any concern or anger the “American People” have about the economy, immigration or any other issue is utterly irrelevant to them.
    If they give any thought to the political process in this country at all, it is amusement as they watch “our side” (whatever that means) now start to console itself with “2024 The Year We Vote Harder!” and “Soap Box, Ballot Box, Cartridge Box” rhetoric. It is no more threatening than a child’s temper tantrum.
    Paul M and Z Man are right, Go Galt, waste no more time or anguish on these matters. Refuse to participate in the clown show. Make the best life for you and yours where you are with what you have. Plan and prepare but try not to worry about what you can’t control.
    If/when they come for you, in whatever form, give such a fight as will earn you a place in Valhalla, because we are deep in indian country and the calvary is not coming.

        • Going Galt (newer connectivity than when Rand wrote the book) in 2022 means you can likely find bandwidth unless you want to be a hermit, which did not appeal to me. I have children and grandchildren. It means that you remove yourself from THEIR world, which I did. There are things that one must be prepared to accept and adapt to. I didn’t find it difficult but I’ve never been a city person and though I worked for government agencies of different sorts my whole life, a high percentage of what I did, I did alone.

          • Same here. Been a loner most of my adult life. A bit too eccentric for most young ladies where I grew up. 35 years spent in the Lost Angeleez area pretty much soured me on living in a “Major Metropolitan Area”. We’re not as isolated as you, but 65+ miles to Denver is just fine with me.

          • Not a hermit per se, just prudent and no engaging as I have been…except with those that matter. All who lurk here do have an open invite to my campfire…the good folks need to stick together when this crap hits the fan.

  7. Yep, funny how those states/areas with ‘voting machine issues’, the Dems seemed to pull out wins. And I think you’ll enjoy meeting Peter and Dot! They’re good friends!

  8. The left stole the White House in 2020. They didn’t even try to hide the steal. They OWN every person and organization tasked with ho!ding them accountable. They have spent the past two years perfecting their cheating mechanism. Thus the “red wave” was deflated to a red dribble. The longer any race is in limbo the more time the left has to manufacture and “find” ballots…..ballots magically marked in their favor. The sad ugly reality is the acronym TINVOWOOT is now reality. The left now completely controls the electoral process and can choose who wins as easily as picking a dish from a menu. And there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it….legally. Honest elections in America are now IMPOSSIBLE. They are large and in charge, and you can bet they will act accordingly. So we must plan and act accordingly also.

  9. I am certain there was a time when a get-together with you and Peter in a place that served adult beverages would would have required the two of you sign off on various releases and waivers, have bail money alongside the knife in your boot, an environmental impact report filed with the county 90 days prior to said meeting, non-disclosure agreements, and a notice published in local newspapers to whit:
    But, to paraphrase Larry Mahan (7 times all around cowboy), “Religion gets a lot of credit for behavior that is really just due to old age”.
    The, “There I was…” stories will have Peter using the WWM as a location for one of his books.

    I was hoping for a second Fetterman Massacre, but Pennsylvania appears to be heavily committed to the worship of Bal, as it seems that abortion was the deciding factor in the election.

    What the heck is going on in AZ?
    A few years I was dumbfounded that the people of Arizona elected Janet Napolitano to the governorship.
    My wife and BIL were both born in AZ.
    He lives in Tonto Basin.
    Neither can explain why Kari Lake was not elected by a landslide.
    Is there something in the water?
    Cheat The Vote?

    • What makes you think that Peter and I haven’t signed NDAs pre-meeting and that the locals haven’t hidden their women?

      Arizona has had some contemptible curs in politics. The late Senator John McCain was one of those small men who was tested with power and was found wanting. (Daniel 5: Mene[e]: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end. Tekel[f]: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. There’s going to be a sermonette here on a Sunday that goes into greater detail with the story of Daniel, but I think that it applies to John McCain, the favorite son of Arizona too.

      Katie Hobbs is one of those small people who found her way into government. Kari Lake is the opposite. I can’t say that she wasn’t elected by a landslide, but Katie Hobbs oversees the vote counting. And we are seeing all of that play out in Arizona. I believe that Kari Lake will be the next governor and when that happens, there will be action to correct a lot of the shenanigans.

      You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one — apparently, your BIL and wife join me in that.

      • What happened to Arizona?

        I expect the 1.5 million Pinko geezers from the NE Corridor living in Phoenix had a lot to do with it. Then there’s Flagstaff, full of Political Officers, I mean College Professors, and the armies of New-Age types from Cali or indistinguishable from Californians…

        Essentially, the same thing that happened to California. And Colorado. And [insert name here] coming to a State near you.



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