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By now, you all know that disgraced US Congressman and former New York mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner, will soon be headed for prison on child pornography charges. Those of you who want to help him, send Weiner soap-on-a-rope, courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
Hard time takes on a whole new meaning for child molesters and kiddy porn offenders. Rolling Stone Magazine defends Anthony Weiner’s behavior. If you’re shocked by that, I have a bridge to sell you.
There are persistent rumors. Anthony’s wife, Huma Weiner, senior aid to Hillary Clinton and Clinton’s alleged lesbian lover, hasn’t commented on the situation. Clearly all of the Weiner’s have ‘issues’.

He can display his courting tackle in the prison to inmates one and all. I’m sure that they will be impressed.

16 thoughts on “Good-bye Wiener

  1. No, I didn't know, til now, thanks.
    I don't get Huma. There's a puzzle.
    Brotherhood mom, marries a jew, has a child, and by all appearances a lesbian relationship with an older white woman who would throw her under the bus in a moment.
    There's a book in there.

  2. Some people will do anything anytime for money and power. She is as sick as her husband… soone to be wasband.

  3. I bet, if some con set him on fire, the media could claim the prison system is broke for having a Weiner Roast.

  4. I still have less than fond memories of Anthony Weiner (D-NY) on the Capitol building steps, bad mouthing all things conservative in the most vitriolic, invective spew humanly possible. I hated his guts back then, when his sex life was known only to a few thousand teenage girls.

    Now, my loathing of this guy has been tempered by the fact that he and he alone brought down the Old Crone's presidential aspirations once the FBI got possession of his laptop. From that point on, James Comey took the ball and ran with it (THANK GOD!!), much to the detriment of the old lesbian crone.

    In some ways, I want to shake Anthony Weiner's hand and thank him from the bottom of my heart for sparing us a Hillary Clinton presidency. And in other ways, I wouldn't cross the street to piss on the guy, even if he were on fire.

  5. He deserves our thanks for being the Clintonista who helped tear down the blue wall…but there will be a Weiner roast in prison.

  6. Ed, I don't get it either, but I think that John (above) nailed it with his comments. She wanted power and would do what it took to get there. Giving credit where it's due, she ALMOST made it.

  7. nah, he'll go to one of those country club prisons with all the amenities and no fences. but last i heard they were just thinking it over, hadn't charged him.

  8. Seems the Clintons have no concept for loyalty up, loyalty down. Yes, Weiner is an embarrassment and his wife's using his computer was dumb. She was Shillary's closest ??????, whatever. Seeing what is going on, will anyone in the Clinton entourage be willing to take a bullet for them? Looks like it is now every rat for themselves.

  9. Fredd – I believe there's a whole host of people with a spare match and some gasoline who would love to see how you would really react.

  10. It seems like Congress is a flame to every perverted moth in the country. What is it about Congress that attracts these people?

  11. He will do some time. I'm sure that it will be a minimum security facility with painted do-not-cross lines painted on concrete rather than a penitentiary.

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