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Quotes from Iron Felix – restated

Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky spoke to the Soviet mindset, but I see so much of the same thing within the American Deep State that it’s worth quoting him here. It’s dark stuff.

“The fact that you are free is not your achievement, but rather a failure on our side.”

“We stand for organized terror – this should be frankly admitted. Terror is an absolute necessity during times of revolution. Our aim is to fight against the enemies of the Soviet Government and of the new order of life. We judge quickly. In most cases, only a day passes between the apprehension of the criminal and his sentence. When confronted with evidence criminals in almost every case confess; and what argument can have greater weight than a criminal’s own confession?”

Putting a reluctant prisoner to the question is very third world, but this place is fast becoming a banana republic.


Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) on Twitter


Identify the Tank


African Mindset – Billboards


I don’t mean by this segment to imply that all African males rape women as a matter of course. However, it’s a massive problem in Africa where statistics show that somewhere around 99% of all females over the age of 12 have been raped.

It’s not just Africa. Caribbean Islands, heavily populated with the same inner city demographic have very much the same problem. Churches, NGOs, and a number of local women’s organizations take the problems seriously. Rape and female circumcision destroys women.

It’s simply part of the culture and culture is one of the most difficult things to change. With unfettered illegal immigration from the third world under the Brandon Regime, a lot of these cultural norms will be coming to a city or county, or state near you.

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  1. Let’s play what if? Trump has declassified docs proving the FBI was complicate and corrupt to the gills during the Russia collusion hoax? Trump has copies of Hunters laptop hard drives? Trump has Epstein’s client list with pics and vids? Trump has docs proving Biden’s corruption? The plot thickens by the hour.

    1. Yes, it thickens. Interesting that President Trump watched almost all of the nine-hour search from Trump Tower.

      1. This is all just political theater. Do “they” really think President Trump is STOOPID enough to keep high-potency documentation like this in ONE place? Anything incriminating he has is stored in mulyiple places, and multiple formats. The “originals” are safely stored somewhere until needed.

        1. Despite what the MSM is hyperventilating about, trying to put lipstick on a dead bloated pig and call it Kansas City BBQ, anything Trump has in his possession, especially given to him upon his leaving by those tasked with such things, are automatically declassified, as was his privilege.

          Sundance has a four part series, the last part being the heavily incriminating part; that Trump had declassified the Russia Hoax and a bunch of other documents that ties all the nasty players from the past six years together.

          It’s simple: The Nasty Club Fed’s want the papers back, regardless the optics instantly turned on their little fishing and media narrative control expedition. But Trump is allowed to make it all public, assuming he gets them back, which isn’t likely…they’ve been shredded by now.

          These people are so massively petrified of Trump they will do anything to stop him. But this move by him, was flat out genius. He hung them out to dry and now they’re in damage control. Next they’ll try to arrest him to shut him up.

          Popcorn at the ready, this is going to get really interesting.

    1. Yes, and that 60mm high-velocity gun was and likely is very effective. I think that the X-1 is taking a Stuart about as far as a Stuart can go.

      1. You could mount a low-velocity 90mm or 105mm gun, or go with a casement mount and mount up to a 105mm high-velocity gun.

        Or a gun-mortar system.

        Nothing wrong with the Stuart in a low-intensity campaign. Hull armor will stop anything smaller than 25mm (modern 25mm, like on the Bradley) and, well, it’s a proven design.

      1. They can try, but that’ll bring on massive pushback. There are a lot of us, and since they are cowards and quislings, they’ll eventually fold like a cheap umbrella in a Wyoming breeze.

        1. The pushback will require some organizing and numbers of people working together. Otherwise the weasels will pick everyone off one by one.

          1. Benjamin Franklin said that they would either hang together or hang separately. He knew his business.

          2. Nehemiah 2:11-18 – Strength in numbers with each of us doing our small part to achieve the greater whole. It’s doable.

  2. Apropos of nothing at all in today’s blog, I note that the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is due to be released Nov 22, 2022. Wakanda Forever! ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

    My Copenhagen informant, uh, informed me that their (her) troubles with bad foreign men really went up with importation of “Bosnian Refugees”. White, yes, but the culture was bad, being aggressive, unable to understand “no“, and to top it off, stalker-y. She then looked around reflexively (despite it being 8pm and we two being the only living persons in the building), leaned in and whispered, “I think the Muslim thing is partly to blame.” Such well trained cattle we are, to be afraid of saying what is obvious.

    Speaking of treating people as cattle, Iron Felix’s Wiki biography (keeping in mind that it’s also likely heavily propagandized and filtered) is fascinating. Born petty nobility with the title but no privileges. Mediocre student. A set up for resentment. Then engaged to a Julia Goldman (whose revolutionary brother Boris took up the pseudonymous surname “Gorev”) who died of TB, then subsequently married to a Zofia Muszcat, who was then exiled to Siberia. Resentments on top of resentment.

    Unfortunately the conclusion I draw from Iron Felix’s sad history isn’t that Czarist Russia was too hard on people (although it was), but that was not hard enough on these revolutionaries full of the spirit of “the eternal rebel.” In other words, don’t do a man a lesser injury that will make him resentful. Leave people alone if you can. But when they step over the line, kill them. None of this “sent to prison to be beaten regularly by guards”, none of this Siberian exile business.

    1. I never watched the first Black Panther film, so I’m unable to review it or comment on the second one – will the new one be done with an all-white cast since they swapped out the white casts in the other superhero films?

      Maybe twenty-five years ago or so Mexico was considering inviting American troops in to deal with their drug problem even though the American consumption fueled the trade and still does. I had been called in because I knew people at CSEN and key people in the Marina/Navy who were behind the proposal. I suggested that they use Russians instead because Americans doing what it was that they wanted would be accused of human rights abuses after the fact (like CIA was after they got Bin Laden). Russians would kill narcos indiscriminately which meant taking out the families of the narcos because they were ALL narcos.

      The Romanovs lacked sufficient ruthlessness to deal with the communists. Not Peter or Catherine of course, but their ancestors grew soft.

  3. Africa- Nuf said. It’s cultural. Can’t fix the ingrained bad mentality, even with Bible in hand. People have tried. Not working. Like Maskees and Dem/Antifa/BLM supporters…same thing.

    Garland & Wray, two of the biggest swamp weasels ever, desperate to deflect their clear and present danger to our C. Republic by feigning outrage that people have the temerity to call them out. Poke the dog – He bites you on the 12th poke – Blame the dog. It’s what weasel’s do.

    Bad optics, boys. But thank you very much for the boost.

    Mike Lee’s statements are damning to the DOJ/FBI Gestapo tactic “raid” that there is no way they can’t deflect the heat (but will try…’cause…they’re weasels). Levin has been blowing a gasket all week, saying the same as Lee, while offering Constitutional background, refuting the Talking Idiot shills who are trying to make it Trump’s fault, picking nits yet conveniently overlooking the egregiousness of the actual “Not-A-Raid” (a new Lefty definition parked next to “Not-A-Recession” line in The Modern Lefty Dictionary).

    Trump’s team should release the 9hrs…today!. People will have the weekend to review it. Take the scumbags to the mattresses. It’s beyond time to play dirty. Maybe the R’s will get on board? (hahahah)

    1. I’m sure that excerpted footage of the video is being assembled.

      The pretext for the raid is drawing scrutiny and that’s how it needs to go.

      1. It’s yet another ruse by the bums who forgot they work for us. Time to dismantle most of DC and start over…at least the buildings and desks still work.

      2. Tonight, Jesse Watters said something like, “Imagine if Trump had done this to Jill Biden. There’s be a revolution, as well there should be.”
        Sounds like an insurrectionist to me. 🙂

        1. I am convinced – as they have for 6 years now – that the Dem’s underestimated Trump, that they think they’re the smarter ones in the room. I believe he set them up.

          You’re a Billionaire, sipping adult beverages on the MAL patio after a nice round on the back nine, thinking, “I have everything, what could I do to fix this tyrannical mess?”

          Took forethought and contingencies, but he knew they wouldn’t stop coming after him. So he turned the tables. Or that’s what it appears.

          If true, this is the “Heavenly meteor strike” we were asking for. If the FBI and DOJ ramp up in the next week then we’ll know for sure they’re nervous.

          1. I think at least some of them are stupid enough to martyr him. I remember Benigno Aquino. Ferdinand Marcos was smart enough not to assassinate him, but Imelda wasn’t. The Philippines are exactly the kind of banana republic I don’t want to see our great nation turned into, but our elites are determined.

          2. I think at least some of them are stupid enough to martyr him. I remember Benigno Aquino. Ferdinand Marcos was smart enough not to assassinate him, but Imelda wasn’t. The Philippines are exactly the kind of banana republic I don’t want to see our great nation turned into.

  4. It’s really just becoming political theater. Bad actors, posturing, subterfuge, twisted plots, and outright skullduggery accented by moments of outrage. Meanwhile, the senile leader can’t be found, and the drunk leader of the House is taking her son around the world to meet her handlers.

    1. The senile leader is on vacation and the Ho is complaining that her job is too hard. The job of a whore is far less complex than Veep, I guess.

      1. As the VP position is not worth a bucket of warm spit, you’d think that her vast experience of handling warm something-something would help. And yet even that appears to exceed her neuron capacity. Even attending flower festivals may be too much.

  5. Oh yeah, re the Oxfam sign saying “Real Men Don’t Rape”: What a load of useless crap. (Not that it’s the biggest thing wrong with Oxfam. Not by far. Unfortunately.)

    Try a sign that says. “If you rape someone, we will gouge out your eyeballs, stuff your testicles into the empty sockets, cauterize your empty scrotum, and then chain you naked to a post in the center of town. Women will be provided BB guns and be permitted to shoot at you as much as they like, for as long as you last.” Then make a few examples.

    Even if that doesn’t discourage rapists, at least it’ll eliminate recidivism.

    (Not that I have strong feelings about this.)

    1. I think that’s a fitting way to deal with the problem. Not a final solution, but a road map.

  6. O/T: Salman Rushdie stabbed multiple times in Chatauqua, New York. The Daily Mail tells us:
    “The motive for the stabbing is currently unknown”

    DM then goes on to say:
    “Hitoshi Igarashi, who translated The Satanic Verses into Japanese for Rushdie, was stabbed to death on the campus where he taught literature. Ettore Capriolo, the Italian translator of the book, was knifed in his apartment in Milan. The novel’s Norwegian publisher William Nygaard, was shot three times outside his home and left for dead in October 1993, but survived the attack. In Turkey, the book’s translator, Aziz Nesin, was the target of an arson attack on a hotel that killed 37.”

    Pretty sure the Mail has an idea of why Rushdie was stabbed. But we are not allowed to say what we know. The irony is that the people who are MOST eager to punish anyone calling out these nutjobs are EXACTLY the people the nutjobs hate the most. Hmmm. Maybe they are not as nutty as I think? Or this is the “broken clock right twice daily” phenomenon. Either road, I know which group is more dangerous.

    1. “The motive for the stabbing is currently unknown”

      I know, what a hoot. It’s a big mystery. In the UK it’s a big deal to accuse a Muslim of typical Muslim activity.

      They’re all nutjobs and. that is a fact.

      1. “Religion of peace. ”

        Must be the Left’s new definition of “peace”, like “peaceful protests” supplanting “riots”.

        Denmark shut down Muslim immigration, deporting those of the criminal element. Saw the dirty handwriting on the wall.

  7. On African culture , it is part of my southern redneck culture to shoot rapist . I can’t help myself .

  8. “Breaking”- (to RR’s point above) – The Push Narrative Machine (aka FBI/MSM) have stated (aka leaked) that the 12 boxes removed from MAL are [supposedly] marked “Top Secret” and “Classified”.

    Yeah, right. And I have a couple of CapHill Full Access Free to Roam Passes for sale…cheap.

    Are these the same boxes given to Trump pots Inauguration, packed up by the Gen Admin Office? Should have a reg. # on the top label. Forensics…only way to refute this Despot charade.

  9. Good questions, and I will be surprised if ANY of them are answered… Not a clue on the tank! 🙂 Re the rapes in Africa, friend of mine, former Catholic priest and native South African has stories that will curl your hair… And NOT in a good way.

    1. Some years ago now, I visited the island of St. Lucia with a very wealthy friend of mine who planned to invest there simply to provide jobs for locals. I met an exceptionally beautiful German lady there and she had worked with the tourism industry, building trade. In the process, she got to know the locals. I asked her what the biggest problem was that St. Lucia faced. She said, “rape.” Locals raping locals, hands off white people and tourists.

    1. If they had put that 60mm rifle on the original Stuart – with sabot rounds – it would have been a war-winner.

      1. At Camp Perry in O-hi-O there’s an M3 parked in front of CMP headquarters as a memorial to an Ohio National Guard Stuart unit that got activated in 1941 and arrived in the Philippines just in time to get expended athwart the Jap invasion. The memorial plaque lists the history of the thing and names of the unit members. Damn few of them survived the war. They were in fact very effective against the Jap tanks but too little too late. It’s a sobering story. Anybody passing by should stop in and have a lookit.

        BTW, all the ranges at Perry are named for Medal of Honor awardees. The citations are posted on bronze plaques at the gates of “their” ranges. Something else worth a lookit if, you know, stuff like that seems important…..

        1. The M3 was a good tank in the Pacific, especially when firing canister and HE. But the Sherman was better, as the 75mm was better against bunkers, and later marks were easier to get out of in case it caught fire.

          In Europe they were great scout vehicles, and great APCs when the turret was removed.

  10. Sad to say, that ‘Africa’ issue exists heavily in our inner cities. Go figure. It’s hard for an inner-city girl to make it to 18 without being raped.

    Strangely, it
    s the same demographic…

    1. It’s why Jesus wasn’t born in Harlem – they couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin.

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