Micro-Aggression (PC Police)

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I feel that it’s my duty to keep you all abreast of the latest politically correct requirements so that you can live your life by them.
Micro-Aggression sounds to me like a term suggesting that the person accused is too much of a wimp to be properly aggressive. Never frigging call me MICRO-Aggressive. You can call me “aggressive” or you can call me other appropriate terms, but Micro-Aggressive sounds like the maid that Al Gore tried to rape in Portland, the “crazed sex poodle” thing.
Professors at the University of California at Berkeley have been officially warned against saying such things as “America is the land of opportunity.” Why? Because this is considered to be an act of “micro-aggression” against minorities and women. 
Supposedly it shows you don’t take their grievances seriously and are therefore guilty of being aggressive toward them, even if only on a micro scale. 
(I don’t take their grievances seriously – nor do I take the grievances of angry Muslims seriously who want to impose Sharia on me – nor do I take the grievances of the North Koreans seriously. I don’t take Rachael Dolezal, Hillary (The Bitch of Benghazi) Clinton, Al Sharpton or Bruce Jenner seriously. I don’t take NBC seriously. There’s a lot that I don’t take seriously.) 
You might think that this is just another crazy idea from Berkeley. But the same concept appears in a report from the flagship campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana. 
If you just sit in a room where all the people are white, you are considered to be guilty of “micro-aggression” against people who are not white, who will supposedly feel uncomfortable when they enter such a room.
To date, I have never been uncomfortable sitting in a room full of white people. My military unit was almost always white. The SAS guys that I worked with were all white. My family is all white. When my kids and in-laws get together everyone is white. When I visit friends in Arizona, they’re all white. Why would I feel bad about sitting together with my kids, their husbands and their husband’s families or any other white people? I don’t care if non-white people show up in tow, but I am quite comfortable among whites, and that may not be politically correct.

Current attempts by the Obama administration to force low-income housing to be built in middle-class and upscale communities are on a par with forcing people to buy the kind of health insurance the government wants them to buy — ObamaCare — rather than leaving them free to buy whatever suits their own situation and preferences.

Is that Micro-Totalitarianism?

18 thoughts on “Micro-Aggression (PC Police)

  1. Pay no mind to these terms that the Left conjures up to advance their agenda, LL. This latest nonsense seems to have gotten under your skin, this micro-aggression business.

    The term itself is meaningless. Aggression is aggression. There's no diluting the basic meaning, unless your goal is to obfuscate, confuse or misdirect: all tactics of the Left.

    Micro-aggression falls into the same category as skinny sumo wrestlers, fat jockeys, timid Navy Seals, and stupid brain surgeons. Trying to soften the definition of aggression, huh? Try this one:

    Ghengis Khan was quite the Renaissance Man, and in his world view, populations who disagreed with his proposed administrations of their land would be subject to micro aggression. Once this micro aggression policy was imposed, the target populations tended towards political marginalization.

    All gobbledegook. The Left would probably put the above crap into their history books, as it softens the historical facts prior to presentation to young skulls full of mush, who must be shielded from harsh reality.

    The harsh reality is that when Ghenghis Khan set about marginalizing a population, they STAYED marginalized.

    Micro aggression. Complete nonsense.

  2. "Professors at the University of California . . ." An assured source. Whoop Whoop!! Ding Ding!!

  3. Absolutely, unless the group constitutes a "protected species" then using the term "micro-aggression" becomes "hate speech"…

  4. Thank you for the clarification. Is a throat punch micro or macro aggression, or does it depend on what group the punchee is a member?

  5. If you are a Muslim, if you're transgender, if you're black, brown or any color other than white (OTW), you are allowed any amount of aggression toward whites (and in particular, conservative whites in fly-over country who cling to God and guns) because of perceived past wrongs and perceived future wrongs that may be done to you. That should clarify it further.

  6. Further, WSF, if you belong to any grievance group (such as homosexuals), race doesn't matter and aggression is authorized against white conservatives in fly-over country.

  7. I understand now. Probably should keep the numbers of the lawyer and bondsman on speed dial, being a conservative white man in fly over country.

  8. Nothing like a hearty helping of micro-aggression to start the day off on the right note!

  9. Sort of like the postman showing up in front of your place with Blue Mail Hater on a stout tether in front.

  10. Now, when brown straight Muslims hang other brown GAY Muslims from rigging trucks, is that Macro or Micro aggression, or just a Muslim cultural thang that we can't criticize and that white gay people have to tolerate for the greater glory of Progressivism? This is all very confusing when it comes to pecking orders between and amongst OTWs.

  11. I am not able to delve that deeply into the progressive thought process. You'd need to call Hillary or Rachael Dolezal

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