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The Jaws surfing competition at Pe’ahi, Maui was called today because the waves were too big. After it exceeded a 50′ face all of the big wave surfers were getting hurt. It’s a long damned drop on a thin, maneuvering triple fin board. Even with a goofy foot in the crew, nobody split the curl in two directions. Those sorts of wave sets are not for the feint of heart.
Tomorrow it’s the Van’s competition at Sunset Beach, where the waves may get nearly as insane at the Maui waves. 
So what do you do when the surfing competition is called for the day?
bacon cheeseburger in paradise
Maui onion rings
Making do as best I can.

12 thoughts on “Surf Report

  1. I am hurling myself into the breach so that you (and Pebbles, the Wonder Dog) don't have to take the risk. Holding myself in reserve in the event that ISIS (you know that Mooselims don't surf any better than Charlie does) wants to disrupt things.

  2. It's a different latitude, but things in my life have been so exceptionally chaotic over the last year that I don't feel much difference.

  3. Haha. Rough, but you took it well.
    Surfers are crazy anyway, but hopefully they will all be okay.
    Just trying to catch up.
    Thanks for the update, LL.

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