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If George Orwell was alive today, he’d look at the “progressive movement” and would likely say, “they’re going according to plan.”
Donald J. Trump stuck a finger (from his large hands) into the eye of that movement and they are still trying to cope with his win over the RINO’s and Corrupt Hillary Clinton – either of which would have served the deep state faithfully.
It’s all quite interesting.

10 thoughts on “Progressivism

  1. They really do hate history and the evil spirit of the Party roams the land like a noxious demon.

  2. You certainly can't blame the progressive movement for their tactics in trying to wrest control over society from their opponents. Barring the presence of a king/tyrant and their subsequent installment of force via the barrel of a gun, our Constitution only allows words as the vessel for change. And these commies are using their words as best they can. Their opponents (aka 'we') would do well to watch and learn. To date, these guys are doing OK based on how things have taken shape via the tax code, political correctness and the deep state. Very well, indeed.

    Or, as LSP would say, you must give the devil his due.

  3. The progs and communists understand that envy is a hugely powerful human emotion. Saying, "Look at Fredd in his mansion, let's steal what he has" is a motivator and a unifier.

  4. Give the devil his due, just look at agent Sztork who's been romping all the way to the bank thanks to gofundademon.

    We need to get our act together.

  5. If you listen to CNN or MSNBC, you'll hear that the Democrat Party is always right, no matter how perverse, foolish, outlandish, absurd or dangerous.

  6. Progs are giving alms to Strozk in the hundreds of thousands. A gift to a traitor from his adoring public.

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