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And a Russian Cartoon, showing how much they thought of Barack

The Russians don’t have cartoons like that about President Trump. Then again, he’s not Barack. The Russians did a laser show in Moscow, celebrating Barack’s 53rd birthday. Offered below without further comment, except to say that his sexual preferences were not ‘appreciated’ in Russia the way they would have been in a place like San Francisco.


  1. There is some fella out there who is sick and tired of putting up with skate-boarding in particular and and putting up with her general crap.

  2. That skate riding blond and the pretty girl in a defensive stance will kill us old farts quicker then Hitlery falling before the van…

  3. The Bangles…another 80’s flashback from a [now] official old guy that remembers the group. (“old” it’s only a construct…right?)

    You had to include the girl in red within this screwed up matrix we call reality. The acknowledging smile is a nice touch.

    “Listening”, the hardest thing in this day and age when people now operate as if Facebook commenting is now allowed for real…in public, to you…because [pick a subject — like masks, Covid, being safe, Trump…]

    Can there be anytime in our history when I don’t have to look at Barack and The Mrs…please…hurts my brain knowing what these cretins did to our country.

  4. Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

    If it was some genetically-oppressive and guilty guilty guilty white dude we could be pretty sure the banana was symbolic, but #44 being of the noble ancestry he is, maybe it’s just a genuine Cavendish.

    • I remember the first time I saw the Matrix. I was in San Rafael, CA, working. Late afternoon, time to kill. I walked into a mall and they had a theater where the Matrix was advertised. I hadn’t heard of it and thought I’d take a chance with it. The movie kind of blew my hair back. I walked out saying – wow!

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