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Dr. Benjamin Carson – At the National Prayer Breakfast

President Obama is sitting there and you know what he’s telling himself – “I shouldn’t be here.” First, Dr. Carson doesn’t have a teleprompter, which makes POTUS look bad because if he speaks without one, he goes ‘off message’. Start the video at 18:10 if you want to hit the heart of the matter as Dr. Carson takes issues with President Obama’s policies. Dr. Carson is not a utopian socialist.

Flat Tax; Asking EVERYONE to pay their share of taxes; Individual Responsibility in health care — NOT ObamaCare; and One Nation under God – doesn’t play well with POTUS.

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  1. I was going to post that, I love that guy. And…really, those issues have hardened into Left vs Right, but they shouldn't be, you can believe in big government solutions and believe in a flat tax, you would just have to see through the demagogy, the partisanship, the stubbornness, and realize that it maximizes the 'fairness' and 'equality' that they say they want. You can be for health savings accounts, and school choice, with the understanding that that is a safety net for our "most vulnerable." How small Obama looks next to him…

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