Jo/Ho Update

The walking corpse and the whore are prepared to sacrifice American jobs on the altar of optics once again.

President Joe Biden will outsource the mining of most metals required for the manufacture of electric vehicles to allied nations, Reuters reported Tuesday.

The plan is part of an effort to placate radical environmentalists, whom it is believed would interfere with U.S. mining efforts, the report said.

The news comes as a shock to the American mining community, as the administration previously promised it would support domestic production of the metals required for electric vehicles and solar panels, according to Reuters.

Given that the materials in question are critical to the production of electric cars, solar panels, and even fighter jets, one could be forgiven for wondering if Biden has lost more of his marbles. Of course, we know that Biden just reads things that his handlers give him to read. The invisible hand behind the throne calls the shots.

The move directly contradicts an executive order in September by then-President Donald Trump that required the creation of a domestic supply chain of rare-earth metals for the purposes of maintaining national security.

It also closely follows a devastating employment report that revealed the Biden administration added only 26 percent of its anticipated number of jobs in April, and it comes amid fears that Biden’s immense tax increases will further kill jobs.


Memorial Day Weekend Plans

Me? No, not really. It’s a weekend when people who live in the fetid inner-city drive north into the mountains to escape the heat. Then they light campfires that get out of control.  There are too many rigs on the narrow mountain roads, side-by-sides drive too fast down fire roads and crash. If you’re in their way, they crash into you. They call it fun. I call it annoying.



The Floor Is Yours



  1. Was reading here ( the founder of shadowstats predicting a hyperinflationary economic collapse in early 2022.

    Would be very interested on a boots on the ground perspective from those of you living in the USA.

    Something like is clearly going to bite the rest of the world. Especially those who’ve hitched their wagon to the US, like Australia, expecting the sole superpower status will continue indefinitely.

    Long term I expect half a dozen nations to emerge from the bloodshed of a breakup of the USA, but chaos in the interim. And it frustrated me no end that I could not get through to people that Trump was only delaying the inevitable no matter how many terms he served. Too many cracks, and too many working to expand those cracks.

    • Bluey, here is some perspective: In my little corner of the U.S., I have met two families who have delayed building their new homes because of two reasons; the cost of materials have sharply risen 5 fold or higher; labor crews are few and of those booked out for many months or years.

      Family and friends in other areas of the country report the same. Construction businesses are in a tough spot. Cost of materials have skyrocketed so they either lay off employees, or ask to rebid their contracts. They simply cannot afford to hold their original prices. Then there is the extreme problem of even finding labor. Many people simply stay home to live off the largesse of the government stimulus. Such persons seem to not care that the monies paid them come from taxes; more money paid out the more the taxes will grow. Too, by staying unemployed, they are not paying withholding (taxes) and not paying into the Social Security. They will know deep repercussions decades later.

      One would expect this of the ever growing population of layabouts, but even family men are seeing the ‘wisdom’ of staying home. How To Crash A Country 101

      I am in the middle of an extensive remodeling project. I can do most labor by myself. It is the enormous increase in material costs – even at wholesale – which is causing me to reconsider many aspects of my project. Not yet mentioned is the increased gasoline prices.

      Certainly, all the above is the direct results of government policies.

      • Rick’s story is retold all across the country. The disastrous policies put in place by the present regime will wreck the place if they’re not blunted, at the very least. I don’t see the US balkanizing completely. What we are seeing is people leaving the socialist states in large numbers. The free states intact policies that are directly in opposition to those agenda platforms of the national government.

        Free states can’t print their own money and most states do not deficit spend. This is where the problem arises. They’re linked at the hip with national policies and fecklessness.

    • Bluey, I do not share your prognosis of a ‘Balkanization’ of the U.S. Maybe I am simply hoping. America will lose her strength if officially divided by borders. Too, how would she resist occupation? Because given the cause of such a breakup, how tenable to think two or more countries of opposite ideology would co-exist sharing the same borders? Slim and none. The idea and the lands which are America would be gone, fini, kaput, pau.

      Delaying actions sometimes yield favorable results. In this case, Trump’s presidency sandwiched between two socialist pogroms, presents a recent contrast to set against the ‘virtues’ of socialism. Once the euphoria of ‘free stuff’ wears off and the headache sets in, it would be natural that the former celebrants of socialism turn away and think, Let’s not do that again.

      Of course, those already in the know about the disastrous effects of socialism, can keep prodding them along, although needling in a form of ‘I told you so’ would be unwanted since it would be like gloating and give pause to them others from turning from their wicked way. To rebel, even knowing you’re right, they would, in spite, resist any correction.

  2. I read that there is a NPRM for opening a new lithium mine in AZ. Around Bisbee, I think. Or maybe somewhere in Cochise County.

    Nonetheless, it is lunacy of the absurd kind to expect a socialist to keep their word. One industry after the next, America has been hoodwinked and bamboozled.

    This day ten years ago, dad, decorated career Marine, all around good man, passed this mortal coil. He earned it the hard way. All veterans, of all wars, are in my mind and prayers. Words are not enough.

    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
    Christ Jesus said that.

    • My Dad left the world in 2017. He spent entered the Marines at 17 in 1943 and spent the time in the Pacific until he was blown up on Okinawa. He spent a year in traction in a Naval Hospital before they pushed him out on medical retirement. I saw the scars, one from the top left shoulder to the right hip, and the rest up and down his legs. He never would talk about his time in WW2.

      My Brother was in the Army in Viet Nam in 1969. He spent 3 years there in the Rangers before he was sent back to the USA after the second time he was wounded. He spent another 3 years in the Army before leaving. He would not say much about Viet Nam. He would not talk about what he did other then one day the Rangers grabbed him to join them shortly after coming to Viet Nam. When he came home after 3 years he wasn’t the same and besides recovering from wounds he had malaria. He died about 20 years later in Texas.

      • My Old Man was very reluctant to talk about combat as well. He was with the 3d Marine Division, wounded in the invasion of Guam. Evacuated to Pearl Harbor and eventually to Bethesda for treatment and rehab. After recovering, he reenlisted twice and finally separated from the Marines in 1953.
        He passed in 2003, leaving a huge hole in my life. I miss him every day.
        RIP, Dad.

        • Dad was at Normandy and the Bulge.
          Late entrant to the war.
          He would comment when we watched Battleground and Combat.
          No PTSD that I know of.
          His hand got mangled in a letter sorter he was operating in New York in uniform while waiting for orders.

          • My Dad was in the Seabees (CAN DO!), and was all over the South Pacific. He’d talk about some things, but less as he got older. There were times we’d be talking about something, and he’d just glaze over. Didn’t understand it until I got older and had a lot of Veterans for friends.

  3. The graphic with the blank speech bubbles reminds me of a line to the effect, in the end just before the final crash, the last survivors will be sitting around a table trying to sell each other insurance.

  4. It is Memorial Day weekend, flags are out, and “what Rick said above”…the ultimate sacrifice for America.

    In that vein, I am curious what those who can look at the lousy state of affairs that has occurred so quickly under this Cretinous Idiot and his Handlers contrasted with the Trump Presidency where America was robust and once again The Best and that people (half of us anyway) had a sense of pride and hope in justifying our current state of affairs? It’s obvious things suck..again. (try to buy a 2×4 for a decent price)

    While the “lockdown” has magically been lifted (shows how bogus all that was, taking a wrecking ball to the middle class) there is an underlying current of “something’s not right”…almost like waiting for the next shoe to drop. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

    Suffice it say, my prayers are for the good people of America to persevere…the world depends on us…because there is no one else.

    H/t to all who gave their all, we are indebted.

    • I can’t wallow in the progressive trough. I just can’t. It makes me too depressed. I’m not to the point of taking a hostage or anything, but if I allowed myself to drink from the insane cup that the government offers, I might get there.

      So I focus on work. The plague caused havoc with the consulting work but that’s coming back and as I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I only do that sort of thing outside of the US. Big doings in Guatemala these days. You may end up reading about some of it in the papers/blogs/on the news. I’m also dipping a toe in big data, which mirrors Big Brother. I don’t know where the data angle will go. I have access to HUGE data – global wifi stuff.

      • People reached out to me to work on this criminal defense case: I may do that too. With the world going to hell in a handbasket, I may start taking money laundering criminal defense work. Headline: Former Panamanian presidents Martinelli and Varela to be tried in Odebrecht case
        The case against the Martinelli brothers was filed in federal court in the Eastern District of New York, the same court in which Odebrecht was sentenced in 2017 to pay a US$2.6 billion fine after pleading guilty to having paid US$788 million in bribes.

        • So they don’t get an free out of jail card like the rest of New York City’s criminal element. They must be special. If they have dirt on anyone I suspect they may never see the inside of a courtroom, join Epstein wherever he ended up.

  5. Paul, that something you see but can’t put a finger on, it’s because you’re on foreign ground. It has been coming for seventy years. Its more obvious now. That it is so obvious is evidence that this ‘replacement’, this cultural revolution, has swelled to such a point that it no longer need be hidden.
    But if you want to find the reason only look to our own government. All which you have known has retreated into small enclaves.

    It’s tough to blame a good people who placed their trust in government; good people don’t think like bad people, that is why they are so easy fallen by the duplicity of others. Yet I do blame The People. We allowed this by not standing a more careful watch. The lessons of generations had, over time, been forgotten. What we are experiencing now is not the first time in history. I’ve come to the point that I am joyful that I live in these times; finally I feel that I live at the right time. Hard times make hard men, but there are hard men who are already present.

    But be of good cheer, those enclaves who treasure the Republic we once knew are like a thousand camp fires, and burn brightly. It’s like when my rural county was over run by city folk fleeing the cities. The rural character is still there but purposefully hidden. The yearning heart for true liberty still burns. But now filling with a fierce resolve. We are relearning the hard fought lessons of yore. It is a righteous cause, not because I or others say so but because Jesus, whom the Father raised to be Christ and LORD, said so. My example is Christ with a bit of my dad and Chesty thrown in. I can think of no worse dishonor than to let slip the Republic which they fought so gallantly to preserve.

    To me, Memorial Day has always been about remembrance but also moving forward in their posterity.

    • Very well said…and spot on. Call it gut feel, intuition, Spidey-Sense, or The Holy Spirit offering spiritual discontent and saying “pay attention”, life is still good here in flyover country. After regaining the true taste of freedom for three years we know who the good folks are, especially when living rural as I do. Monday we have a chuckwagon BBQ with a small group of rancher friends, Navy and Army veterans, salt of the earth Believers who I had the pleasure of being their pastor for a time. They are the real deal, the rest is noise.

      I am reminded that this weekend isn’t about “me or us”, it’s about “them and those” and honoring their legacy. And I salute them all.

  6. Serfdom. History seems to repeat, with cities, with their large populations, politically dominating rural areas and making the residents serfs.

    Yesterday I had occasion to drive many miles westbound on US 6 in Nebraska. The road was smooth, well paved, and free of hazards. Then I crossed into Colorado and the road went to shit. Not surprising, rural Colorado highways tend to be poorly maintained.

    Outside of Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska is mainly rural. Few towns are larger than 7,000 populations. Colorado is dominated by the Denver centric Front Range cities. The ski/tourist towns are dominated by trust fund snots. None of these (P)regressives give one half of a rat’s ass about the needs of the rural counties. A few bucks from the state lottery flow their way and little else.

    Thankfully we remain a Constitutional Republic, not a “democracy”, or most of us would be serfs, IMO.

    • Had a horse hauler come in with his semi, came up from the south, said in all the roads he has traveled from Kentucky to here I-25 was one of the worst. Drag a trailer behind the pick up and you quickly find out money is not going to proper infrastructure. Our Larimer county garage building permit that I finally got around to building included a host of “fees” for asinine feel-good social programs. Told them it was ridiculous my garage was paying for someone else’s mental help and/or laziness….they looked at me like I was some nut. Yup…for The Constitution.

      • I knew that I made a mistake when I moved to Arizona, when I could have moved to Larimer County, Colorado and could have gone on the dole and received a steady flow of money from the Paul M family, among others. Drat – opportunity lost.

          • I know, it’s a shame that I won’t be getting all of that free government cheese – because you know that government creates wealth for everyone out of thin air.

          • Government freebies are soul-killing, only now it’s worse…the outright buying of votes with laziness. Never thought I’d see untouchable constraints removed so the clowns can run open loop at a high rate of destructive speed with so many in support of the idiocy. A Fredd Pox on their houses.

  7. My focus this weekend is on the Lost 74 from the accident that took their lives on 3 June 1969 in the South China Sea ( There is a quote that is my belier, too. “A man dies twice. Once when he dies and again when his name is spoken for the last time.” That is why I post a picture of each of the 74 on our FB page on their birthday.

    • At around 3:00 a.m. on 3 June 1969, between Vietnam and Spratly Island, Frank E. Evans was operating with the Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy and Royal New Zealand Navy in company with the aircraft carrier Melbourne which was in the process of going to flying stations and all ships in the formation were running without lights. Melbourne radioed Evans, then to port of the carrier, to take up the rescue destroyer position. The logical movement would be to turn to port and make a circle taking up station on the carrier’s port quarter. However, since the conning officer on Evans misunderstood the formation’s base course and believed they were starboard of Melbourne, they turned to starboard, cutting across the carrier’s bow twice in the process. Frank E. Evans was struck at a point around 92 feet from her bow on her port side and was cut in two. Her bow drifted off to the port side of Melbourne and sank in less than five minutes taking 73 of her crew with it. One body was recovered from the water, making a total of 74 dead.

  8. We were bouncing a few things around on one of the mil groups this morning and this got passed- MSGT Ray Benavidez speech from the early 90s in Cincinnati. One of the guys was there, and he said the 2 stars were on their feet applauding that old Texan. I can only wonder what he would think of the current situation. Personally I believe, Joe/Ho, with the progs ARE out to destroy us. And the Ho wants to kill the VA and put that money toward the illegal aliens. She’s on record for that. Plus, she screwed the pooch at the Academy this past weekend, joke didn’t fly, nor did her ‘speech’ about wind and solar.

      • Can the Dem leadership get any further disconnected from reality? These nudges keep trying to act normal only to fall flat on their faces. Wheels are coming off their wagon, and it has no brakes.

        • You’re simply not ‘woke’ enough to rise to their level of eruditeness or you’d understand that (as with the emperor who had no clothes) they’re enlightened rulers.

  9. MORE jobs killed by the oligarchs! This is like watching a slow-motion train wreckwhile you’re welded into the cab of the locomotive. This is NOT going to end pleasantly.

    Not much going on here for Memorial Day. SLW is marinating something, which we’ll grill on Sunday, probably in the rain. Might be nice to get some kind of cover for the concrete patio slab. I think we have a pop-up in the basement, but my record with those things isn’t very good. And we have to watch out for all the “Turtle Heads” on their bicycles now. They dart in and out of traffic, and come blasting down some of the hill trails when you least expect them.

    ANNNNNND…..I’ve *almost* got the ADS0-B/Flightaware setup running. Plenty of data flowing to Flightaware, but I still can’t see it on my local maps….

  10. I’m with drjim and everyone else. When will the slomo trainwreck accelerate? Smart people are hedging.

    Btw, like the DMT infographic banner pic. Nice.

  11. “…The invisible hand behind the throne calls the shots.”
    Who IS running the show? Surely we should be able to discern that by now.

    • I think that it’s a committee. My sense is that Susan Rice is the day-to-day chairman of that committee.

  12. i didn’t know chesty was buried in va… i still salute the spot where stonewall jackson’s statue once stood, with a resounding “good morning general, wherever you are!” every morning as i go by on the way to work. i get lots of frightened looks, a few smiles, and one lady said “thank you for that.” the other day. they hope we’ll forget, but i will never let them forget what cowards they were…..r.i.p. to col paul kelly and ssg darryl booker, shot down over iraq. “on the wings of pegasus” my friends.

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