There are a lot of people (mainly in the lying, corrupt, smug, sly mainstream media and in the DNC) who are uncomfortable with recent revelations that their presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, was taking graft from Russia, China and Ukraine with his son, Hunter operating as his bag man.

Is there a mechanism to inform the US public? Not much of one.

What are the chances of 4 US Senators and The Speaker of the House of Representatives having kids on the boards of Ukrainian gas companies?  …more here

I find it interesting that Senator Mitt (Pierre) Romney (R/D-UT) allegedly has a son in the Ukranian gas business, given that he claims uncommon virtue. All that notwithstanding, he’d rather not see a probe of Ukranian business dealing.

Nice work if you can get it.

The Clintons, with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, went at it more directly and she criss-crossed the globe collecting hundreds of millions of dollars, dragging the sack on behalf of the Clinton Global Initiative. Many nations were willing to invest tens of millions of dollars in the off chance that she would be the next US President. Hillary saw herself as her own best bag person as she and her girlfriend, Huma Weiner bounced from place to place in the interest of “diplomacy”.

Journalism is dead in America. The media has lost all credibility as has the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they of the failed coup and the Russia Hoax.

If Joe Biden becomes president, all of this goes away. He’s not just fighting to become president, he’s fighting to keep himself and his family out of prison. 


  1. As you said, bag men and women. It’s an unfortunate truth that many politicians keep it in the family. Sure, the poli’s taxes may be as pure as driven snow, but the taxes of their children or other close relatives?

    I am quite sure that Biden’s sainted son (the dead one) was just as dirty as Hunter, but I guess you have to work with the idiots Satan provides you.

    Amazing (not) that the media spends so much time attacking the Trump kids while completely ignoring the Clinton kid or the Biden kid or just about anyone with the last name of ‘Kennedy’ and who comes out of Rhode Island or Massachusetts. (Yes, another Kennedy has been linked to improper campaign financing, to the tune of $1.5 million…)

    • There was a time, long ago, when journalists felt that everyone was fair game. Now the game is rigged and media outlets form a near monopoly. So if you plan to work, you ignore the people who flew on Epstein’s plane. Or went to his New Mexico ranch, or to his NY Townhouse and molested little girls and boys.

      And the graft that the Clintons, the Obamas and the Bidens amassed under the Democrat watch is untouchable.

  2. Hillary: “If that bastard wins, we all are going to hang”. All the usual suspect fact checkers call it false; that she never said it.

    I bet she did. she was just off by four years.

    • Well, considering the first term has so far been constant attacks on Trump and his administration and his family, when has he really had time to focus on Corrupt Clinton or any other national threat.

      Especially since it took till basically late 2018/early 2019 to get AG Barr nominated and approved. Since then there has been some movement, just not enough.

      Like the FBI holding onto the Biden computer hard drive and not doing diddly-squat with it until Giuliani dropped the truth-bomb.

      Constant attack. It shows.

    • The FBI is hopelessly corrupt, completely owned, and people still refer to it as the gold standard in law enforcement. Likely you’d get less corrupt cops in Nigeria.

  3. The more I research and watch (ACB’s hearing is just ONE event showcasing who the worried are) Biden’s handlers need him to be president so THEY can stay out of jail, even if it’s only for a day after Inauguration.

    • I’d add: The “worried” will have no problem throwing Biden under the bus. The latest news is child porn was also found on Hunter’s HDD.

      • There’s a shocker, wot?

        And while we’re at it, how does a self-identified paragon of virtue like Mittens come to think up a porn star-ish name for hisself like Pierre Delecto? Something rotten in that little slice of Denmark too, I betcha.

          • Board the Lolita Express and go to Fantasy Island.

            What happened to all of the Epstein kids? How many were snuffed to keep from telling?

            A lot of the kids they used came from Russia and Eastern Europe and didn’t speak English, or spoke it crudely. Expendable. I can’t prove they were fed to sharks, but the metrics point in that direction.

          • I don’t know that they killed them, LL – that’s just bad business. Who’s gonna believe a sex slave, even if they try to tell someone about it? You can always just pass them around the world network, and if they’re trying to be mouthy there’s plenty of places in Asia / Africa / etc. where nobody understand their language, or cares about what they say, or is ever going to let them escape.

            Private ocean-going yachts are absolutely the best for human trafficking (in small numbers) and they can work the passage.

            Seems like they’d only kill them once they couldn’t make money off them.


          • I don’t know their fate, Kle. Dead men (and boys and young girls) tell no tales. It’s not as if there is a shortage of sex slaves in the world.

          • True, true.

            Maybe it’s a way of showing off how rich you are, like buying food and throwing it away.


  4. I’d forgotten all about Mittens’ porn star name, Pierre Delecto. And know I remember Weiner’s, Carlos Danger.

    Whatever happened to Carlos’ laptop? Oh, the FBI had it. A bit like “the dog ate my homework.” But Hunter doesn’t seem to have been quite so fortunate.

    • The FBI has an unpleasant habit of burying anything that implicates deep state actors for the benefit of the corrupt and powerful. To be fair, that was Hoover’s M.O. as well, blackmailing politicians, etc. That was the origin of the FBI and they have gone back to their roots.

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