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ISIL in the News

The jihadist group the Islamist State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has been attempting to mend fences with other Islamist groups in Syria that it previously attacked. This follows its rejection by al Qaida leader Ayman al Zawahiri this week. Yesterday its representatives signed a non-aggression agreement with a fellow jihadist fighting group, known as Suqour al-Sham.

Official ISIL photo
The agreement calls for “an immediate halt to fighting between the sides and no assault by either side on the other in any way”. It also urges that any disagreements between the groups be referred to an Islamic court. (h/t Nightwatch)
I don’t think that the US has a good handle on who is funding ISIL if al Qaida is not. Zawahiri (leader of al Qaida is hiding out in Pakistan – what a surprise) is apparently not sending them money or resources.

Jihad and terrorism require money and the resources money buys. The two vulnerable points in a systems analysis of every terrorist group are recruits and logistics, primarily finances. Most intelligence resources and funds are devoted to coping with the spear point. The greatest vulnerability of terrorist groups, however, resides in the spear shaft.
It’s nice to kill fighting members of terrorist cells, but there is an inexhaustible supply of those. Destroying their infrastructure makes them combat ineffective. 
You can’t do any of that if the USGOV has the philosophy that religion has nothing to do with International Terrorism. Somewhere in excess of 90% of terrorist groups are Muslim, though it’s very politically incorrect to point that out in the halls of power in the nation’s capital. Strategic blindness, bureaucratic malpractice, legislative gridlock and public disinterest join with the president’s stated “end to a war on terror” and the beginning of a “foreign contingency operation” to make us far less efficient in ending the problem than under the previous administration.
We need to do a study. Spend fifty million dollars and hire a bunch of PhD’s to figure out the common thread…but even if they did ferret out the commonality, I’m sure that the political incorrectness of their findings wouldn’t tip the scales to make it important to the Obama Administration.

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  1. I hate it when I have to get my picture taken kneeling in the sand. The sand and dust gets in your pants and shoes, and some of it can filter into your bomb and screw things up. Wait! What's that ticking sound? I didn't push any buttons. What that sou………….

  2. It is OK to lie to promote islam (taqqia). It is glorious to kill to promote islam (infidels). Lying about the killing is probably the highest form of obedience (submission).

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