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I’ve been up on the Rim for the past couple of days. I called a friend and said, “I’m scaring myself and may look disturbed. I can’t wipe the smile off my face.”

The only significant wildlife that I saw were elk and a coyote, not a wolf. I’ve been told that there are no wolves remaining on the Mogollon Rim. That may be the case. Or maybe not. I can’t say one way or the other.

The meets and bounds survey is complete and it’s time to order the full survey, including too, trees greater than 8 inches, and significant rock outcroppings, preparatory for the architectural work.  It seems like a lot of work just to build a shack. At least that’s how it seems to me. But one must do one’s best to keep the hovel standing, right? Despite a zombie apocalypse, nuclear winter and global warming.

Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm,” and the warrior responds, “I am the storm.” Preparation is part of the discipline.

One disturbing development came when I was down in the canyon, and my cell phone had three bars…It’s not supposed to have any. Civilization encroaches and it’s disturbing. I swapped out the Iridium for a Globalstar and they return a signal, naturally. But common cell phones? Who is doing this stuff? What evil post-modern plot is afoot? Of course, I can just turn off the phone.

I retained an architect today. It’s not easy to find somebody who can share the vision of a shack in the pines, on the side of a canyon.

Brig, who reads this blog occasionally, suggested this concept:

And let nobody doubt that Brig knows horses, cows, guns and cabins.

A few comments from readers (Q and A)

Q: Aren’t you worried about alien abduction, living out in the woods?

A: The Mexicans have to find me first.

Q: Do you plan to wear a cowboy hat.

A: At times, but I’m more likely to wear a baseball style cap if it’s allowed.

Q: What do you plan to eat?

A: I’m not leaving planet Earth. I will eat dead chickens, cows and pigs for the most part. I eat salads primarily because I hate plants and wolfing down a salad is my way of getting even with them. I will probably eat tacos and burritos (unless their presence draws illegal aliens – you have to balance that out for yourself)

Q: What minerals were mined at the White Wolf Mine?

A: Manganese.

Q: Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?

A: Ulysses Grant

32 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Question: What's your elevation?

    Another question: Are you going to have a house warming party?

  2. Lifelong Democrats ‘Trumpocrats’ break from Democratic Party to vote Trump in 2016

    ps. Would you consider adding CC to your blogroll??

  3. A word to the wise: zombies love descending on remote shacks in packs. You need to zombie-proof your facility, and to do it right you have to arrange for a Feng-shui professional who specializes in the zombie arts to go over your layout.

    To ignore this important safeguard to to invite doom and death, as a non-zombie approved structure will only attract hoards of hungry zombies who will eat your brains and those of your loved ones.

    Nobody wants that, right?

    For a nominal fee, I can broker a zombie approved feng shui professional to save you and your loved ones. If you act now, I can offer a 15% off discount, but don't wait.

    Those packs of pesky brain-hungry zombies won't wait, either.

  4. Love the shack ideas. The Mexican gray wolves tend toward the eastern part of the state where they can find plentiful rabbits and whitetails. They are tracked pretty closely by the folks who track such things and get paid to do so. (Not me.)

  5. Yes well, I'm impressed that you would give a rip about what an ol berserker that knows little about next to nothin, thinks.

    Feng shui is a good thing,(I have helped clients with that, for free(Fredd)) and goes to the all important siting of the house.
    I really hope you have got to spend time on the ground and up on a ladder (for elevations)where you are considering building.
    An Architect's Tips: "If you asked me what mistake I see most often in house design, I would say it's the “siting” of the house."

  6. You're talking fuel-air-explosives, daisy cutter style trench mortars and other fancies that will rip the crust off the earth for miles in all directions. Of course I've thought of that. Between the Russians, the Israelis and the drug cartels, I think that I have the "midnight auto supply" of weapons covered.

  7. I need to introduce more into the wild in my local area. We need to implant electronic IFF (Information Friend or Foe) devices into their brains so that they become mindless and willing servants. I'd call on Dr. Evil for the actual mechanics but George Soros is engaged in electioneering for Hillary at the moment. I'll have to wait until after November 8 to ask.

  8. It sounds as if I'm charging ahead, but all of these steps take time and patience is called for. But yes, it's moving in the right direction.

  9. Blending stone, metal and wood in a home is essential to create the feng shui that I need. The architect is very good at that, which is why I selected him.

  10. I currently have a married daughter, her husband, and 2.5 granddaughters living with me. Another daughter has reliably said that she's moving back home. No need of a dog.

  11. Soros isn't available to help? That surprises me. I thought he was into every nook and cranny of the US government. Perhaps he'd offer at least some financial support if you told him how tracking wolves would help him consolidate his power over US interests.

  12. Three bars? That seems very excessive. Good to see you're reintroducing wolves to the area.

  13. The IFF chip that makes wolves refuse to attack a designated "friend" could be placed in the brains of conservatives, causing us to love both Dr. Evil and Big Mother.

  14. Maybe they are increasing cell coverage to provide for tracking capacity for wolves in the area?

  15. Common trolled me relentlessly years ago. I added him to my blogroll, but he never added me to his. I finally got into it with him and he went away.

  16. Now I'm back in the city in all its …cityness. It's not at all like Silverton here in the noise, crowds/traffic, pollution, etc. Not smiling, but getting by with a plan.

  17. Consider inviting your Coloradan friends. We bring good booze, and we come from 6000 ft, which is not quite as high as your hovel, but we're acclimated enough to hold our liquor. Mostly.

  18. I'm glad you're considering Brig's suggestions. Those are glorious pics of that rustic house. She has good sense.

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