Going Full Cowboy

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It’s tough to find the right pair of boots these days. First I turned to Texas for the latest in cowboy boot fashion. And what is more Texan than Austin?
Austin, TX Cowboy Boots
They are for people who want to be hippies but can’t shed their redneck roots. And as appealing as they are, I decided that they were not for me.

Then I looked at the Silicon Valley specials, for people who don’t ride horses, but they still want to call themselves “buckaroos”. They are also very popular with the Cal Tech crowd who are rebelling.

Silicon Valley, CA Cowboy Boots
Will people in Hillsboro and Denton like me better if I’m wearing these? They would seem to be far more popular in California than they are in Texas.
Moving on…there is a new fashion craze.
El Paso Guaracheros

They’ve only been around for about a year, but these ridiculously long Mexican Guarachero Boots have already become a major fashion trend at dance clubs and rodeo dance floors around northern Mexico, just across the border from Texas.  They say, “I’m a cowboy, but I’m here to party”. I hear that they’re all the rage in Redding and Red Bluff, California. With the rumors that Brig is headed to Nevada to party, I can’t help wonder if she’ll be bringing a pair or two along.

35 thoughts on “Going Full Cowboy

  1. It's important for a brassero to look his very best when he's out courting senioritas.

  2. Well heck, I hate not being up on buckaroo fashionista boots. I do know that the top two pair of boots just scream SoCal low tech…
    The last ones won't make it in RB (real buckaroo country), the rule up here is SSS, cause the countryside would be littered with them little pointy toes stick'n up.

  3. Since Austin is inundated with flood waters, it may not be there tomorrow…which would make the point moot.

  4. Fredd, with men, hope springs eternal. If the ladies like the boots or a big red butt, then guys will go along with it, applying very little thought to the matter.

  5. I don't know. There may be a gene in the female of the species that's triggered by those boots?

  6. They might work as a trigger for Hillary & libs,
    but that's a place I wouldn't want to go… just say'n

  7. The liberals seem to operate from the "primitive part of the brain". I'm sure that's where the indexing takes place. It's naturally overruled by the "thinking" part of the brain used by conservatives.

  8. The boots with no toe or heal must the the som lor driver special. Those who are puzzled at the word(s) should look in a Thai English dictionary.

  9. El Paso seems to be giving Austin a run for its weird money! Logistically, how do you do ANYTHING in those long-toed boots?? You'd have to drive in your socks, put the boots on when you get out of the truck, and then DANCE? Without injuring people??
    Of course there are ladies who function with fingernails that long, and I've never understood how they do that either…

  10. If I dance, I dance alone, so you would never know whether or not I wear the fancy boots – you'll have to take my word for it… but good call on the fingernails. I think that they're just about the same length.

  11. I could trade them for Bar Girl 43 and Bar Girl 26 for long time at Soi Cowboy, which is the standard measure of trade in Bangkok.

  12. All of those boots look pretty neat, but which ones are the most waterproof? Most of the state is underwater now, so it's worth considering.

  13. And snake proof. I'm sure that it's a water moccasin's and cottonmouth's picnic out there as they're swimming between the homes. Wear the sandal boots and roll the dice…

  14. I doubt that there is such a thing as a gator-proof boot. I'm sure that they will be swimming up rivers and laying eggs along with the snakes and other reptiles. Hillary Clinton can wade among them without fear as a family member.

  15. Someone on facebook posted a photo of a 9 foot alligator near Lake Lewisville yesterday. That is the lake I took my kids to for a picnic a few days ago. Uh huh. Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and terrorists weren't sufficient. Now I have human-eating reptiles to be on guard against.

  16. After seeing that first pair of boots I am soooo thankful you didn't try on pair of chaps. But then again, you're in Austin…

  17. A nine-foot alligator — yeah, it would do the job. Bring a .460 S&W revolver. If it can kill a grizzly bear, it can kill a gator.

  18. Austin is one of those non-Texas places in Texas. But those boots would go well with chaps now that you mention it.

  19. Okay, you owe me a new keyboard for those… At least it was water and not coffee this time… LOL

  20. Is that a way of getting me to pick up the check for lunch today (Old NFO and I are having lunch in San Diego later today)? If so, it worked. :^)

  21. Up in Tuscon they make Stewart Boots. Absolutely fabulous boot, hand made. I've been wearing them since 1966 when I started galloping race horses. Soft leather but not overly gaudy as to stitching and so forth.

  22. I'm working with a different outfit now. Headed to Texas in a couple weeks. Thus the obsession with boots, floods and such.

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