Biden Gun Grab

Camperfixer cited this article yesterday in his comments.  (Forbes) The article is worth a read. Under the Administration’s push, the new ruling would allow warrantless entry into any home at any time “for the safety” of the inhabitants, to seize firearms.

It would lead to civil war and nobody would win, but the democrats don’t really care.


Twenty Years Later – Where do we stand?


The New SSGN

SSGN is a designation given to submarines whose mission it is to launch a lot of cruise missiles.  From 2002 to 2008, the U.S. Navy modified the four oldest Ohio-class submarines: OhioMichiganFlorida, and Georgia into SSGNs. The conversion was achieved by installing vertical launching systems (VLS) in a multiple all-up-round canister (MAC) configuration in 22 of the 24 missile tubes, replacing one Trident missile with 7 smaller Tomahawk cruise missiles. The 2 remaining tubes were converted to lockout chambers for use by special forces personnel. This gave each converted submarine the capability to carry up to 154 Tomahawks. The large diameter tubes can also be modified to carry and launch other payloads, such as UAVs or UUVs although these capabilities have not yet been fully implemented. These submarines are due to head down the path to decommissioning soon as their service life is ending.

I hadn’t heard what the Navy planned to do to replace them – until now. The 10th Block V Virginia-class submarine will include the Virginia Payload Module, an 84-foot section of the boat that will serve as an undersea vertical launcher for missiles.

The modern Virginia-class subs coming off the lines can hold 12 Tomahawk missiles in a launcher on the bow. With the payload module section added amidships, each of the Virginia Payload Modules on the Block Vs will have the capacity for 40 cruise missiles. In total, eight of the 10 boats in Block V will have the module.

With advancements in hypersonic missile technology, Virginia’s larger launcher will be well suited to host them once they are deployable. The Virginia subs will also host the new version of the anti-ship Maritime Strike Tomahawk, part of the Block V upgrade that will begin being delivered to the service next week.




  1. It would lead to civil war and nobody would win, but the democrats don’t really care.

    Exactly. The people running the show do not care if we suffer under a tyranny, or end up a a bloody wasteland- in either case, the USA is out of the game, and they still have their toys. That is the conundrum.

    BTW, thanks for the Italian wolf map- 21 years ago in an Abruzzo hill town I thought I was hearing things…

    • The Russians/Soviets traditionally build their submarines around a weapon, rather than the other way around. The Delta SSNs were built to fire the large Type 65 torpedo, a large, stand-off weapon. It appears that the Russians want to go larger.

      The 65’s could also fire the SS-N-15 missile from the tube.

      The new Russian torpedo seems to be an example of the Russian character of building big for its own sake.

  2. We are clearly in the Dem/Lefty Twilight Zone, where they are [minimally] chipping away at every moral and ethical foundation of our society and Constitution, 2A is eroding before our eyes.

    Today’s hour-plus long scripted “press conference” moronic weak underbelly charade made every one of our enemies salivate. This is the President of the free world, and he’s a weak-minded buffoon, a complete liar, a moron, and a corrupt lost soul who we are watching in real time lose his faculties. Scary times. Problem is we have half the nations populace thinking this is just fine because they have been re-breathing their own exhalate for a year, fogging their brains.

    As for the “handle”, going away with “Camperfixer”, an invention from years ago. From here on out (not like this is some cloud parting revelation) I’m going full “open kimono”…might even elevate me to the “red” level on the FBI’s most wanted non-criminal list. This is like – in the olden days of 2019 – trying to get horn blasted by cabbie when stepping off the curb too soon…badge of honor similar to a Matador with the Bull, although in this case, the BS.


    Paul M…

      • Practice is ongoing. Come to think of it, I’ve dug a lot of holes over the course of my life, some for planting trees or fence posts or a foundation, others I had to learn to quit digging when the bottom was reached, with repercussions. Seems the Dems have not learned that lesson.

  3. “It would lead to civil war and nobody would win, but the democrats don’t really care.”
    Each of us will have a decision to make should an agent of the government, who will have by his or her action taken a side, appear at the door demanding our weapons.
    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.

  4. According to Jane’s, the USN initially wanted to build a submarine around the Polaris (the ‘Soviet’ method). To save time, it was then decided to add an additional section, containing vertical launch tubes for 16 missiles, in the hull of the U.S.S. George Washington, which was then on the ways. Later hulls of that class submarine all featured the additional section from the start.

    Unaffiliated to the above but worthy of mention, because it scares the heck out of me, is the USN’s Subroc. The Subroc was a tactical missile capable of at least a 25 n.m range. It consisted of a supersonic ballistic rocket with nuclear warhead. It was fired out of the torpedo tubes and meant to kill other submarines. Worth mentioning also is the weapon first became operational on the USS Thresher. Thank God that General ‘Buck’ Turgidson did not succeed.

  5. What I love about this post is its closing infographic.

    Now don’t get me wrong, higher education should be just that. By all means go out there and live the “life of the mind.” But when that’s cheapened, at huge expense, what use is it?

    Lots, to Satan’s Vatican, Harvard, and its allies, not so much to the end user. She’s left in ruinous debt while zhir partner’s furiously paying off the theater degree through bartending. Not that I knock the latter, but still.

    Point being, College? What a total, utter scam. Glad my kids are going IT and, for John, IT Army.

    • They’ll just make the Trades illegal at some point. Can’t have people engaging in BadThink, or being able to support themselves.

      • Well said, Kle. To your point — back in the day, a lot of English kids used to from school to an apprenticeship and a trade. Now they go to a fake college and get a fake degree in some fake subject. Trades? Effectively abolished and shipped overseas.

        Let them eat critical theory and live on helicopter money, showered like the triumphal largesse of the Caesars into the hands of grateful plebs.

  6. Biden’s gun grab – he’s reportedly considering gun bans by executive order, or perhaps under some made-up “emergency” or other.

    Cars are on the list, too.

    We all know there’s no Constitution any more, so why not?

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