As a father of four girls who are now women with families of their own, I have a job to do as a grandfather of eight. To spoil the grandkids as much as I spoiled their mothers. This is your Sunday Sermonette, and it has more to do with the sort of sunday that you eat than a religious service on the Day of Rest. Though some would say that eating one of the milk shakes pictured below borders on a religious experience.
Savannah likes pizza
First you start with a daughter/aunt and a granddaughter who has been entrusted into the care of both of you. In this case it is Emilie, and Savannah, age 4 1/2. 
Then you drive to California Pizza Kitchen where the lucky granddaughter orders a delicious cheese pizza and lemonade for herself.
Emilie and I spit a peperoni and olive pizza with a salad.
Savannah and Emilie
Under some circumstances that would be enough but it wouldn’t qualify as “spoiling”. It would just be a meal that my granddaughter likes better than any other. It’s lunch.
Making the day memorable requires ice cream in significant quantities, in a really delicious delivery/display that makes it taste even better:
So we went to Mug Shakes, which makes a milk shake/sunday the right way:
Since this is Savannah’s first encounter with this sort of milkshake, and because they’re almost as big as SHE is, she didn’t quite know what to do at first. But that’s why she was issued Aunt Emilie.
Savannah ate an M&M’s and Cookies and Cream Shake.
Emilie opted for Strawberry Cheesecake decadence.
I asked Savannah if she had the perfect day. She explained that while the day was memorable, it would be better if we could go to the toy store. Naturally we went there and she picked out her favorite thing.
Savannah was happy but the sun was bright so she kept squinting.
And Grandpa had to have a bite as well. In this case it’s a banana caramel/toffee shake.


  1. Banana caramel/toffee? Yes, please.

    Savannah looks older than 4 1/2. Very lovely little girl (daughter, too.)

    I wish I had a grandpa like you.

  2. Quick way to start a fight.

    "My grandkids are cuter than your grandkids".

    You do have compelling evidence.

  3. I can honestly say that I have never seen milkshakes like those. Wow!
    You did a great job at the spoiling!
    Hope you all have a blessed day.

  4. 8 grandkids, same as me. It is indeed about the grandkids and we are blessed. In my case, 7 boys and the princess (who coincidentally was born on my birthday to boot).

    BTW: While ice cream is great, believe it or not the princess and her 5 brothers would rather have granddad smoke something, especially brisket. As I said, belssed

  5. You know what that means? I need an invitation to your house to sample the world-beating brisket. Did I ever mention that I love brisket?

  6. You have to remind each other "DON'T GO INTO THE LIGHT" while you're eating these sunday/shakes. I'm sure that people have been hauled out in sugar-induced comas.

  7. Beautiful all the way around: daughter, granddaughter, milkshakes…

    I can gain five pounds just from looking at those milkshakes!

  8. I know you come to Vegas once in a while. I wold be honored and you would be most welcome. The Princess says brisket is not evil.

  9. What a great way to spend the day! Just remember that ice cream is one of the four major food groups. So is pizza for that matter.

  10. Water is the universal solvent.

    Pizza is the universal food. It just is. It took Columbus taking tomatoes to Italy from the New World to create this genius meal.

    It's weird to think of a world (old Europe) without potatoes or tomatoes.

  11. What a powerful sermon! I like this "pizza and milkshake" message. Of course fried pies are also good.

  12. I have to fly/drive to Texas to get a proper fried pie. It's so unfair. And naturally when I arrive and buy one, Blue Pie Thief is there to eat it.

  13. She was born premature – something like 3.x lbs, and she is a fighter. Within a week she was off O2 and was doing fine. She's always been tough. Of course, she's grandpa's little princess, needing love and attention (along with the other two granddaughters). Grandsons love to wrestle and Grandpa (The Claw) lets them have at it.

  14. Makes my heart happy that you enjoy them so much.
    They sure don't stay little for long, so love'm strong, Grampa.

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