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Kent – A popular Swedish band

The title is “Then As Now Forever” and I’m feeling a slight cultural disconnect that DRMRSPAULM might be able to reconcile for me…I realize that she’s Danish and I don’t confuse the two.



Identify the Aircraft


The only surviving one remaining,  this aircraft was  75 years old in 2019 when it was lost in a fatal accident in Riverside California on April 22nd, 2019 after suffering a loss of control in flight.


Not an F-86


Meme of the Day


Bullet Points:

** More Covid Data – “Zero deceased of 18–49 years of age with no underlying morbidities,” the Israel Ministry of Health (MOH) said in response to a formal request from an attorney.

** The great student loan boondoggle is about to come to a screeching halt, after a three-year “emergency pause” which redirected tens of billions of dollars away from mandatory student loan repayment to other forms of discretionary spending. The “Fiscal Responsibility Act”, prohibits the Biden Administration from extending the pause on student loan repayments in place since March 2020, even if it does not block the Administration’s student loan forgiveness plan, which would wipe out up to $20,000 in federal loans per borrower and is currently being weighed by the Supreme Court (the plan was announced last year but has not yet implemented). This likely would mean a restart of payments after August 2023.

** CBS aired a piece about Hunter Biden’s corrupt activities. They’re not turning against Biden because he’s corrupt. They’re turning against him because he can’t be re-elected. If they turned against him because he is corrupt, that would indicate some sort of moral behavior had infected the network.

** There’s arms race on campuses and professors are losing (The Atlantic).  The problem breaks down into more problems: whether it’s possible to know for certain that a student used AI, what it even means to “use” AI for writing papers, and when that use amounts to cheating. The software that had flagged our student’s papers was also multilayered: Canvas, our courseware system, was running Turnitin, a popular plagiarism-detection service, which had recently installed a new AI-detection algorithm. The alleged evidence of cheating had emerged from a nesting doll of ed-tech black boxes.

29 thoughts on “Damp Powder Keg

  1. #1 is the Northrop N9MB. I saw it fly at an airshow in SoCal, in the 2000s – 2010s.

    #2 North American FJ4 Fury?


    1. #1 is the N9MB (likely the one you saw)
      #2 No

      Surly got #2 correct. CAC Sabre or CA-27. He also got #1 correct.

  2. “It was definitely a disease that actually only endangered the elderly.” So the OK Boomer politicians and the Davos leadership were at greatest risk, so naturally lockdown schools and businesses, so as to clench their fists around what remains of their power. Now they must double down on spending to ensure they leave their posterity as little as possible.

    1. What happened was “control”. They wanted to see if they could do it, if the media had a strong enough hold on the population to allow that to happen.
      Turns out they did…

      1. Yes, they were right. The sheep would do whatever big government told them to do. Unfortunately many would do it again.

        1. Scarier part is those same foolish people who enjoyed their captivity will allow it again!.

          Dad would say, “Half the people want to be led.”

          Said that was moons ago.

          1. A lot of people still wear those worthless masks – which speaks to the power of propaganda and programming.

  3. Student papers written by AI – to be fair, I attended some classes where the professor’s lecture in real time sounded a lot like AI generated stuff and nonsense.

    1. Had a Penn State history prof start all over with his lecture because I asked a question and he got off track. (Loved Colonial history being a Southeast PA resident close to Washington’s Crossing)

  4. Kent- Strangely intresting…but that’s the Swedes for ya. Altho MrsPaulM may give a pass as the one gal is riding a Lipizzaner, MrsPaulM’s latest dressage prospect. Now, if Kent was a Norwegian band she’d be okay with that, even if a bit odd.

    As for the historic Dane-Swede differential, it seems the County refuses to change their longstanding misspelling on her last name from ‘SON’ to ‘SEN’, which frosts her to no end because they manage to correctly spell 42-letter Dot-Indian names without a problem.

    1. We will wait and see what she may decide to share… great snare drum piece.

        1. The Kent video seems all disjointed because the elements in it (eg the tiger) are from their previous albums. Or album covers, something like that but I forget the details. That was a farewell video — hence the dates at the end — Kent were still popular but just decided to call it quits.

          I don’t understand why the rider has a Finnish flag, but am too lazy to look into it.

          Re -son (or -sson in ye olde country) and -sen. Scandinavians are Scandinavians, amirite? It’s an old tradition among some medical training cohorts (residency or fellowship classes) to make a satirical video of the attending physicians, as part of their graduation. (In the before times it was live skits.) We had an Irish attending (quite beloved, incidentally) but his character was introduced in the video to the tune of Scotland the Brave. Sigh. Them Gaels is Gaels, amirite? I think I was more worked up over the appalling gaffe than he was. (I wrote the script but had nothing to do with the video, being out of town when they shot it. Just goes to show, well, something.)

          1. SiG- Because it’s Sweeedisssh…as MrsPaulM would say.

            Mike_C- Re -son (or -sson in ye olde country) and -sen. Scandinavians are Scandinavians, amirite?

            You are correct….except those Swedes keeping getting drunk and ruining it for everyone else (ask me how I know, personal experience on an SAS ride home with a group of them behind us having a plane party with the adult beverage cart sitting in the aisle). (FYI: -sson – or- -ssonn might just be Norwegian, it’s a fine line, especially considering some Americanized spellings.)

  5. Kent. Interesting video, I will have to listen to more of their music.

    Covid- Agree with Rob that it was about control and power. The effect on the elderly (hmm, guess that would include me) was exacerbated by putting infected elderly in nursing home in at least WA and New York. Don’t know about other states. Between that and unnecessarily putting people on ventilators there are a lot of deaths to answer for.

    Meme of the day. Ain’t that the truth. Assume that the instigators in any organization are somehow on the government payroll either as informers or agents and you will not be far off.

    Student loans. Sign an agreement that you owe money and then pay it off. A novel concept.

    “Sooner or later I rub everybody the wrong way” Me too and I find I care less and less about that every single year.

      1. “Sooner or later” hmmm. It would not be possible for me to care less these days. I’m done with the sugar-coating pap and giving it to them straight up. Politely if possible, but with no chaser if not.

        1. I’m in the no quarter camp at present…”Tough darts “ is my response.

  6. About Covid and the elderly as target market. In the Magnifecent 7 the Mexican bandit leader said . “ If God did not want them sheered he would not have made them sheep.” Or something like that .

  7. I suppose that sounds harsh but many in my cohort ,early 70s, were absolute assholes about us not taking the clot shot . I am not referring to the death of prisoners of nursing homes.

  8. The first aircraft is the Northrup N9MB based out of the Planes of Fame museum in Chino, CA. I helped a bit with the restoration of it when I first moved to Kalifornia. I missed that it had crashed shortly after take-off.


    The whole Student LOAN Debacle makes my blood boil. It’s Contract Law, and to rule the loans void to the borrower is shameful. The lenders ger paid either way, and Contact Law gets trashed. I paid mine back, so can they.

      1. Me thirdly… I am Swedish, half at that and an Irish from a full-blooded Irish woman. My handle should give you a clue. Just so glad my great grand father anglicized Zetterqvist.

  9. I’m with Sig, not a clue on the video. And AI is certainly causing hate and discontent on BOTH sides of the HS/Uni systems… And the Air Force had one try to kill the operator that was ‘preventing’ it from getting points for killing the target…LOL

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