Texas Drought

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As you know, Texas has been subject to the effects of global warming and the state is dry as Hillary’s nasty.
I’m dragging the sack for donations to help them. My “send a water bottle to Texas Campaign” is a way for you to help them avoid the impact of global warming and the resulting drought.
I hate to admit it, but Al Gore and Barack might be right. Even sending one water bottle will help and will be appreciate it as crops dry up, the rivers stagnate and the Lone Star State suffers.

6 thoughts on “Texas Drought

  1. There have been some splendid storms in Texas this year, rain beau coup. More going on right now in Central to East Texas.

  2. I'm sure that you're wrong. That would mean that the President is wrong, and that Al Gore (near God-like) is wrong as well.

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