Taking Cool to a Whole New Level

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US Military stealth technology meets the BatMobile in the Lamborghini Veneo.

Lamborghini Veneo – front
Lamborghini Veneo – rear

Lamborghini Veneo – top
It looks as if Lamborghini wanted to design a car that is impervious to law enforcement (radar) efforts to record its speed. Of course, if it’s on a freeway in Los Angeles, the speed will be 15 mph or less due to traffic. 
Lamborghini made three of them and they’re already sold at a price of $4.6 million per copy. But it doesn’t just look like a BatMobile. The 6.5-liter V12  engine produces around 740 horsepower to insure that you can be the first one off the line at a red light.

3 thoughts on “Taking Cool to a Whole New Level

  1. It's so cool that you could dress up like a bat when you drive it and people would nod and wave, thinking — well, why not?

  2. My luck I'd come out after work to find it up on jacks without wheels and other cool stuff. Does it come with those unfolding shields? That would help.

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