Another Debt Limit Increase (Good/Bad?)

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Many people are beginning to question whether or not President Obama’s move to restrict firearms ownership further is simply a diversion to keep people’s minds off our overwhelming national debt. I have declared my home to be a “Gun Free Zone”. Only the guards are armed. 
As a token of my commitment to end violence, I’ve pulled the teeth of my doberman pincer, Spike, who now only slurps down soft food. (sorry PETA, you can’t have it both ways.)
Now that I am safely disarmed, I can move on to the issue at hand — national debt. The Democratic party feels that the national debt limit should be raised by two trillion dollars with no rational plan to deal with America’s spending problem. Progressives blame the Republicans, but the Democrats have presided over the largest spending increase in American history and they want to keep that ball rolling.
President Obama Speaks out:

“Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”  — Then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), in a March 16, 2006 floor speech explaining his decision to oppose a request to increase the federal debt limit, then set at $8.2 trillion.

Well, he did — once, back a long time ago when the debt was literally HALF of what he jacked it up to today. I find that I don’t agree with Barack Obama very often, but I find myself in complete agreement with the “old Obama” who felt that the debt limit shouldn’t be raised.
And what about passing a national budget? Aren’t the Democrats even interested in trying to do that. Will we simply “deem a budget as passed” for the next four years? 

8 thoughts on “Another Debt Limit Increase (Good/Bad?)

  1. I think that the Old Obama is like Jacob Marley in "A Christmas Carol". He's clanking and warning of ghastly mistakes—but he's gone and there's nobody to hear him in Washington DC.

  2. I think a GUN FREE ZONE is a great idea. No criminals would dare come into such a ZONE while they're carrying firearms. Should work an absolute charm for freedom and the American way. Should someone come into such a zone, with robbery on his mind, she/he would be told, firmly, to go away. That ought to do it.

  3. At my house, only the guards have guns. Everyone else is completely unarmed. I'm trying to be more progressive.

  4. There hasn't been a shred of good news for the past four years….except for the gun free zone at my house (except for the guards).

  5. There should be a law that says any federal anti-gun law must start with taking the guns from the Secret Service, and Capital Police…

  6. The Capital Police are incompetent for the most part. Issuing them machetes would be just as effective and better when it comes to crowd control.

    The Secret Service merely need to jump in the path of a speeding bullet to do their job. Or leap on a hand grenade. Returning fire might hurt some innocent person in the crowd that the murder is shooting from. We wouldn't want to see a human shield injured.

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