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* FBI Whistleblowers blow the whistle – “Whistleblowers further allege that Thibault and other FBI officials sought to falsely portray as disinformation evidence acquired from multiple sources that provided the FBI derogatory information related to Hunter Biden’s financial and foreign business activities, even though some of that information had already been or could be verified. In August of 2020, FBI supervisory intelligence analyst Brian Auten opened an assessment, which a team of agents at FBI headquarters used to discredit improperly and falsely claim that derogatory information about Biden’s activities was disinformation, causing investigative activity and sourcing to be shut down.” You should read the whole article. Sharyl Attkisson (reporter) is married to a retired FBI special agent.

* Poles – In the Democrat-heavy sample sponsored by liberal-leaning news outlets, Biden and Democrats fare poorly overall Republicans slightly favor Trump as their nominee in 2024 But Democrats overwhelmingly do not want Biden to be their nominee Biden’s approval and economy numbers are all-time lows for this poll Democrats’ lead among Blacks has fallen 18 points. Let’s hope for hope and change.

* FBI Whistleblower Special Agent Kyle Seraphin describes how the FBI treated last summer’s Antifa/BLM riots, in contrast to the all-hands-on-deck persecution of January 6th. (Dan Bongino)

* Why do seniors on Social Security have to pay for Medicare and supplemental insurance but illegal aliens receive it free – all two million of them?

* Fmr. FBI Agent: “I don’t care if it’s one person who is a drug dealer or maybe dealing guns or if it’s the former President of the United States – you’re going to give them an inventory list of what you seized.”

“I’ve never heard of anything like this.”

* Meloni – Italy turned a page of European history on Sunday by electing a hard-right coalition led by Giorgia Meloni, whose long record of bashing the European Union, international bankers, and migrants, creates some hope for a revitalized Italy. Ms. Meloni’s strong showing, with about 26 percent of the vote, the highest of any single party, makes her the prohibitive favorite to become the country’s first female prime minister. The left brands her with a number of unflattering tags, but she wants to “Make Italy Great Again”. Who doesn’t love that attitude?

* Where are the solar panels on the homes of the virtuous?


Mooring Line

There aren’t many “old salts” in today’s Navy who haven’t been required some time in their career to heave around on a length of hawser in order to tie up a ship. Hawser used in this backbreaking task is called mooring line and gets its name from a combination of two terms used in the 16th century. The Middle Dutch word “maren” meant “to tie,” and the Middle English word “moren rap” meant “ship’s rope.” Through the years the terms merged and were anglicized, hence any line used to tie a ship to the pier is called “mooring line.”


Longhorn  Steaks

It is definitely one of the most unique entrances to a restaurant anywhere in the country. The giant longhorn skull in front of the Longhorn Grill & Saloon is a true landmark in Amado.


In Iran

This man took shotgun pellets for women protesting the wearing of hijabs after the suspicious death of a twenty-two-year-old woman arrested by morality police in Iran for wearing her hijab “improperly” (some strands of her hair had escaped from under it).

Women have taken to the streets to protest by burning their hijabs and cutting their hair short. Currently, internet access in Iran is cut off and Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram are removing posts about the protests. Of course, Facebook would do that — scum.



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  1. Sir.

    The depth, breadth and variety of your posts/interests provide numerous smiles and much deep gratitude for your time and efforts to share them.

    May G-D’s grace and mercies be upon you and yours


  2. There’s a video going around showing a guy getting off a motorcycle and slapping a woman protester and then being ganged up on by a dozen men, who ultimately beat the crap out of him. You don’t usually see that happening in countries like Iran. I suspect the Mullahs will drop the hammer soon and the streets will run red. End of revolution.

    1. It has happened before in memory. It will happen again. Those women who divest themselves of the rag offend Allah..and must die so they can meet the big guy in person.

  3. When I started hearing every media outlet calling Ms. Meloni the next Mussolini, I had to look up some videos on her. Thankfully with subtitles since all of her speeches were in Italian. The speech I saw ended with a quote by G.K. Chesterton, “Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.” Pretty much a perfect summary of life today, and anyone who would use that quote sounds OK to me as a first impression. She’s a proud Italian woman with reality-based beliefs. I’m not saying she’s an Italian Trump, but think MIGA instead of MAGA, if you will.

    The left has decided everyone they hate is fascist, which is projection of the highest order because if any party is fascist these days, it’s them. The most charitable way of explaining that is that they’re just morons and don’t understand the words they’re using.

    1. She’s amazing, and refreshing. Tucker’s deal on her last night showcased why the actual fascists hate her…she’s for country and freedoms. Is the tide turning against the NWO clowns? Maybe.

  4. Those Middle East pictures from decades ago before Sharia was enacted by the idiot males who couldn’t get a date to save their lives…looked like any American city (that is, before Democrats and Lefty’s took over). Good for the brave oppressed woman for taking back their God-given rights and freedoms, altho the first one’s thru the wall always end up bloody. But it’s a start.

    Same will happen here if this narcissistic moronacy continues. I, for one, am getting tired of being told how to live my life, to “basically rent” from the county and state, who demand permission on private property, essentially having my freedoms trampled as if these scumbags have any authority to do so. Their soft hands need to end up bloody by wresting the Constitution from their crushing grip.

    In the mean time I’m taking my own Pastoral advice, working to keep my boat moored closer to God’s dock, shortening up the line as best I am able.

    1. Women date mullah to save their lives, so they can get dates. To satisfy the law, they are married for as long as it takes for the holy man to get off (not long) then the standard Muslim divorce. That’s exactly how they do it.

      Because you can have 4 wives and an unlimited number of concubines, the letter of the law is satisfied, and rape under duress is cool.

      If it worked for Mohammed, it can work for the mullah, also holy.

  5. Have to add this…

    Solar…touchy at best. Unreliable for anything larger than short term “more light” use, especially without a lot of system capacity and requisite oversight/maintenance.

    As I’ve mentioned, installed a double gate entry system to our main feeder road off the highway. 1000 ft away from the nearest power source and didn’t feel like burying a line (let alone the cost of 12-3 UF-B being stupid). So went solar. Worked flawlessly during the Summer with a 10w panel and 2-7ah batteries (batt’s and enclosure are standard from the manufacturer), even with a lot of weekend traffic. But it’s not a panacea…at all. And I’m the go-to to make any “adjustments”, which is preferable, don’t really want anyone else messing with it anyway.

    Now with shorter days and more cloudy weather, the system would overnight fault for low battery (mainly due to odd hour vehicle trips, which is 2 gate cycles, open/close). So added another 10w panel to gain more sun arc charging for the day. Better, but with people coming and going (and dual gate operators), ran into another fault for overnight vehicle trips (dark = no solar charging). Determined that despite having enough capacity prior, clearly augmented by plenty of daytime charging, it ain’t near enough for colder and longer nights. So I ordered a 75ah deep cycle battery, roughly 4-5x the capacity over the 14ah batts.

    Moral is: Except for one-off systems (single household), or that this 14ah manufacturer battery setup would be adequate for our single driveway, Industrial solar is USELESS for grid supply where heavy load is the norm, mainly because there is ZERO capacity except when the sun shines. But as soon as it clouds up or turns to night…nada. Capacity is the crux. Despite what the EV Religious conveniently ignore, we don’t have any “moonbeam” tech to fix that glaring problem (at an industrial level).

    Which is why those self-described elites espousing “for YOU, but not for US” can go pound sand. They are backdoor grifting off taxpayers to feather their own nests using wind & solar as the platform.

    Furthermore, California is screwing itself, and I for one do not want to bail out their idiocy of shooting themselves in the energy foot then demanding we all come to their rescue by sticking industrial monster bird-killing pinwheels all over the landscape then send them the juice. Let them stand on their own. Consequences matter.

    1. Solar on the RV worked really well but we were set up for 12v, we did live in the RV too.
      The problem comes after there is no sun for for a day or two, then you either stop using electricity (to save the lead-acid wet batteries, take them too low and you’ll ruin them) or fire up a generator of some sort., plugging into shore power (the grid) will work too.

      1. Exactly, the one-off systems for personal use are great, and getting better every year as tech expands, but still require managing as you mentioned, otherwise you run the risk of having the replace expensive pieces. Wait until all those EV vehicle batteries require replacement, it’ll be a Superfund Site mess similar to wind turbine blade dumps, carbon fiber has a 500 year half-life.

  6. monster bird-killing pinwheels
    I spend a lot of time on and around the Prairie National Grasslands. The changes to the prairie ecology made by these is ignored by the idiots. Going back, the infrastructure oil production needs gave raptors convenient perches. Their numbers increased and the snake population dwindled. Now the raptors suffer. The barren ground surrounding these windmills and the access roads are sterile. Even the prairie dogs shun them.

    1. Nobody in their right mind would camp in the shadow of those heavy, sharp, spinning blades that spit toxic lubricating fluid.

    2. I have read somewhere, apologies for no reference, that the turbines give off low frequency electrical noise. Maybe Sig could add his expertise to this? Also every turbine I have been near, regardless of size, has put out a very annoying low frequency audio hum that is right on the bottom edge of my, admittedly not so good, hearing. Don’t know what causes that but if I were to move I would avoid homes for sale anywhere near a turbine.

      1. It’s infrasound, below 10hz, due to air pressure and blade tip sound. People who have been forced to live within a mile of these installations have discovered sleep problems and general malaise. It messes with your biology, like standing in front of a Marty McFly monster bass speaker on low hum for days on end.

    3. The infrasound also screws with cattle hoof growth and creates neurological problems, let alone messing with deer and elk migration patterns, proving that animals are smarter than Lefties.

      1. Paul M, Thanks for the information on infrasound. Did not know it affected animals. And yes, elk and just about all of the animal vertebrates are smarter than your typical leftist.

  7. internet access in Iran is cut off and Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram are removing posts about the protests. Of course, Facebook would do that

    Yes, of course. Because those kinds of people are not about doing anything to actually make the world better. In actuality they seek to perpetuate oppression (and where it does not exist, to actually create it [1]) so that they have something to rage against and to whine about. Their entire identity is based on their claimed victimhood (always with the victimhood), and how they are bravely fighting against it despite the massive odds against them.

    And also always the plucky little David in their own mind’s eye, despite the fact that they have become very nasty oppressors themselves.

    [1] If theocratic despotic Iran did not exist, “our” rulers would have had to create it. Oh, wait …
    “We” need an existential threat, always.

    1. Yeah, it’s the weather, or the plague, or rebellious white people, or Russia or some other rogue state or people who feel that sodomy is wrong or people who don’t want to see LOTR butchered.

      1. Some of us fit in a number of categories that the woke hate. I’m still trying to determine what some of the protected categories are like 2 spirit. What about 3 spirit? If 2 is good, is 3 better and would it exempt somebody from paying federal income tax. What about self identifying as a dark wizard or an orc (persecuted minority). It’s all so fungible.

        1. It’s a shame that the Iranian people never get any help from us, just the Mullahs. I think it’s just that “Death to America Day” makes the Democrats feel all warm and fuzzy.

          2 spirit is what some of the Indian tribes called gender disphoria disorder. Some of the tribes let them live, sometimes. Marxist imbeciles think that this makes stone-age savages (mostly) very spiritually advanced.


          1. A multiple-personality disorder with gender added. It makes sense that the condition would appeal to the woke.

    1. If you’re going to shoot through the window, better to open it first so that the neighbor’s cat crosses the rainbow bridge without the need to call a glazier.

  8. Solar panels missing from the houses… Maybe Obama’s second beach front estate in Hawaii has solar panels?
    Anyone beside me wonder how Obama went from a single house in Chicagoland (pre-President) to TWO ocean front estates after his White House time? I didn’t think the job paid that well, heck Harry Truman had to buy a train ticket to go home to Missouri.

    Facebook/Instagram (same owners)… There is a huge chunk of the world that gets everything from fb, it’s just scary the amount of power it has.
    Helping Iran oppress it’s people is not a surprise.

    1. Anyone beside me wonder how Obama went from a single house in Chicagoland (pre-President) to TWO ocean front estates after his White House time?

      Chicago rules. Cleptocracy on steroids.

      Lincoln said that his cabinet was so corrupt that they would steal a hot stove.

  9. Ms. Meloni has definitely upset the EU applecart… Add in the changes in England with Charles and Ms. Truscott, and the EU is getting slammed from both sides now, especially if Italy throws in with Hungary and Poland.

  10. somebody bombed the nordstream pipeline, both lines. thus preventing germany et al from backtracking on ukraine. uss kearsarge reported in the area. hmmm. how much more is putin going to take b4 we get a can of instant sunshine? or a false flag, just prior to election time? come onnnnn project looking glass! i am starting to hate knowing what’s coming. let it be known that i will not go peacefully unto the night, nor the boxcars.

  11. Those pipelines are well protected with layers of reinforced concrete. Most likely a seal team off-loaded from a sub. Stealth in, stealth out. Explosions recorded by Sweden at 2+ on the Richter scale. Who benefits? The plot doth thicken, Watson…the game is afoot.

  12. Those pipelines are well protected with layers of reinforced concrete. Most likely a seal team off-loaded from a sub. Stealth in, stealth out. Explosions recorded by Sweden at 2+ on the Richter scale. Who benefits? The plot doth thicken, Watson…the game is afoot.

  13. Obvious sabotage on the pipeline. Cui bono ? The USA , Blighty , Ukraine , maybe Poland ? Who can pull it off , and get away ? It’s only 300 ft deep , a rebreather and a shaped charge. That means damn near every large organization on the planet . Could have been Greenpiece or the Morman church.
    Interesting times, grasshopper

      1. I doubt that it would be US Navy SEALs. Their training takes them in a different direction. I’m ruling out combat swimmers of some sort, mind you, but it is far more likely that a mini-sub of the sort that works in the petroleum drilling industry would be used. 300 feet is not “deep” but it’s deep enough to make sustained work of the sort we’re talking about at that depth to be very technical.

  14. Just listening to Tucker’s show, Biden projected this months ago (I recalled that clip). Wouldn’t put it past him and his handlers to stir the pot with sabotage…the new Covid Lockdown coming to a community near you if The Criminal and His Cabal actually did this. Unwise at best to poke the Putin Dog, if he retaliates this could go south in a hurry, tank the USD.

    The Dem’s are the clear & present existential threat to America…and the world.

    1. It isn’t lost on those paying attention that EVERYTHING the Dem’s said about Trump, what he would do, etc., is EXACTLY what they are doing while still blaming him for their tyranny.

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