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An interesting rumor has been quietly circulated through the Washington DC Beltway by Democrats.

“Forgive Jim (Big Jim) Comey”

Yeah, I didn’t believe it either when I heard it the first or second time, but there is a strategy afoot to rehabilitate him among Democrats and to run him against President Trump in 2020. Unlimited self-righteousness, professional bullying, preening self-importance, and entitled arrogance are all elements of today’s FBI, and nowhere is it more apparent than in disgraced former Director Jim (Big Jim) Comey. They could round out the ticket with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who checks two boxes by being both partly African and a woman. 

Jim Comey’s dedication to the deep state and to the power mongers has been proved in the octagon in the Senate and the House as they questioned him about unethical practices while in power. Will he rise to win the nomination of his Party? That remains to be seen. It would help his chances if he came out of the closet as a tranny or something, shaved his legs, wore a mini-skirt and walked like a duck. But even without that, there are some serious people who believe that he has a chance to be President. 

Would he put Robert Mueller back in as FBI Director? It would be very progressive. Would FBI absorb ICE and all other federal law enforcement to be the uber agency in America. I’m sure that John Podesta is offering blood sacrifices to Moloch (his chosen deity according to insider accounts) to make it happen.

26 thoughts on “Dark Horse?

  1. Leave it to the donkeys. Whenever you think they've gotten the bar as low as it'll go, they find a way to lower it.

  2. I'm hoping for Hillary 20/20, of course, but a Comey run might be good too.

    How much spirit cooking will it take in either case? Abramovic must be in high demand.

  3. Of course, everyone has a book out these days and Big Jim Comey's discusses his virtue – as does Hillary's. I don't think that She would share a stage with Him, but since the call in the Donkey party went out for a "fresh face", her stock is falling.

  4. The Bible says that, "Satan is a broad in the land," which some take to suggest that the Devil is a woman. Which suggests that Hillary may get a third shot at the presidency, if you follow my logic.

    I wonder if Jeb! is going to run against President Trump in 2020 on the Elephant side of things? He'd be giving America another chance to vote for him.

  5. Well. That visual image put me right off my feed. But yeah, what Old NFO said.

    As I have stated elsewhere, the left has become a twisted version of Don Quixote, with only two choices. Double down (again), or face the Knight of Mirrors. They will try to sell being fired by President Trump as some kind of Red Badge of Courage.

  6. As far as Big Jim is concerned, I say 'lock him up.' Hillary, too, for that matter, but getting leg irons large enough for her cankles might take a battalion of blacksmiths awhile to fabricate.

    You of course have the inside skinny, but from where I sit in Fly Over Country, where all the 'dirt people' live, you know, those smelly Wal-Mart, Trump voter types, I still see Pocahontas as getting the tap as the Dem nominee in 2020. She's still a heap-big powerful squaw, make-um run at taking Evil Pale Face Trump's tee-pee.

    A little Indian lingo there, LL, in deference to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Little Big Horn), pure blooded Cherokee. Or Apache, she's likely to claim both tribes as her own.

  7. Comey has positioned himself somewhere between "God's mouthpiece" and the savior of the nation. Yes, it makes you want to yack, but that's Big Jim.

  8. You need to show more respect for your betters, Fredd. IF Big Jim should become President, we can all try to get Aunt Sally a job as White House chef.

  9. When Comey re-started the Hillary investigation just before the election many Dems went ballistic. I guess not all Dems are in favor om Comey since they blame his for Hillary loosing. Now the Russians are accused for starting the #walkaway campaign to split the Dems so they will lose the mid-term election. I guess the Russian chess players enjoy the situation, they have their chess pieces all over in the US according to MSM. Even the President is under full control of the Russians and they will visit him later this year to get confirmation that the US chaos is complete. Interesting times. In the UK they have the Brexit Chaos, in Germany they struggle with Merkel and her immigrants, The EU have big issues, France having some kind of state of emergency, Turkey noe one know where will go, China follow their plan, Pakistans struggles, Afghanistan continue to go down the drain, Korea who knows but you, Africa and all the different problems around the world makes your Blog a highlight of the day.

  10. Yeah, that would be our 'in.' McDonalds has been cited as sickening 160 people with their salads, maybe you've seen it on ABC or NBC. Hell, Aunt Sally sickens more people than that at every other church potluck she's involved with, and yet CNN never covers that.

  11. PS: if you go to McDonalds and order a salad, you deserve to be sickened.

    Order the Big Mac and french fries, for Christ's sake.

  12. For the record, I have NEVER ordered a salad at McDonalds. But I'm sure that Aunt Sally could take the ingredients and somehow make it worse.

    You need skull and bones decals for Aunt Sally's crockpot.

  13. The only people who care about the Russians conquering America are the political class and the corrupt, smug, elite media. The Russians would be LUCKY to field one armored brigade and support it in the field on a country adjacent to their own. They have a lot of nukes, but lack a lot of capacity otherwise.

    Remember when the liberals loved the Russians and hated NATO. Now they love NATO and hate the Russians. It would be nice if they made up their minds.

  14. I think you have a good point, the "war" going is happening in the brains of people having an agenda. What they find convenient and appropriate to use to their benefit will be used. It is kind of strange to remember that the cold war era had large military operations with hundreds of thousands of soldiers, thousands of planes and tanks at enormous cost as the way war would be fought and the politicians had to deal with it. Today it is a mind game with Twitter and rumors, how a face expression can be interpreted and MSM integrated with politicians and government people in a mess where their own personal interest is what they aim at. I guess the culture of today is not build on experiences gained on hard work or war. That makes a difference and will end with complete deterioration of the moral in the society and ability to build on strengt to create a better future. The Russians still seem to be doing a good job and get the best possible help from the MSM, the D and FBI.

  15. Aunt Sally is old school: new fangled crock pots, nah. She's sticking to her good ol' fashioned cauldrons.

  16. A comment you made tends to validate an opinion I am forming.
    Everyone lauds the "rank and file" but it's been poisoned for more than a decade.
    And the not so virtuous have been hiring and promoting.

  17. Yeah. The well was poisoned and those virtuous who could retire did, allowing for more rapid movement to the top of the dirtbags like Strzok.

  18. The Bible says that, "Satan is a broad in the land," which some take to suggest that the Devil is a woman. Which suggests that Hillary may get a third shot at the presidency, if you follow my logic.

    I think that's the line of the day.

  19. The dem/progs are famous for setting the bar down LOW, but this is beyond belief low. It can't happen.

  20. They invent new lows all of the time. Just when you thought that the bar was ground level, they bury it.

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