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Clicking the Habit


If you google things that have to do with Islam, you’ll find that the search engine works actively to block any negative comments about that particular faith. No such filter is applied to a search of Christianity. I wonder why that is?


AntiFA Plans

I keep seeing “antiFA”s saying they’re gonna take it to the suburbs, and rural communities. I just wonder if these people realize, that we wait all year just to wake up a 3 am, hike a couple miles in 0° weather, and sit in tree for 10 hours just to kill a moving target a few hundred yards away.

And when we kill something, we gut it, and hang it from a tree to skin it, then we put it in a truck and haul it out and BURY the remains.

We look forward to this activity all year. We take off work, we buy expensive toys, and it’s also a social event where like-minded friends gather.


Presidents and Wars – a tally sheet

There are a number of Washington Beltway types and generals who suggest that the lack of war is simply bad for America. There is also the implication that US forces should be forward-deployed around the globe irrespective of threat. The military industrial complex (some call it ‘welfare for the middle class) is happy that President Trump has signed in large military budgets, but those don’t replace the financial rewards of constant warfare. The only thing that makes them feel warm and fuzzy is the coming war with China.


The report found that China’s military has overtaken the U.S. military in size, including its navy, which has approximately 350 ships and submarines, compared to about 293 for the U.S. The 2 million-member People’s Liberation Army is the world’s largest standing military.

It also said China has built a considerable arsenal of land-based ballistic and cruise missiles and has one of the world’s largest forces of advanced long-range surface-to-air systems.

21 thoughts on “Trending Tuesday

    1. I don’t know that something like that didn’t happen. It clearly could have. Between the OPS and the CHENG telling then to reduce turns on one outboard screw slightly – it could happen.

  1. Yet, according to media hyperventilator’s, Trump was to be the war-monger. Facts hurt.

    Pompeo…good man with a Bible on his desk. I trust him.

    But we are told it’ll be alright under the [now named] Harris/Biden Administration. Can these two get anymore transparently lame, or do they believe the good folks of America are more stupid than them? Both of them couldn’t find reality with both hands, map, and a Streamlight Strion LED High Lumen flashlight.

      1. Incredibly astounding ANYONE supports these two fools running headlong into the Left Field wall. Has to be a mental disorder, no other explanation.

        1. Remember the daisy chain that we spoke about a week or so ago. Cash, cars, whores, vacations, numbered accounts? There are powerful incentives for people. Congress spent how many trillion on the Chinese Plague??

          A trillion here, a trillion there and things start to add up. And fools like Harris/Biden could authorize it with the stroke of a pen.

          1. Socialism by the back door…people getting paid to NOT work while business owners lose everything under self-appointed potentate edicts. Bankrupts both the economy and the soul. Yet the Harris/Biden supporter is fat, dumb, and happy…willfully ignorant of their fate.

    1. That’s gone.

      Their position in the WTO may be gone after this election if President Trump wins. And yeah, they’ll be as unhappy as the Democrats were when the Republicans freed their slaves.

      I have more clear thoughts on what the Coming War with China will look like. Of course I could be wrong. Wars are tricky things.

  2. They have a large army, that is only successful in putting down internal uprisings, and even then they can’t do it right.

    Their air force is made of paper-planes. They all look good on paper, but haven’t been used against anything more modern than a P-3 doing ELINT, and that incident broke the Chink plane badly.

    Their navy? Untested. No history of wins, full of Potemkin-level equipment (we say it’s good, so it’s good.)

    And their missiles? Again, so? No track record of doing anything but failing and killing innocent civilian subjects.

    Not that I’m saying China is a paper tiger, but I think people give them a lot more chops than they actually have. Since the real fighting Chinese all went to Taiwan.

    1. The concept of “Chinese fire drill” applies to the PLA, unless they’re bayonetting unarmed racial minorities in Western China. They do that rather well.

  3. I butchered a hog on the compound’s porch, once. Several cars drove by as the pig hung from the rafters.

    BLM, take note.

    1. In Hillsboro, that can’t be an uncommon theme.

      I can’t help but think that it would also send a message to the Mooselims.

  4. Antifa- in the eastern woodlands they use packs of dogs. and talk about rapid deployment force, you should see those good ol boys when somebody says via cb radio there’s a big buck been spotted on the other side of the county, lol. and these fellas up here in the hills, they use plott hounds to chase bear up trees. and if the bear comes down, the plots will tear the poor thing to shreds. most bear hunters get bit by their own dogs a time or two a season, disinfect it with a little ‘shine and continue the chase….china don’t scare me except their nukes. if they are accurate, then not even then b/c i carefully selected my spot to be out of the downwind fallout and the zone 1,2 and 3 blast radius. what scares me though is i have no faith that they can hit their target with any degree of accuracy and my luck they’ll plop one down right on top of me aiming at d.c.. in my last millisecond i’ll be pissed.

    1. I’m 30 miles from a navel air station, not downwind , just how accurate are their damned missiles ?
      It probably don’t matter much, “death comes to us all either soon or late. “

      Ok can’t remember the poem ,, too much Malbec .
      Something about “ what better death, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of our fathers and the temples of our gods”

      1. Thomas Babington Macaulay, Lays of Ancient Rome

        “Then out spake brave Horatius,
        The Captain of the Gate:
        To every man upon this earth
        Death cometh soon or late.
        And how can man die better
        Than facing fearful odds,
        For the ashes of his fathers,
        And the temples of his gods”

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